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Manta Comics    [Edit]
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Manta Comic

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Manta Comics is a webcomic-reading smartphone app. Manta is part of RIDI Corporation. Refer to Ridibooks for webtoons and mangas originally published in South Korea.

Manta is a monthly subscription, While they do offer some series free to read and free to read every 24hr.

They house other webtoons and mangas from other publishers such as Kodansha, Lezhin, TappyToon, and etc. on their website. They also house their own translated webtoons.

Manta does not have a mature section. If Manta picks up a mature series, it will release as All-Age. Manta currently has 28 mature series under them.

List of the mature series:
The Black June
A Tiger That Swallowed the Moon*
Miss You, Lucifer*
No Love Zone*
Totem Realm
Love of Cloud and Rain
Moonrise by the Cliff*
The New Employee *
Bongchon Bride*
The Losing Streak
The Shape of Sympathy
Timing (KENAZ)
Kiss of Damnation
The Dangerous Convenience Store
Spring, The Color of Love
Seducing the Jerk
Off Stage
Secondo Piatto
4 Week Lovers*
Taming the Tyrant
Prequel Romance
Love Jinx
Whispers Through the Willows
Flowers Find a Way to Bloom
No Moral

*Means the R19 ver has been added to Lezhin/Tappytoon

List of Korean Partnerships:
BEYOND, Orange D, and 스르륵코믹스
*Series from these publishers will most likely be licensed by Manta.

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