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Welcome to Baka-Updates - Manga Division

Manga is basically the Japanese equivalent of what you might know as comic books. They have a very unique style which has developed over many years. We hope here you can learn to appreciate the art that is manga and become an avid manga fan!

New Poll - Virtual Reality
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. There's been a lot of series that explore playing with virtual reality, of which some examples are Sword Art Online or Ready Player One, possibly getting "stuck" in the game. If those games existed, would you play them? Or would you avoid them because of the dangers to your brain?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Which source of superpowers do you prefer?
Character's own nature (e.g., born a mutant or alien) - votes: 761 (23.9%)
Technology - votes: 453 (14.2%)
Magic - votes: 1970 (61.9%)
There were 3184 total votes.
The poll ended: June 5th 2021

What about techno-magic? Artificer?
Posted by lambchopsil on 
June 5th 9:51pm
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New Poll - Source of Superpowers
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. His prompt initially gave the example of different iterations Spider-Man and how each version gives its own explanation to the source of his powers. What's your preference? The 3 sources were sourced from this Wikipedia article.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Opinion on starting you in the middle of an event and then rewinding to show what led up to it?
I don't like it - votes: 862 (32%)
No opinion - votes: 1085 (40.3%)
I like it - votes: 744 (27.6%)
There were 2691 total votes.
The poll ended: May 29th 2021 e
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 29th 7:08pm
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New Poll - Middle of the Action
This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. You know that storytelling technique of dropping you off in the middle of the action and then doing a flashback of all the events that led up to that moment? Like in the movies where they go "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation". Do you like this technique?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: In reality, you're lying in a coma. Everything you've experienced in your life was a dream in your brain. Do you choose to wake up?
No - votes: 882 (25.3%)
Yes - votes: 2610 (74.7%)
There were 3492 total votes.
The poll ended: May 22nd 2021

Reality wins
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 22nd 11:14pm
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New Poll - Waking Up
This week's poll was suggested by Baltha. Assuming that you're actually living out a dream while your actual body is in a coma, would you choose to wake up and rejoin the real world? Or stay in the only world you've actually experienced?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: How's your manga reading habits during the pandemic?
About the same - votes: 1614 (45.7%)
Been reading less - votes: 357 (10.1%)
Been reading more - votes: 1563 (44.2%)
There were 3534 total votes.
The poll ended: May 15th 2021

As some people have pointed out, the fact that MangaDex is currently down has impacted their manga reading habits more than the pandemic has
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 15th 11:08pm
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New Poll - Manga During Pandemic
This week's poll was suggested by Yask. Has your manga reading habits changed in the past year?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Would being forced to undergo a personality altering procedure, like a lobotomy, be an acceptable replacement / alternative for the death penalty?
I don't believe in the death penalty - votes: 1209 (34.6%)
No - votes: 1766 (50.5%)
Yes - votes: 521 (14.9%)
There were 3496 total votes.
The poll ended: May 8th 2021

Does that mean more people accept the death penalty than not?
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 9th 5:58am
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Humble Bundle - Yaoi by Media Do
Humble Bundle has a yaoi bundle, this time partnering with Media Do. If Humble Bundle is new to you, you basically choose how much you want to pay and you'll get certain things (in this case, DRM-free digital volumes of manga) based on a tier system. Plus, some (or all) of it goes to charity (when paying, you can adjust how much of it goes to charity).

Here's the maximum of what you can get:
The Bottomless Pit
The Fruit of Sin
The Inviolable Dolce
All Hallow's Even
My Lover, the Writer
The Rose and the Black Cat
You, My Dearest, Crying in My Apartment
Don't Mess With Me!
Falling in Love Under the Blue Sky
The More Useless He Is, the More I Love Him
This Love Ain't So Bad
Dog Tag
Love Bird
Pieces of the Past
Roommate (Minami Miu)
Service Life
Since the Day I Met You
Sweet Intruder
Sweeter Than Dessert
Survivor's Guilt: A Player's Love
The 10 O'Clock Rule
Where Night's Blackbird in His Sad Infamy Sings
You Haven't Seen the Best of Me!
A Tale of Two Meteors
Honey Sword
A Touch of the Love Bug
Agou and His Curse
Ginza Neon Paradise
Love Only You
Apples and the Beast
Baby Maybe
Final Impression
Mask (MINAMI Megumu)
Carrot and Stick (ISAKA Juugorou)
Daddy's Boyfriend
Time for a Kiss, Master
Absolute Obedience ~If You Don't Obey Me~
Matching Our Answers
I Hate That I Love You
Before My Heart's Broken
Blooming Doll
A Tyrant in the Classroom
Black Cowl
Fortune - Meeting You
Pirka Love
Love and Virginity Turn a Deaf Ear
Your Rhythm, My Rhyme
Another Love Story Between My Trainee and I
A Love Story Between My Boss and I
A Tunnel of Spring Rain
Cases and Then Some
Escape (KANO Shiuko)
Every Morning at 8
A Tempest of Cage
My Lucky Star
If You Share a Kiss With Asakawa
Where That Love Went
This Boy Is a Bottom
At the Class President's Beck and Call
Canon of Youth
How to Flirt With Sensei
Desert Flower

Check it out here:
Posted by lambchopsil on 
May 7th 4:22am
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