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New Manga Series for the Year 2022

All new manga series reported for this year can be found here. You can sort them by the date they were reported to us, the rating, or based on how active the series was over the past month.

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Operation: True Love

Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

I witnessed my boyfriend and bestfriend kissing. It happened to be with the unlucky classmate, "Ko Eun-hyuk" . I'm confused... there is a fixed amount of love each person will receive in their lifetime?? And the amount of love I can receive is "0"?? Su-Ae trying to change her fate, and Eun-Hyuk who is caught up in such a plan, goes head-to-head! I was only trying to pretend to be in an affair but I'm getting really into it?! This plan... will it work?

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translations:

Rating: 6.98 (16 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #1 (No change)

Maybe Meant to Be

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance

Jia Han, a 32-year-old freelancer with no work, is tired of her parents nagging her to get married and finally move out. When she runs into her childhood friend, Mincheol Jin, who is also feeling the same pressure from his parents, she blurts out that they should just get married to solve both of their problems. Little did she know he’d accept her suggestion, and she suddenly finds herself thrust into marriage. A story of an unexpected romance that’ll have you scrolling for more!

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translation:
English, Indonesian, French, T.Chinese

‘How long have i been laying down at home…?’ Han Jia, who is turning 32 this year (she’s a freelancer who’s still doesn’t have a full-time job/jobless), suffers because of the pressure given by people around her that keep telling her to get married. Around the same time, Jin Mincheol, her childhood friend who came to Jia’s hometown for holiday, is having the same problem. Then, the two people got married just like that. Now that they have married….. ‘Huh? We match each other more than i thought?'

Rating: 7.72 (35 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #2 (No change)

Stay With Me (Pupu & Jaeho)

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

The hottest and most popular model on SNS these days, Bom Choi. Born with a good-looking appearance, he accidentally became a trend, posting a job offer for a housekeeper on his SNS. And after a while, a man comes to visit, saying that he will work as a housekeeper. Its his best friend and first love, Gang Doha, who disappeared 7 years ago?!

Bom, who felt betrayed by the sudden re-appearance of Doha, who he thought was dead, makes a secret proposal as a condition of the housekeeper.

Original Webtoon:
Bomtoon, MrBlue, BookCube, Peanutoon
•Naver Series: R19, R15

Rating: 6.57 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #3 increased(+8)

Bad Thinking Diary

Genre: Josei, Romance, School Life, Smut, Yuri

Minji and Yuna were always together. From the age of 17 to now, until the age of 21, they have been each other's best friends. From that day on, the relationship subtly changes. It started with Minji strange dream in which Yuna appeared! Their relationship begins to turn into something other than best friends.

Unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. "Bad thoughts" that grow one after another in each others mind.

Where will our "bad thoughts", which started on a lush college campus, end up?

Original Webtoon

Coming soon to Lezhin US

Rating: 6.85 (5 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #4 increased(+4)

Your Ultimate Love Rival

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Naturally charming, Irene attracts women like a magnet, even when she doesn't mean to. Enter her best friend, Claudia, who refuses to marry any of her three suitors because of her affection for Irene. As a result, these powerful and mentally unstable men declare Irene as their rival in love and threaten her life. She knows none of them deserve to be with Claudia, but she doesn't want to die! To save both her friend and herself, Irene must prove she's their ultimate rival, but will she succeed?

Original Webtoon:
KakaoPage, Daum

Official Translations:
English, S.Chinese, T.Chinese, Japanese

Rating: 6.62 (42 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #5 increased(+5)

Boy Meets Girl (Viper)

Genre: Gender Bender, Smut, Yaoi

Lee Cheo-Hoo is obsessed with his first love, Jin Tae, in high school. And after hearing his statement, Jin Tae decides to put a stop to it, telling him that the only way he can think of dating him would be the day he becomes a woman. Years later, at a party, Lee Cheo-Hoo gives him a drug that will change his life.

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.3 (5 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #6 (No change)

[Mr. Blue BL Short Stories] Nineteen Over

Genre: Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi

Anthology of 5 short stories with the theme of older uke and younger seme

1. Lavender Blooming Garden
•라벤더 피는 정원 by Cheongdam (7 Chapters)

2. Eternal Teacher
•영원의 선생님 by Nire (3 Chapters)

3. My Good Boy (4E)
•굿독마이 보이 by 4E (6 Chapters)

4. True Love Kiss
•트루러브키 by Sosiji (소시지) (5 Chapters)

5. Hey, You Stole My Heart
•저기요, 제맘 훔쳐가셨는데요 by AG (3 Chapters)

Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #7 increased(+5)

The Twins and Me

Genre: Drama, Yaoi

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.36 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #9 increased(+4)

Can I Take It Back?

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Hayan, a high school student, finally gathers the courage to confess to her crush. But somehow her confession ends up in the hands of another student named Bakha, who is rumored to be a bully and a womanizer. Hayan desperately tries to hide that she confessed to the wrong person because she is terrified by the rumors. Meanwhile, Bakha starts to take an interest in her, and opens up to her in his own way. Will Hayan be able to escape him and confess to the right person this time?

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translations:
English, Indonesian, Spanish

Rating: 6.55 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #10 increased(+26)

For My Derelict Favorite

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite second male lead, Kaelus, died. Living in poverty without him, I eventually became ill and died as well. I thought I would return to reality, but I went back in time instead. This is definitely... This means I have to save my beloved, right?

Original Novel:
Naver Series: R15, R19

Original Webtoon:
Naver Series, Naver Webtoon

•The novel of this series was originally released as R15, 7 months after being completed the book/ebook was later re-released in R19. The webtoon will follow how the novel was originally released which is R15.

•For My Derelict Favorite is the official English name on the Korean novel.

Rating: 6.75 (12 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #12 decreased(-5)

King of the Octagon

Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen, Sports

The thrilling MMA conquest of a rookie genius fighter

Wheesung, who was a promising sportsman with a natural sense of
movement, quit exercising in high school due to an injury and lives a part-time life.
In the meantime, he is invited to the match of MMA amateur Junghwan …
He feels a strong thrill at the power of ‘Octagon’ that he encounters for the first time.
22-year-old Hwi-sung Lee, who was busy running away after giving up on everything.
The moment he climbs into the Octagon, a spectacular flight that no one expected begins.

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Activity: Stats Pos #15 increased(+29)

Snake Bite

Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance, Yaoi, Yuri

Jun-won, who is a denial by person, falls in love with his straight older brother, Jae-hyung, who is educated in the same way, and finds out that the relationship between Jae-hyung's people around him is unusual.

Jaehyun and his ex-lover Jiyeon, who is his older sister, are more interested in Jaehyun than when they started dating, even though he found out about his unrequited love.

I can't quite understand what Jaehyun is thinking despite the strange hostility felt by Wonwoo, who is always next to Jaehyun after his older sister, and the negative story about his brother Hyoyoung.

Relationships that seem to have no problems on the surface become strangely entangled when they fall in love with Jaehyung... .

Original Webtoon:
Lezhin, Bookcube

Activity: Stats Pos #17 increased(+14)


Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Yaoi

A time where positivity and compassion for the weak have disappeared. 13 years ago, the life of the whole family was shaken when a mutant came out of the abyss, into the world. An old catastrophe, the most powerful star Almuten. Yoo Geon, who has lost his one and only older brother, is saved by the S-class hunter Woo Shin-je who appeared just in time.
"Be the guide of Erehon and obey my commands, endure anything...Follow me to the end".
Yoo Geon is in the midst of those who want to ruin him. To confirm the love and hatred that grew between Shin-je and him...
"Don't try to run away to death... I, as your guide, won't let you do that."

Original Novel
Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #19 increased(+39)

Riverside (Winterbaum)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi

I am Han Yeesu, this city's coolest gay guy.
But in the name of my love for Kang Jihyung, I'm willing to become a chaebol family's daughter-in-law.

"She's the girl you used to always treasure and adore, father. I brought her here to marry her, so why are you mad?"

One day, Kang Jihyung brought home a random girl.
All just to screw over his father, Kang Joongman.

What am I going to do alone, you nothing-but-a-handsome-face jerk!
Although I was angry, I held onto my father-in-law Joongman for a new start.

"It's because of you I ended up in this situation! Take some responsibility!
You have to replace that guy!"

After my father-in-law's scolding and constant nagging to become the group's successor died down, I came back to my senses to find myself buried in files and papers and working overtime.

But even if it's mentally and physically painful and tiring, the desire never withers-
Is it going to be the hot-tempered sexy old man Kang Joonman,
Or my ideal type who betrayed me, Kang Jihyung?

A sitcom filled with Yeesu's wavering love and hatred between the two filthy rich men.

Original Novel

Original Webtoon:
•R19: Ridibooks, Lezhin, MrBlue, Naver Series, Bookcube, Comico
•R15: Ridibooks, Lezhin, MrBlue, Naver Series, Bookcube

Activity: Stats Pos #20 increased(+1)

On Air (Yeongha & Joo Hwan)

Genre: Drama, Yaoi

I really want to take off. Please let me rise to the top. I have only one wish as a small BJ channel, and that’s to become big. I will do everything I need to do to get there. And I wish that Do Jiho’s big and popular channel loses interest and fails. But if it’s to increase viewership, I’ll do anything~ Just order me to do it!

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.45 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #21 increased(+46)

Dangerous Brother-in-law

Genre: Romance, Yaoi

After Five years, his brother-in-law Yoo-ha appears in front of Hyun-seo, who has been living alone since his wife passed away due to an illness.
After his sister's death, Yoo-ha, who left with his family abroad, asks Hyun-seo to take care of him until he finds a house in Korea.
The two start living together, and Hyeon-seo receives a strange feeling from Yoo-ha, who has grown up into a completely different form than before.
Even though he is embarrassed by Yoo-ha, who is approaching him too close, he gradually leans on him physically and mentally. But... Is it okay to do this with my family...!?

Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #23 increased(+50)

The Empress' Lipstick

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

Original Webtoon:
Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translations:
Indonesian, S.Chinese

Rating: 6.49 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #24 increased(+71)

Shadow of Iron Bars

Genre: Drama, Mature, Yaoi

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.34 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #25 increased(+68)

Omega Complex (Today Spring)

Genre: Romance, Yaoi

“I don’t like omegas.”

After presenting as a dominant alpha, Taegyeom accidentally triggers an omega’s heat. As a result, he avoids omegas and relies only on his childhood friend, Yoonwoo

In the midst of all this, Yoonwoo suddenly presented as an omega. After avoiding Taegyeom for five years, he accidentally meets Taegyeom at a bar in front of his school.

“Are we even friends?”

At Taegyeom's words, Yoonwoo reluctantly spends his college life with Taegyeom. (Ridibooks)

Original Novel
Original Webtoon (R19)
Original Webtoon (R15)

Rating: 7.12 (13 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #28 decreased(-11)

Love Gauge 100%

Genre: Romance, Smut, Yaoi

Kim Yi-han, is fan of BL games. His favorite character is the handsome mint flower boy, Mikaros. Then one day, a mint that looks just like Mikaros appears in front of him!
Can Kim Yi-han attack Mikaros in real life?!

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.66 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #29 increased(+60)

Naughty Baguette Bread

Genre: Adult, Josei, Mature, Romance, Smut

Original Novel (e-book)

Original Webtoon:
Ridibooks, MrBlue, Lezhin, Bomtoon, Naver Series, BookCube

Rating: 6.6 (2 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #30 increased(+97)

I Can't Keep Up With My Stallion Duke

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance

Not a single soul in Olivia Florence's life, including her own husband, provided the warmth that she craved, and she lived her life alone, growing strong. Waking up two decades earlier right after her regretful arranged marriage to the Duke, Lord James Parnell, she plans to live a different life.

She hatches a plan to annul her marriage remarry the Duke, Ian Tyrone, infamous for being impotent for never showing any interest in the ladies. Maybe his disinterest in women would allow Olivia to comfortably live as his wife, unburdened by childbirth and free of any other pressures in life.

But wait, the Duke who seemingly "couldn't get it up" turns out to be a complete stud at in the bedroom. What has Olivia gotten herself into?

Original Webtoon:
Comico, KakaoPage

Original Novel:
Kakaopage, Ridibooks, Comico

Official Translations:
English, S.Chinese, Japanese, Thai, French, Vietnamese

"The public eunuch...?!" Olivia, celebrating her second chance at life, decides to break free from her husband who has a strong lust. Later, she proposed marriage to Duke Tyrone, who is known for his impotence. However, when I got married, this man was skillful and far from being a public eunuch! "This is fraud! This marriage is a fraud!" Olivia is now depressed because of her desperate second husband... will she be happy in her second life?

Rating: 6.91 (14 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #32 increased(+19)

The Path on Which Forsythia Fell

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Yaoi

The inkstone, who was hiding in the mountains, gathers eggs under the forsythia, and
soon a dragon is born from the egg.
The inkstone, who suddenly becomes a child, gives the dragon the name Shin-ri.

However, the newborn Shinri grows at an amazing rate, and sooner or later the inkstone grows bigger than the inkstone, and the
inkstone is getting more and more concerned about Shinri.

Then one day, the inkstone gets eaten by Shin-ri. ?

"No matter how much I lick and suck, it's not enough.
I want to eat inkstone every time it smells sweet."

Original Webtoon

Rating: 6.61 (1 votes)

Activity: Stats Pos #33 increased(+83)

Prince, Did You Fill Up Your Crew Today?

Genre: Fantasy, Smut, Yaoi

The first prince of the demon realm, Asus, does not follow the will of the demon king and lives a life of debauchery and is exiled to the human world. In order to return to the Demon Realm, Asus tries to regain the lost power by mixing his body with a human man, but he struggles because there is no man who can handle him. Just before he collapsed due to lack of magical power, Asth found Gaji-nam, who was returning home with a Bible.
Asth then begged him to treat him once because he thought he was about to die...

"Fine, I'll do it for you, so come with me to repent!"

Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #36 increased(+85)

Lavender Blooming Garden

Genre: Drama, Historical, Yaoi

Original Webtoon

Activity: Stats Pos #39 increased(+127)

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