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Series Status Rating Comment
See You in My 19th Lifev.1 c.30------
Crimson Karmav.1 c.79------
The Villain Discovered My Identityv.1 c.20------
Prince Cinderellav.1 c.19------
Miss 180v.1 c.8------
Lady Babyv.1 c.10410View
The King and His Knightv.1 c.75------
Otonari Complexv.1 c.3810---
Positively Yoursv.1 c.41------
Run to Subakiv.1 c.3------
Inso's Lawv.1 c.57---View
Yeon Lok Heunv.1 c.40------
The Justice of Villainous Womanv.2 c.1139View
Wedding Impossiblev.1 c.38------
I Will Go with the Emperor's Endingv.1 c.33------
The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want to Die, so She Decided to Cross-Dressv.1 c.3------
The Evil Lady's Herov.1 c.16------
Wrong Confessionv.1 c.45------
The Tyrant Falls in Love (Can Can)v.2 c.49------
Hiroin Hajimemashitav.1 c.7------
Living as the Tyrant's Older Sisterv.1 c.32------
The Office Blind Datev.2 c.31------
Entangled with the Dukev.1 c.1------
Charlotte Has Five Disciplesv.1 c.25------
This Girl is a Little Wildv.1 c.508.5View
Chunqing Lushaov.1 c.133------
Contract Concubinev.1 c.25------
I Am a Child of This Housev.1 c.86------
Jun and Kaoru: Pure and Fragrantv.1 c.11------
Survive as the Hero's Wifev.1 c.56------
Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otomev.1 c.3758---
My Fair Footmanv.1 c.17------
Unlucky Mansionv.1 c.469---
Who Invited You?v.1 c.4------
Descent Of A Goddessv.1 c.7110View
The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than Even the Hero (Novel)v.1 c.269---
Hana Haruv.1 c.808.5---
To You, The Immortalv.1 c.6210View
My Male Friendv.1 c.81------
American Ghost Jackv.1 c.648.5---
Kakao 79%v.1 c.1648---
Balls Friendv.1 c.23------
Kimi to Yuriikav.1 c.4------
Umi no Cradlev.1 c.209---
Choukakouv.1 c.6010View
Suteki na Kareshiv.1 c.7------
IS - Otoko demo Onna demo Nai Seiv.1 c.749View
Joou no Hanav.1 c.118View
Momoiro Heaven!v.1 c.268---
Operation Liberate Menv.9 c.149View
The Breakerv.1 c.299---
Piecev.1 c.38.5---
Basarav.7 c.18.5---
The Pale Horsev.1 c.2------