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Welcome to Baka-Updates - Manga Division

Manga is basically the Japanese equivalent of what you might know as comic books. They have a very unique style which has developed over many years. We hope here you can learn to appreciate the art that is manga and become an avid manga fan!

New Poll - Animation Quality Deal Breaker
This week's poll was suggested by residentgrigo. Basically, how much do you care about the animation quality?

You can submit poll ideas here

Question: The great era for manga/anime was
The beginning (50-60s) e.g: Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Kimba the Lion, GeGeGe no Kitarou - votes: 23 (0.7%)
The trendsetter (70s) e.g: Doraemon, Galaxy Express 999, Lupin III, Cutie Honey - votes: 81 (2.4%)
The classics (80s) e.g: Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Gundam, Jojo - votes: 384 (11.4%)
The state-of-the-art (90s) e.g: Slam Dunk, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, One Piece - votes: 1080 (32%)
The millennia (2000s) e.g: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Ouran High School - votes: 1290 (38.2%)
Current (2010s) e.g: One-Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia - votes: 518 (15.3%)
There were 3376 total votes.
The poll ended: March 23rd 2019

So does that mean most of the users of this site are in their 30's now?
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 23rd 7:49am
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New Poll - Best Era
This week's poll was suggested by hiei_luke. The names of each decade don't really mean anything. Just pay attention to the decade. And sorry if your favorite series wasn't listed. Had to pick and choose. Some cross over multiple decades, so I had to be a little liberal about it.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Favorite type of ending for a harem series. (MC = main character)
I hate harems - votes: 1705 (39.7%)
MC ends up with no one - votes: 181 (4.2%)
MC ends up with a side love interest - votes: 400 (9.3%)
MC ends up with character that was introduced much later into the series - votes: 201 (4.7%)
MC ends up with the first introduced love interest (i.e., main love interest) - votes: 654 (15.2%)
MC ends up with everybody - votes: 1150 (26.8%)
There were 4291 total votes.
The poll ended: March 16th 2019

I guess that's why you watch harem series: you want to see the main character get with everyone
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 16th 8:00am
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New Poll - Harem Endings
Another poll suggested by silenteye. This time it's about harem endings! Tropes abound.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Most hated type of ending for a series
Ending with too many unanswered questions - votes: 995 (22.2%)
Axed or abrupt ending - votes: 2643 (58.9%)
Cliffhanger / suspenseful ending - votes: 494 (11%)
Sacrifice goal for the greater good - votes: 88 (2%)
Protagonist fails objective - votes: 39 (0.9%)
Protagonist gains objective but loses something more valuable - votes: 114 (2.5%)
Protagonist achieves objective - votes: 17 (0.4%)
Gets the love interest at the end - votes: 99 (2.2%)
There were 4489 total votes.
The poll ended: March 9th 2019

If you're going to end something, solve/reveal all the mysteries. Blacklist, I'm looking at you.
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 9th 8:19am
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New Poll - Bad Endings
This week's poll was suggested by silenteye. Which type of ending do you dislike the most?

You can submit poll ideas here

Question: How do you feel about a "classic" anime being remade with today's animation standards?
The original was perfect, so why remake? - votes: 274 (8%)
I guess I'll give it a chance... - votes: 1017 (29.5%)
I'm okay if it's just a change in appearance with no changes to the story - votes: 1175 (34.1%)
They usually ruin the classics with these remakes, so stop trying - votes: 355 (10.3%)
I prefer the modern look and feel, so go for it! - votes: 476 (13.8%)
I prefer the older style of animation anyways, so skipping - votes: 147 (4.3%)
There were 3444 total votes.
The poll ended: March 2nd 2019

Looks like most of you would at least give it a shot. Then there's those people who debated what counts as a "classic"...
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 2nd 10:39am
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New Poll - Rebooting the Classics
This week's poll was suggested by Karonhioktha. So many movie reboots... Did you know there are anime reboots too? What do you think about them?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How many kids would you like to have?
1 - votes: 478 (7.6%)
2 - votes: 1802 (28.6%)
3 - votes: 802 (12.7%)
4 - votes: 255 (4.1%)
5 - votes: 115 (1.8%)
6 - votes: 35 (0.6%)
7+ - votes: 308 (4.9%)
None - votes: 2497 (39.7%)
There were 6292 total votes.
The poll ended: February 23rd 2019

Some people (not me) have the mentality of kids as with pets: it's nice for your friends to have them so that you can enjoy the time spent with them without any of the responsibilities
Posted by lambchopsil on 
February 24th 12:07am
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Mobile website - Responsive Design
For those of you wondering why the site looks different today, don't clean your glasses or throw out this month's contacts. Yes, amazing as it might seem, we had a site update today!

This one is a long time coming, and caps off the final changes that were started in 2018 for MangaUpdates, including the adoption of Docker, our UTF-8 conversion (seriously), switching our search to Elasticsearch, and finally this responsive web design. There are several things planned and in the works for 2019, so stay tuned.

Please let us know if you find any bugs with this new site template in the Suggestions and Bugs forum. I'm sure there's something we missed. Thank you for helping us test it over the last week!
Posted by Manick on 
February 23rd 2:02am
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