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1/2 Prince6.3everyone's getting really put off with the ending choice of
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
the dude gui giving birth to little xiao lan instead of prince (the girl)
. Why is that so weird? Why must women be the ones to suffer the pains of child birth--especially if it's in a futuristic word setting where human biology doesn't actually apply😕 For a man to be willing to suffer through the process because the woman doesn't want to--- now that is the ultimate declaration of his devotion to her. ...... View
A Journey to The Past8stayed up until 2:30 am binging this. Wow, this series is surprisingly addictive. The cycles of love and loss portrayed through the different time periods that our MC visits... that's an ingenious idea! Even though the general format is episodic, there are long-spanning mysteries and questions that keep the readers invested in the details. Plus, a couple of the potential love interests make reappearances!!

The art is a bit outdated, but still very colorful and pretty. The dialogue can get che...... View
Amakusa 16373---
Cheating Men Must Die8The art is so good. I'm really interested in this! Wow!~ Every arc is fascinating and addictive to read, and this story even sheds light on the downfalls of a lot of tropes found in fiction. Forgiving a hot mass murderer, dating an already married man cuz "true love," redeeming the rich arrogant bully just because he "changed himself for love," abandoning morality/family code for love, and etc. I adore this series' sarcastic streak.

It's true. People like to use love as an excuse for everythin...... View
Cheating Men Must Die and the Prime Minister7---
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden5This is better than the original Fushigi Yuugi, but it's still terrible. There are too many characters introduced all at once for people to keep up, and the main character is strong but definitely still very much a stereotype.
Goddess Creation System8this manga of conquering men's hearts while adventuring around the world is.... quite fun! Although I wish more time was spent showing the Goddess System, I'm satisfied with what the story has done so far. Read all 200+ chapters in one sitting!

Art: 8.5/10
Story: 8/10
Characters: 6/10 Most of the men are all stuck up, entitled bishies who love chasing after hard-to-get women.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
she reincarnated into fantasy ancient china where she had to romance the 2 sons of a War G...
... View
Id1It's boring
Inso's Law7So I didn't really like the series at first because there were a bunch of back-and-forth time skips/flash backs. Luckily, that volatile style of storytelling stopped around chapter 15. The story feels a lot more coherent and interesting after that. I love the fact that this series focuses on friendship between everyone, although I wish the characters got more equally distributed screen time.

Art: 9/10 -- Very colorful, concise, pretty
Plot: 8/10 -- There are unexpected twists that keep readers...... View
InuYasha6it really didn't live up to my good cherished teenage memories of fangirling over these characters. I didn't realize the first time around that this manga was so.... pointless and boring. There's a way to make fillers interesting if you want to milk a world building... but wow this definitely ain't it.
Jin9.5I really like how this time travelling manga does not dwell on romance, but rather on the time period and how the doctor manages to change the time period.

For a historical time travelling manga, this is a first of its genre. It's a must read!!!
Juuni Kokki8Here are quotes from the main character:

"Trust stems not from kindness but faith."

"Ignorance is not an excuse."

"I've always blamed the world for not making me feel as though I belonged. I blamed my parents, my friends, my school, and even my hair for my grievances. But in truth, I didn't love myself. How can someone else respect and love me when I failed to acknowledge myself? I was an incomplete person, and that was why I only had shallow relationships my whole life."

"When your voice is sile...
... View
Kanata Kara7There were some aspects of this manga that I really really loved--such as the idea that the girl actually has to learn the language when she gets sent to another world. (this small but important aspect is often ignored in other manga of the same genre&setting)

However, the story felt a bit too cheesy and cliche for me, especially when it came to the villains... The girl, while it is totally understandable that she would be lost and lonely, and would thus need a friend/companion... I just could...... View
Kiss Wood10this is a beautiful piece of work that is more than just an environmental awareness propaganda. It embodies morals in breathtaking ways~

Surprisingly, I cried A LOT reading this.
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?7grotesque but somehow cute as well? Can't believe someone as scared of bugs as me would actually read 42 chapters of a story starring a cannibalistic spider. It helps that she resembles Pikachu somehow....

I've learned to just scroll past all the information-spew about her level-ups, but that problem aside.... I'm still sad that it's taking such a long time for any real plot to take place. The wider world-building isn't happening as quickly as I'd like it too since the MC is trapped in a mons...... View
Meng Shi Zai Shang6what to do? I stayed up all night reading this because the ML is so cute... He's like a tiny puppy that grows up to be a loyal hunting dog. How nice~ It's just adorable and weirdly filial to see a younger master raising her weak disciple until he surpasses her strength, and it becomes his turn to protect her. Romantic filial piety😕? Sounds weird but this manga makes it work.

The other elements of this story aren't so well-developed though, and i'm not super into first 30 chapters of a 11 y...... View
Mushoku Tensei (Novel)3---
No Game No Life6---
Nobunaga no Chef10Wow i really like this series!! The main character is calm and courageous. His stern demeanor also is comically refreshing. Please update!!!!!!

I also really enjoy the portrayal of Oda Nobunaga--the manga humanizes the guy while also recognizing the facts. All the characters are super interesting, and the integration of history and modern food is flawlessly done.
Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki------
Overlord (Novel)7---
Pupillary Master3Art is drop dead gorgeous.... but the plot doesn't ... make any sense...?
Re:Monster1I read this and lol.... it seemed like just a narration of how this one dude gets a bunch of girls because he is strong
Saver6Cool female protagonist.

Romance is not really emphasized, and the story follows this girl's journey. I love the idea and I love how the focus was on the girl's heroism. BUT it could've been developed better.
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken6---
Tower of God7Season 1 was 10/10... but the 2nd half of season 2 changed that.
Prior to the the "Hell Train" arc, I was absolutely in love with this webtoon.

Season 1 had everything it needed to make a great story, and even had a HUGE twist at the end.
Season 2's first part was great, and I cried many times while watching Baam warm to the new cast of characters....

and then.... everything just kinda slowed to a mush. Rachael ruined this series, lol. She really isn't suitable to be a heroine. Also, Baam, as m...... View
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle9.7It's really good though nonetheless😕 maybe it's just my childhood nostalgia....
Villainess Level 99 ~I May Be the Hidden Boss but I'm Not the Demon Lord~7---