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New Manga Series for the Year 2021

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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The Duchess' Lewd Invitation

Genre: Historical, Josei, Romance, Smut

Unable to endure the greedy and unscrupulous people from his wife's family, Duke Arthur Kaplan demands a divorce from his wife, Roxanne.

Knowing fully well that as soon as she gets divorce her family will sell her out to another man, the Duchess offers a bold proposal.

She asks permission to have an affair with another man before the divorce, so she could finally enjoy a short period of freedom and finally knows what it's like to be cherished by someone.

Roxanne then meets a kind gentle with a mask that seems to fulfill all of her desires and that feels strangely familiar.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.62 (7 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #277

Chainsaw Man 2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Direct continuation of Chainsaw Man after it was moved from the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine to the online Shounen Jump Plus magazine.

Rating: 6.62 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #722 increased(+1427)

One Operation Joker

Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural

Justice is necessary to prove evil, but Batman a symbol of justice turns into a baby from an unexpected accident!
In other words, Batman is indispensable for his eternal villain Joker. Can the Joker raise a baby Batman to be a superhero of justice to show the fragility of justice and prove evil ? DC Comics official villainy childcare comedy.

Rating: 6.39 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #732 increased(+2749)

Inazuma to Romance

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Sumire, a high school girl who still doesn't know what love is. The person sitting at the desk right next to her is Leo, an "adult" classmate who is constantly surrounded by suuuper scary rumours. Once she knows another side of him, it's the first time these feelings sprout...?!

Activity: Stats Pos #783 increased(+2625)

I Only Treat Villains

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

"One day a crazy person knocked on my door."

My house is a jewel shop. Someone keeps bringing a person in front of my house. Ojiram was so powerful that he treated me with curses. Others get along with them well.

"Didn't you save the head of an assassination guild leader last time?"
"She's a woman."
"Oh, what about the vicious loan shark who owns the billion mark on Second Avenue?"
"She's a woman, too."
"Who left their carriage in front of a noble's house?"
"It was a noble lady."

Activity: Stats Pos #1107

I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo

God gave me a chance to relive my life. Before my rebirth, I'd spent the past 400 years as the empire's sword, a literal magic blade forged from my cursed body. And so, after centuries of my soul being trapped and forced to kill countless people against my will, I swore to destroy the empire that had so ruthlessly abused me.
I found the young prince of the country and became his teacher.
I taught him how to become a tyrant and asked for the country.

"I will do as the lady wishes."

He conquered the whole empire for me, and I ran away.

"I came to take you, Charlize Ronan." Dylan had become a perfect tyrant and searched the entire empire for me.

"You tamed me, so why did you run away?"

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.96 (7 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1211

Villainess Maker

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

I reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel written 10 years ago. On top of that, I became the villainess, Ayla, who cursed the female lead and was killed by the male lead.

"Then, won’t it be enough if I don’t become a villain? I’ll live this life playing around like a jobless millionaire!”

However… Before long, the days began to repeat because I didn’t act like the original villainess, Ayla.

“Please stop Ruph….”
“The solution is simple. Become a real villainess.”
“A real villainess?”
“Riches, power, glory and men, you can have everything. If you want, you can even steal the crown and place it on your own head.”

The seemingly dangerous and mysterious man spoke sweet, demon-like words into my ears.

“So, your answer?”

Can Ayla really become a real villainess in order to stop Ruph?

Villainess maker, the devil’s captivating class to create a real ‘villainess’, has begun

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.99 (12 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1353


Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen, Supernatural

Cthulu x Gyaru!! Basically a comedy about a cum-guzzling exploitative gyaru eldritch being.

Rating: 6.63 (5 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1499

Crows Like Shiny Things

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

The war is over. The one who cut the neck of the Norkans' leader, who antagonized the great empire for 37 years, was a young woman.

Her name is Sahara Illaud, the captain of the 128th Knights' Division. She was summoned by the emperor and goes to the capital, where, for the first time in her life, she meets a man who catches her eye.

Crown Prince Cheisha, who is handsome to the extent that there are sparkles around him.

Sahara, who is beautiful and knowledgeable but arrogant and insensitive.

The fresh and heart-warming story of their lives.

Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #1631

The Bride of Barbaroi

Genre: Ecchi, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shounen

The strongest female warrior of the west, Seraphina de Lavillant, was defeated by barbarians of the east.
What awaits her are endless days of what she thought. She was offered "marriage to the barbarian king"!?
The start of a fantasy world marriage by former enemies!

Rating: 6.6 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2106

Daddy at Work and at Home

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

From Ikemen Manga:

At work he's smooth and cool, but at home he's a total softie?!
A collection of short stories about a doting father and his precious family!

Rating: 6.81 (3 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2121

Akuyaku reijou Route ga Nai Nante, Dare ga Itta no?

Genre: Fantasy, Josei, Romance, School Life

I reincarnated into the world of an otome game as the villainess, “Ophelia.” I thought I'd be able to enjoy a peaceful school life, but to my dismay, I found myself subjected to constant harassment at the hands of the wicked, vindictive heroine; and to top it all off, I’m plunging headlong into the dreaded Bad Ending — hold up, as if I’d meekly submit to such a fate! If that’s how it’s going to be, I’ll tap into the top secret "cheats" known only to those who've played the game and carve out the 'Villainess Route' of my fantasies!! But for some unfathomable reason, the capture targets seem to be doting on me far more aggressively than in the original story…?

Rating: 6.49 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2135

Drunk in Love

Genre: Romance, Shounen Ai

Having a secret crush is just like drinking a bottle of hard liquor. You clearly know that it will make you light-headed, lose your cool, and suffer. Yet, just like a moth to the flames, you endure the pain knowingly. "You stop right after having a sip of it but, as for me… I'm drunk in love."

However, inevitably, you finally sober up after being drunk. This is a story about doing everything possible just to continue having a secret crush and learning to love someone.

Original Webcomic

Activity: Stats Pos #2197

Mokushiroku no Yonkishi

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

The story will center on Tristan, one of the four horsemen. [ANN]

Rating: 6.55 (3 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2274 increased(+484)

Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Romance, Seinen

Suzuki Ryuuto is an introverted, timid college student. Every day he puts on a fake smile, trying his best to blend into a group of outgoing students even despite cruel teasing about his virginity.

But one day, he comes to a drinking party where he meets a beautiful girl, Kokoa. Per her request, he starts to pretend to be her boyfriend to ward off the stalker who is harassing Kokoa.

That tender love was the beginning of a tragedy...

Rating: 6.68 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2275

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