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The Lady and Her Butler  
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The last thing Sooha wants in her life is a man.
She's sick of her mother calling about boyfriend problems, of friends trying to set her up on dates, of girls waiting for their Prince Charming.
But when a broke and homeless man offers to keep house in exchange for temporary housing, Sooha finds herself saying yes to a man for the first time in her life.
After all, who wouldn't want to come home to warm homemade dinners, clean sheets, and freshly ironed clothes?

Original Webtoon
Official English Translation: Lezhin, Tapas, Manta
Official Translation: Chinese, Japanese


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Associated Names
La Dama y su Mayordomo
Леди и её слуга
아가씨와 우렁총각

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Latest Release(s)
v.Season 2 c.40-107 by Lezhin about 1 year ago
c.8-10 by Lezhin about 1 year ago
c.7 by Lezhin over 3 years ago
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Total of 123 Chapters + 20 Extras (Complete)

Season 1: Chapters 1-39 (Complete)
Season 2: Chapters 40-77 (Complete)
Season 3: Chapters 78-123 (Complete)
Extras: Chapters 124-143 (Complete)

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Average: 8.5 / 10.0 (159 votes)
Bayesian Average: 8.17 / 10.0

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May 20th 2021, 5:50pm PST



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Lezhin (Lezhin)
Naver Webtoon (Naver)

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Lezhin (Original Publisher)

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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by meijita
April 29th, 2021, 11:31am
Rating: 7.5 / 10.0
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Pacing my dude!  
by fovika
February 12th, 2021, 10:32am
Rating: N/A
Updated after reading chap 68:
Seriously the amount of plot details that get addressed between chap 65-68 and their connections to the main pair are so unneeded. Like I thought they might be that, but I didn't need them to be nor all mentioned/shown so close to each other. Way to make a huge world turn into the smallest community. Unbelievably badly handled by the author.

... Last updated on February 12th, 2021, 10:32am
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Misses its chance to be something special  
by Shellshock
October 21st, 2020, 8:28am
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
The story is about a woman who is the cliche, All business no time for boys. Relationships a pain etc. The MMC is this gay (lie) dude who convinces the FMC to be her roomate since he got scammed. So you got a chick living with whom she believes a gay buff dude, who's totally not her type btw and the MMC who is the *gay* buff dude who also states that the FMC is not his type. I don't really think i need to explain where this story goes anymore.

Now the best part of the series was probably the first season. The chase aspect was really good in this series despite both believing they don't have a chance with each other. The humor as the FMC misrepresented how gay people were. It was legitimately funny and felt like this series had heart. The characters were engaging and the FMC's boss (who i will call boss because he is the best character in the series) he was awesome. Like he confesses to the FMC in the first panel and gets over it, doesn't start this fight, doesn't abuse his position. He literally is a champ. He was the best character in the series. Its too bad the story that revolves around him becomes so medicore and unsatisfying in the end.

As far as the first season i think the series was gonna be something special. The characters were on point. Cute boy, FMC, MMC, Miss Fix it, Boss all these characters stood out and were a joy to watch. They all had great chemistry. I was genuinely thinking this might something really unique and special.

Sadly as season 2 rolls around the story begins losing its steam. Not to the point where it becomes unreadable. Or even to the point where i wasn't enjoying myself anymore. But to the point where it became noticeable. To the point where i realized this isn't something unique and special as i expected it to be. The characters start having more and more romantic moments which is always a plus. The hypocrisy was also relatively well presented. Especially in regards to FMC who never needed a man and realized just how much she depended and needed the MMC. But the drama also started showing itself. And like Yandere Kanojo it just doesn't work all that well. Especially in regardes to the final arc drama. Nothing that worked about the series shows its face in that scene. The humor and chemistry in that arc was gone.

The rest of the series is fine though. I good time killer. The problem is the Boss's romance story doesn't have a good conclusion. I didn't like how his arc was *resolved* if you even wanna call it that. I also didn't enjoy how everything was connected. Like everyone knew each other in some form of another. It was done poorly. I guess it was foreshadowed but that doesn't make it ok. It felt like this big world become much much smaller. I don't really know how well to explain it. Another thing i don't like how everyone gets a sob story. In the beginning only the FMC got the sob story but now everyone's not really the bad guy because xxx. It's annoying and lost that unique appeal that the FMC had. I did enjoy the rest of the series. It was good. But only on the level of Ao haru ride.

Also why is everyone's parents human trash in this manhwa? you can sorta understand why people grew up this way (especially the FMC) but again just cause you were raised by an asshole doesn't give you the right to be an asshole. I think a better way to put it is that the author didn't give enough sympathy points to certain characters for me to forgive there behavior. Again the Boss's character = Champ. I just wished that his romance story was better. Miss fix it.... you gotta read this manhwa yourself to understand this character man....

TLDR: Good manhwa. Starts off something special but ends up being a fun timekiller instead. 6/10
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It was good at first  
by Zurel
October 3rd, 2020, 8:11am
Rating: 4.0 / 10.0
Most of the story is fine, but as it reaches the ending arc, the insecurity of both the ML and FL annoys the life out of me. She transforms from being independent to almost neurotic and clingy, and he, oh boy, don't let me start on him.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I agree with the reviewer mojoyoyo. Not only did he run away without a word, when she came searching for him, he kept turning her away. I can't believe that someone as confident as her would lower herself for a man who had obviously been pushing her away and ignoring her. And when he finally apologised, of course she took him back, just like that. Because romance. Ugh.
The only relationship I get behind is that of Garam's and a girl he met at the convenient store, and that is only in the extra chapters. By the end of the story, the main relationship bores me to tears and I just don't like the second FL, redemption arc or no redemption arc, so I cannot even finish reading her story with the second ML.
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So realistic it hurts  
by saralee26
September 2nd, 2020, 12:50am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
It’s a very heartwarming webtoon that depicts the struggles of trying to become close to someone else. The author has done an amazing job capturing the nuances of life - how we express ourselves, our insecurities, the struggles of communicating and opening up. It was almost scary how realistic and relatable the characters were. Each character has traits that you admire and traits you can get annoyed with. But the story doesn’t become boring and you become quite attached to them. When the characters go through rough moments, you hurt for them too. When they reconcile, you feel content and happy. It also does a great job of hitting a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. It’s most definitely a webtoon that’s most appreciated if you’re in your twenties. Don’t expect to be wowed by the plot line but the life lessons and conversations can be so real you may expect to feel a little uncomfortable

... Last updated on September 2nd, 2020, 12:55am
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good, but it should have ended about 30 chapters earlier  
by mojoyoyo
May 26th, 2020, 8:15pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
the final arc was pretty stupid. I liked this comic because none of the plot was caused by the main couple doing dumb unnecessarily dramatic shit to advance the storyline. whenever they had an issue, they would communicate and resolve it. this held true up until the last arc
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
wherein the male lead breaks his arm, and then sooha takes care of him, and then he gets mad because she's doing TOO much for him and making him feel useless, and instead of talking to her fucks off to his hometown, without telling her, and WITHOUT HIS PHONE OR HIS STUFF. so oc she tracks him down to give him his stuff back and also resolve things, and then he pretty much just ignores her while she awkwardly chills with his family. I get that he was doing all this shit because he was depressed, but taking it out on her and non-communicating and acting like an ass isn't okay. christ and sooha just takes it and they get back together after he apologizes a bit ahh wtf is this nonsense it was so good until this part
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Actual human beings  
by Utsukushii Yume
April 4th, 2020, 3:37pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
What stood out to me in this manga was how I found almost all of the characters annoying at least once. Not the over the top annoying either, it was the I love you mom, but right now you are acting a fool and getting on my nerves type of annoying. I consider this a good thing if done right. There were times I felt the annoyance dragged on a tad bit to long, but nothing here made me wish my eyes would fall out.

The pacing of the overall story and romance was good IMO as I prefer slow romances, it doesn't feel like it is dragging as most chapters were consistently laying the ground work for either the next chapter or an event coming soon. Couples fell in love because of a combination of little things, people cried, people got mad, everybody made at least one mistake, some parents were bad, some were good, people technically just acted like real people. It was nice.

If someone asked for a realistic, slow paced romance manga where the characters actually work to maintain their relationships, then I would recommend this to them.
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Highly recommended  
by Bebe~
March 6th, 2020, 9:28am
Rating: N/A
I highly recommend this slice of life, josie manhwa. I totally agree that it touched upon a lot of scenarios that we in real life go through; lots of real human emotions and reactions, and that's what makes it a gem. The last two arcs got us at the edge of the seat, but I'm so happy to see justice served. My favorite arc was probably the first arc. It was a slow buildup, and I think that's what I appreciate about; it was realistic. It was just heartwarming!
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Worth reading  
by baka_otaku
October 13th, 2019, 6:32pm
Rating: N/A
I agree with @Day Dreamer that this webtoon subverts some basic comic tropes- mainly that any ML with good physique and tattoos is a badboy and that every FL falls into insta-luuurve with the ML or blushes the moment she sees a handsome guy! The romance is not insta (thankgod!) and there is asome character growth. Also, the drama is fairly realistic
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
At least for now, there isn't any of that "stalker Ex" or "you talking to a member of the opposite sex makes me soooooo jealousssss"

If you have gotten bored of overly Alpha MLs(the GQ magazine like guys doing a kabedon and telling the FL "you are mine" followed by a rapey situation) and those naive (a.k.a stupid) FLs then do give this comic a shot!
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from r/manga  
by r/mangaReviews
February 8th, 2019, 6:28pm
Rating: N/A
"Thing is I'm really very particular when I read romances and I get real excited if the story and story-telling is good, and undeniably frustrated if the story is good at the beginning but drags itself to the ground as it goes. The Lady and her Butler falls in the first category. I never expected that I'd really enjoy reading it since the FMC is the common 'I'm not interested in love' kinda heroine but then the MMC comes into her life thanks to a housing scam, and after he's begged her to let him stay at her apartment by allowing him to be her housekeeper, things take off from there.

The pacing is what I really appreciate because every chapter shows neat progress whether on the plot or the characters themselves which is very rewarding. The romance that develop doesn't feel forced, and I'm pleased not to see the author trying to drag the story to kami-knows-where using cliché stuff like the FMC's past to halt some budding romance which is common to romances with this kind of FMC. It's still ongoing, and the recent happenings are a little too dramatic for me but I'm eager to see how the story goes."
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