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by Lesbiyankin on November 13th, 2020, 10:06am

Rating - 8.4 / 10.0

User rating of this review - N/A out of 5
Story/Plot - 4 out of 5
Characters - 5 out of 5
Drawing Style - 5 out of 5
Enjoyment - 3 out of 5
Overall - 4 out of 5

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Finnish student Ran, a medical student, lives with her old Japanese friend Keiko, whom she met a long time ago, but temporarily lost contact with her. Every day, while she lives with her, she comes up with 1001 ways to get her and piss her off (still young, wants to frolic). Then she wakes her up in the middle of the night and demands to buy her some very, very necessary thing (for Keiko's money, of course). Then she arranges frightening pranks for her with scary masks (when Keiko returns from work, of course). Otherwise she just leaves on business, literally forcing Keiko to miss her (Ran's) cheerful soul and sexy body. At some point, Keiko realizes that Ran is not at all disciplined and simply loses control over herself: she eats a lot, drinks too much alcohol, plays her hard enough - all this starts to drive Keiko's senpai out of herself more and more often, and outright swearing is used, bodily blows and even restrictive measures against Kohai Ran. However, the cheerful and childish Ran still does not calm down, and, in addition, Keiko suddenly begins to pay attention to Ran's breasts and buttocks, feeling either romantic or erotic attraction to her. And Ran also sometimes feels the same about Keiko. However, after several years of life together, lived in frequent scandals due to Ran's behavior, Keiko disperses with her to different living quarters, leaving the apartment in which they have experienced so much suffering from each other, and begins to live separately from her. The finale of this manga is open: either they will both get together in some kind of long-term union, or they parted forever and can't stand each other ... it's not clear. And here the author of this manga pretty much broke me off. How? Why? 4 volumes of excellent humor, drama, eroticism - and such a blurry and unfinished end? Why didn't Keiko and Ran become a couple in love, and at the last moment each of them didn’t rush to each other in a loving, not friendly, embrace, followed by lesbian sex? Well, apparently because the ending of this manga is a lesson for the evil girls, perhaps, if we paraphrase the ending of many Russian fairy tales. If you, being a lesbian girl, will act on your lover's nerves for several months or years in a row, then one day she will "swing her dress", "turn on her heel" and "demand a carriage for her, a carriage." Because it is unbearable to live for so long with a woman who gnaws at your food reserves, scares you with terrible masks and simply prevents you from sleeping with her consumer requests. Sooner or later, all this just gets boring and causes a terrible desire to move out. In this respect, Japanese and European women, of course, differ markedly from Russian women who live with their tormentors and traitors until their death (often at their own hands), being subject to the cruel patriarchal Orthodox culture.
Keiko Komatsu is a disciplined, polite, decent young Japanese woman. Not trusting and vengeful. Pretty, tall, with dark and short hair and an average physique. She hardly accepts someone else's opinion, but if it helps her in life, then she diligently applies other people's advice in practice. She is self-sufficient, hard and works a lot in some highly profitable company (judging by the clothes in which she comes home from work, she is an office worker, and maybe the director of her company). He prefers to wear men's clothes: pants, trousers. She does not like jokes and jokes, hot-tempered and spiteful. But for friends, she is ready to substitute a vest and help in everyday life. Due to his courageous behavior, he cannot find himself a man for romantic and sexual relations.

Ran Saeki is a girl who (as my Sverdlovsk mother loves to say) “loves to have fun, especially to devour: pick two or three loaves in my teeth”. A cheerful dolt who lives only for herself, for her own pleasure. Indulges his own whims: a potential fat woman and an alcoholic. Likes to pin up and play friends, moreover, in a rude and harsh form. Strive to work where you can entertain men and give them alcohol to drink. (with the preservation of girl's honor and hymen, of course) A girl with a large breast, which, however, is sometimes so big that she tears the buttons on her shirt. Naive and frivolous, she is too childish and girly about the world, for which the world punishes her roughly and harshly. A fan of a healthy lifestyle, although she drinks sometimes.
Drawing Style
Background graphics:
Simply outstanding graphics of various background objects. Everything is so believable and realistic drawn that you only regret the lack of colors in this manga. (Japanese mangaka do not knit brooms). Natural and urban objects are beautifully traced, drinks and food are appetizingly traced. Even such everyday little things as a DVD are drawn with diligence. It can be seen that the collapse experienced by Higashiyama Shou with her previous unfinished work "Prism" (for which, I remember, she was accused of plagiarism) forced her to take work on all background images more seriously. Light and shadows are also faithfully depicted, and there are even all kinds of computer special effects! Although, of course, it all looks rather cartoonish, but it was done with great diligence and, probably, love.

Character graphics:
An even higher level of graphics for the characters. It is clearly seen that Keiko is Japanese, but Ran is a girl with European roots. In this sense, the bodily characteristics of the characters' nationality are depicted in this manga very clearly and expressively. Unlike the works of competitors, the characters here are much more anatomically correct, because it is obvious that in order to depict the postures during stretching, the author had to depict those characters who perform them in very natural positions of the bodily members - after all, each picture depicting stretching poses is attached a short instruction on how to perform them - up to the exact time of their completion in seconds. Therefore, this manga is perhaps one of the most photorealistic in terms of graphics - which gives more pleasure to lovers of painting, rather than caricatures.
Manga from the series "Useful physiological exercises with hot Finnish girls." It tells about the fun and funky life of foreign students in Japanese medical educational institutions. In general, the manga is more likely for adults already (an abundance of naked or erotically covered with clothes beautiful female bodies + rather rough treatment of them), but in truth, the cartoon fool felting and the clown circus that you can see and read here is more like cartoons about Tom and Jerry (and many of their clones), and not a serious youth drama or romantic comedy. And, it should be noted that the Finnish girl is really very hot here, even too sometimes. She is a worthy daughter of the Finnish people: her young female body is so sexy that I have a question: will it be convenient for her to work as a doctor with such, frankly, not small breasts? Indeed, throughout the Western world, women have long been outraged by their large breasts (if they have them, of course) and blame other women for having large breasts (even if these women are painted), calling such an excessive display of the beauty of the female body sexism and punishing him instantly and cruelly (if they have the power to do so). But, be that as it may, if I had such best friends as female characters from this manga, then together with the sexy Ran I would spend my time erotically, together with the wise Keiko I would consult, but with the party girl Saki I would drink and walk. In a word, the manga was almost a success: everything in it gave me pleasure: graphics, dialogues, and characters - but I can't help but chide the author's ending ...
I didn't like the manga very much, it left a heavy impression. Of course, there is a lot of funny humor and beautiful eroticism, but, nevertheless, in this manga we are presented with two dramas of two single women who, it would seem, experience at different times romantic and erotic attraction to each other, but, however, “love in the big city” as well as “sex in the big city” does not end up between them, apparently due to the fact that they did not agree at all. "Fire and Ice" can not be together for a long time, a cheerful sex bomb and a settled office worker with great difficulty are able to withstand the presence of each other. Therefore, this manga made me feel depressed, because a miracle did not happen, love did not arise - but on the other hand, I was shown an example of how you should not behave if you cohabit with a woman like Keiko (and I already try not to follow this example myself, which has a beneficial effect on my own relationships). In addition to, in fact, a sad and sad ending in the form of a fruitless parting of the characters, all these terrible muzzles and creatures that are shown here also made an unpleasant impression on me: all these "costumes of infernal mythical women" and a fictional monster devouring a plant that has been growing for a long time still young Keiko in her dream. Well, what do you want: the Japanese, like the North Americans, have some kind of unhealthy desire, everywhere and always, so that they do not draw, to add a fly in the ointment to a barrel of honey. It's not for nothing that all kinds of thrillers have become so insanely popular in the United States, and only then have they spread in the work of filmmakers in other countries. And modern Japan is in many ways like the United States, although, to be honest, it surpasses them in some ways. Therefore, the passion and love of the Japanese for adding to their graphic works all kinds of evil spirits, which, perhaps, even "smells of the Japanese spirit," they have from North Americans, and their own centuries-old veneration of dragons largely influenced this. But, be that as it may, I still kept this manga for myself in order to re-read sometime next time. Because it's funny, it's instructive, and it's ... just beautiful.
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