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Series Rating Comment
Accel World10I really like this manga, maybe I should also watch the anime.
I hate the "unsure boy bullied" thing, maybe because I hate bullysm and I am able to protect myself without problems even if they are older and stronger opponents.
Anyway I cant judge this little part of the manga using my personal experiences, so it wont decrease my rate (I should be stupid to do that).
I love the virtual reality subject, I finished Sword Art Online mangas and the first series of anime (I prefer to wait a dubbed ver...... View
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai------
Btooom!8Survival, kill or be killed, a videogame which becomes a cruel reality show, blood, rapes (WTF were they necessary?!?).
I dont understand why a too young girl and a mature man should fall in love each other, maybe thats not what the autors meant but it feels like pedophilia, and this annoys me.
Burst Angel------
Deadman Wonderland10This is the manga I loved most, a constant battle to survive, a cruel laboratory wich does tests on humans maskered as a prison with a wonderland.
Theres a constantly tension, and we gradual read the past of the characters and understand their psicology (well, not so detailed about it but anyway thats an aspect I like).

And from now on ill talk under spoiler, so pay attenction new readers of Deadman Wonderland (DW), dont peek!

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
At first I tought that the part where it ...
... View
Defense Devil10Maybe 10 would seem a lot, but I enjoyed it alot and I feel it is the right rate.

In the first chapters the routine was: mystery solved in a Detective Conan style, blows, win, mystery, blows, win, mystery blows, win... Why the hell there should be a fight after a "process" I dont know, but thats okay.
Then it turned without preadmonition in an action/adventure shonen, with some romance to comllete the plate.

Anyway I liked the story and the drawings, it entertained me.
He Is My Master------
Highschool of the Dead------
Infinite Stratos------
Mayoi Neko Overrun------
Sankarea10I really liked it, for a month after I finished it I was impatient to read more, but since that on I am calm and ready to get a new translated scanlation in my hands.

Also I wonder if the anime stops at the same point or continues, if continues Ill instantly go to watch it.
Sora no Otoshimono10Its all comedy based on the perverted main character, and the weird situations created by the Angeloids.

The final is really brutal :'( but an happy ending anyway (well.. More or less...).
Sword Art Online - Aincrad7WARNING: If your eyes are sensible, you could bleed from them, because the drawings quality is really a pain.

I knew this manga reading first Accel World (and i like it alot), so when I searched for other works I found Sword Art Online, which has the best anime I ever watched.

Avoiding the poor skills of the damn mangaka who drew this, the rest is great. After I read this and the (unfinished/abandoned) sequel (remember im talking about the manga), I watched the anime dubbed in my language (Ital...... View
Transistor Teaset7---
Tripeace7.5It was really awesome, I enjoyed it a lot, then a dumb (and childish maybe?) ending arrived.
Really disappointing. I don't know why, maybe they ran out of money? Time? Something else wrong happened? I really can't understand why they decided to cut in that mode this manga.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The change of behavior of the Main Character (I mean when he regained his memory and become evil) could be used as an excuse to create alot more chapters, maybe showing how he gradually realize the...
... View
Watashi ni xx Shinasai!9I always avoided shojo because I hate the genre (maybe because Im male? Lol, I dont know, I see it as the typical genre for girls in an ormonal storm), but when I casually saw it in a scanlations website catalog, I felt I would have tried this title.
It instantly caught me, and i finished it (i mean i read it to the last chapter i found, 63) in few hours, while I usually read mangas for a lot bigger period of time.

The narration goes well, starts "calm", and then continues to accellerate (not ...... View
Yuria Type 10010I almost died by laughing with this manga. Great drawing quality, its the typical manga where the story is quite static, you can almost jump from a chapter to another without feeling something is missing.

The comedy is based by the constant misunderstandings, accidents, and what the already weird situation brings.

Maybe dont read it when there are other people near you (or you could have unwanted situations xD, thanks god i avoided them) but thats too awesome to live without reading it.