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19 Tian9Is so beautiful. It's so gorgeous, and so angsty/suggestive that I find myself completely, utterly addicted.

This manga made me realize I'm a major fujoshi. Oh lordy.

The flawless blend of hilarious gags, teenagers' stupid antics, spicy bedroom scenes (nothing explicit tho), and cute bromantic interactions is absolutely beautiful. I'm in awe with the art, storytelling, and interesting premise. AHHHHHH I NEED MORE. GIVE ME UPDATES DAMMIT.
Annarasumanara10I, too, want magic in my life.

This webtoon was the first series ever to make me cry because I realized I was stuck in a similar situation as these characters who don't have the magic in their lives. It was the one story that made me say, "If only I can meet a magician like that." (it gave me hope too). I think many people feel the same as I do.

This manga tackles the question that everyone asks at some point in their lives: Are we really living? Do we believe in the magic of living as who we ...... View
Baka ga Zenra de Yatte Kuru10"novelists are like exhibitionists; they must lay bare every part of themselves to the outside world. And that includes the private parts, the crimes, and the obscenity." - Naked dude.

This hit me in the feels. Now I wanna cry for some odd reason... can't believe a naked novelist running on the street would make me so emotional.
Bastard (HWANG Youngchan)9---
Cheese in the Trap10I am in love---no, I am OBSESSED with this story: It's got the suspense and bunch of other elements. The love is a bit slow--in fact right now the current english scanlations haven't even gotten there yet.... but, it is so addicting once you get into the story!

I find the main girl's paranoia hilarious---but it's also the driving point of all the suspense. But overall, she is my ideal heroine: smart, funny, perceptive, and likable.

all in all, I got so obsessed with this thing I ended up downl...... View
Chibi Maruko-chan10---
Gisèle Alain------
Haruka na Machi e------
Helter Skelter9.8The title is fitting if we relate it to the lyrics of the Beetles song "Helter Skelter".. which talks about riding down to the bottom and emerging from the top like a bottomless hole where you never seem to see the end.

This series is definitely not made for everyone. Every chapter is gruesome and fills you up with dread as you read about a popular star's inevitable downfall. She succumbs to public pressure and ideal of beauty, and we learn of the consequences of her decisions.

The series is ug...... View
Himegoto Asobi10Wow. This was really good.

I put off reading this for the past few years because the cover looked weird to me. And then recently, after reading my first Yaoi manga, I finally decided, "What the heck, I'll try this one out." And I'm SO HAPPY I read this. The characters drive this story--they're not the usual cliches, and I really fell in love with the humorous main guys.

The doctor and the sweet shop guy have surprising chemistry, so much so that I was red in the face just reading this. Nothin...... View
Jugeume Gwanhayeo9I've read this 3 times... and some of the chapters make me cry every single time.

Death is a hard topic to think about, especially when intersected with how it affects those left alive. This manga definitely leads by its own sense of morality, some of which I did not agree with. Nonetheless, I enjoyed seeing how the author imbued the manga series with his/her philosophies on living a satisfying life with few regrets.

I seriously recommend this to everyone. Considering the inevitability of our...... View
Kakukaku Shikajika------
Kimi wa Pet10This manga is very emotionally raw and real, at least in my experience. I can relate to her in many ways.

That sense of suffocation and isolation can make people do stupid things--as seen with all of the main characters in this series. Sumire feels alone and suffocated after her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and impregnated another woman. As unlikely as it is, who doesn't yearn for a convenient, stable, pure, supportive, and genuine connection with another human being during times like this? So...... View
Koe no Katachi10I love this story for who it speaks for. It not only gives the bully a chance for redemption, but also alerts the readers of the issue of mistreating disabled individuals. I liked how the author wrapped up the story--it was very touching when I marathoned through the story.
Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!7Bromance!! The characters are a mix of immature and thoughtful, which is pretty realistic. They are all 15 - 18 years old after all.

THEME: 9/10 Forgiveness is key. Hate only leads to more hate. You must take the first step to reach out and you must be brave enough to bare your vulnerabilities to others in order to turn someone from an enemy into a friend. I love how the story shows the importance of compromise. Remembering your friends' flaws and learning to forgive and cry for him/her is cr...... View
Liar Game10While the mind games are actually quite simple and predictable (at least for me), the character development is really good.

Nao, a truly annoying university girl with too little wit and suspicions of others, learns from a con-artist to become a more realistic and intelligent person.

Meanwhile, her good nature also slowly awakens the better sides of the con artist. It's a win win situation!!

The best part for me is that I can clearly see Nao's improvement throughout the story, and the fact that e...... View
Love So Life10Omg, every single character in this manga is so relatable and adorable~ The main characters are SO mature and considerate--they make me feel like a brat!!! The twins are the cutest things ever, and I get teary-eyed just watching them grow older slowly. The side characters are hilarious and CUTE!!!

Everything in this manga is freaking amazing. This is the BEST slice of life manga I've ever read!!!!

DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU WANT A FAST ROMANCE--IT WON'T HAPPEN. This manga is focused on FAMILY lif...... View
Mars9Yes, this series has a lot of drama. It sometimes seems like a soap opera. Love triangles, amnesia, car crash, childhood trauma, mental illness, bad parenting, suicide, violence, bullying. . . the list is long.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The rich troublemaker and poor kind girl cliche is another big one. Everything was conveniently solved by the rich dad, which is the one thing keeping me from giving MARS 10/10.

But underneath all the action is the author's understanding of humans. We get h...... View
Melo Holic10I didn't read the tags when i chose to read this webtoon... I was in for a huge shock somewhere around the latter half of the manwha LOL

anyhow, it's a brilliantly written series that I somehow always end up pondering about while walking home...
My Heart Is Beating10I'm not being dramatic or cheesy when I say this. I mean it. This series really not only amazed me with its beautiful colors and innovative story, the moral of the manwha set me free.

And no. I'm not talking about how I now can publicly announce that I am a girl who adores men's speedo. That's not the message I'm talkin' about here. The message of perseverance, friendship, and finding one's true passion were subtly embedded in a hilariously written story about a high school boy with an innocen...... View
Otoyomegatari10The art in this manga is simply beautiful... This isn't just a story, it is a piece of art --and an amazing one at that.

Such beauty deserves to be seen, and i would recommend this to anyone, guys and girls alike. The story is grounded in reality, with art that surpasses any that i've previously seen.

This is simply a masterpiece.
Ouran Koukou Host Bu10---
Sakamichi no Apollon10---
Seishun Kouryakuhon10This is the story of 4 completely ordinary high school guys who are hesitant to move on from this state of their lives. Long review short,.... this made me cry, smile, and cherish the beauty of their friendship.

You know that feeling you get when you see people doing things that just seem so meaningful but ephemeral? I got that feeling while reading this, and it made me notice how little I care for my high school life right now. I want to be so happy that I would tear up on the day of the grad...... View
Song of the Cloud10Omg the art is absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe someone would take the time to make each page so beautiful and realistic!!!!! Just the art alone gives this story a 10!

And the plot is so relatable! It's wonderfully constructed to give a sense of suspense! While the romance element is subdued, each character personal problems give this webtoon its flare!
Strobe Edge9.3---
Taiyou no Ijiwaru------
Tom Sawyer10I picked up this series upon seeing the title--- Tom Sawyer. I wondered if this would just be a manga adaption of the famous Mark Twain novel--and it surpassed my imagination.

First, let me just praise the art the author used throughout the series---It was magical. The art truly blended with the plot and writing, and was a key reason of why I'm giving a 10/10.

The characters are also really interesting, but i will stop here to keep from giving spoilers. Let's just say there are some changes fr...... View
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan10It is a story about forgiveness, pain, and longing. I am sobbing. What touched me? I think it was hearing the girl's past that got to me first. It was the rekindling of hope and the inevitability of despair that was so heartwrenching. Does anyone have the right to take away another's life? Even the life of one who has caused great pain? The emptiness of ideological justice and the hypocritical ways we attempt to see such justice served?

I deeply empathize with all who yearn for life, be it a...... View
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru8Am I the only person who saw hope in this book? I deeply believe that the author wrote this partly to offer condolence. I think she imbued some hope in this dark novel too. Anyways.....

After reading the reviews for this manga, I thought it would be WAY too depressing for me. I figured my brain would shut down and decide to forget about this, and I would abandon the manga altogether.

But I finished it. (even though truth be told, it was depressing as hell most of the time)

This manga was not ju...... View