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morally correct person

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From User Message Body
Post #572015

11:27 am, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 91

Hai all

I want a manga character... which is morally,ethically correct person.
Like never saying any lies.. genuine towards relationships..
if someone is doing wrong thing..who suggests him to do right..something like that.

A person who is literally GOOD, in a way universally accepted.

Thanks a lot for your help dear friends..
please suggest me something which suits my requirement.

Post #572016
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11:44 am, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 247

Well, considering that their is absolutely no universal definition of good held by all mankind, maybe you could elaborate? For instance, what kinds of things do you consider evil that this character would have to be against?

Are they against killing in all cases? Are they okay with people exacting "just" revenge? Do they think it's okay for someone to steal in order to feed their family?

Just, you know, basic questions like that. It doesn't have to be anything extensive, but any "story about a moral person" will likely address a large number of such situations, so a blueprint of your moral viewpoint would be useful.

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Post #572017

11:55 am, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 91


Thanks for your reply.
I want that character to be moral/good/ethically right..not in a deep particular things.
The questions you asked are really useful in order to judge.
Here i am giving details about the character which i want.
simple situtions...

If a rowdy/villain is beating someone in public. everyone is watching,but no one go to save him.Here this charcter goes to save him.The point here is he is not heroic or something like that.. he feels to save that fellow. Finally,that villain beats him...when friends/public scolds our charcter that why you want to save him or something like that.. our character says.." you also have the same feeling to save him but you are not ready to go..i went.. why because i feel like saving him..whether i saved him or not it doesnt matter.. just i went i feel"
This is his answer.


another sitution.
a friend is telling lies to his girl friend in order to impress her or in order to avoid arguement with her..or something like that.
Our character says.." why are you telling lies?" then he replies.." nowadays.. in a relation, managing is very important..sometimes we need to lie"
Then our character replies.. " you should be genuine towards your relationship.. if she finds out your lies.. everything wil close not only that.. you need to tell another lie to hide this lie.. and finally your character becomes .. a true lier.and not only that.. if you tell everything true.. then no need to be afraid or fear or feeling heavy will become a great relief"
Very genuine towards relationship..
and whatever may the sitution.. he says good point of view only..( please dont take very particular situtions.. take general situtions only.. and in that general moral..Ok)

hope you got my point.
please help me friends

Last edited by blakraven66 at 5:15 pm, Oct 1

Post #572034
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Black Witch

3:03 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 381

*cough. It's called "Shounen" o_o

But no, seriously? o.O
Well, I still think any "Shounen" would do, and when I say "any", I mean every.... (almost)

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Then you don't need Good Luck
You need the ability to overcome Bad Luck

Happines and Light needs a source to exist
Hatred fuels itself and Darkness exist where there is no Light

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Post #572037
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3:58 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 1161

In a way Change 123 fits. Guy watched too many Kamen Rider shows and developed this sense of justice thing

To some extent what you are looking for is common in shounen manga, but I wouldn't mind reading something like that if it was pulled right (what you get in most shounen manga ain't that great).

On a less serious note: Ratman

Post #572038
user avatar
the Mist Dragon

4:05 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 178

I must suggest Superior. The male lead is a hero on a quest to kill the demon lord, but he refuses to kill any monsters (or anything else).

"Thus is our treaty written, thus is agreement made
Thought is the arrow of time, memory never fades
What was asked is given, the price is paid"
Post #572040
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4:37 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 471

Kyou Kara Ore Wa there are two main characters. the blonde one is the one that you found very morally reprehensible, but the punk one is a very righteous, just character, hair style notwithstanding.

Angel Densetsu the protagnist have the purest, most beautiful soul, but unfortunately have the face of a demon. but, he really is the kindest person on earth, and a lot of people change because of his beautiful heart.

Liar Game. the female main character is the most honest person on earth, and she want to help every single one that is also in the same predicament as hers.

Yu-Gi-Oh from the power of friendship, everything can be overcomed!

Battle Royale I personally think the protagonist just take the easy way out, but while everyone is killing each other, he still kept his hand clean. he is, with the love interest, the only people that is clean.

there are countless others, like Mahou Sensei Negima!, Naruto, Bleach, ARMS, Noblesse, Psyren etc just try read some shounen biggrin .

Post #572054

6:48 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 1041

i think most of you are a little off

some of these suggestions are not very good

the heroes in most shounen manga wants something in return
or does things for personal gain

wants to be accepted
wants pretty girls
wants to become leader of his village
he is not moved to do good things for good things sake
he wants profit

and thats true for most shounen titles suggested

in yugi
we have a patetic nerd who wants attention
and he constantly puts his friends at great risks
especially in the begining of the manga

usualy shounen,seinen and...pretty much all japanese comics are filled with selfish characters
and that would disqualify them from being listed here
they all want something and need something...and they usualy like to make it very clear for everyone


suggestions for the OP

Usagi Drop
MC does the right thing
not for any gain whatsoever
he just wants to help someone in a bad situation and does so
in doing so he lets go of his more personal "selfish" ways of life and become a good human being

Post #572058
user avatar

8:00 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 473

If OP is fine with an entirely character-driven school drama, then there's Tomodachi no Hanashi - it features exceptionally good-natured individuals.

Post #572059
user avatar

8:16 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 73

One Piece MC pretty much does whatever he feels like. No matter the consequences he will save someone in need, even his enemies.

Post #572064
user avatar

9:28 pm, Oct 1 2012
Posts: 502

Kuroko no basuke
Oresama Teacher
Koori no Mamono no Monogatari

Post #572108
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6:16 am, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 471

come on, dont you think that's a wee bit strict? i dont think naruto ever do anything morally bad, yes at first he just want acceptance, but he always want to do good.yes, he's a bit selfish in his quest for sasuke, but he just believe in friendship! with yugi, it's not morally wrong to be weak, and it's certainly not him burning, slaving or mindbreaking the bad guys, its the yami yugi's fault.

now, when you say Usagi Drop, it reminds me of another loli manga, Kodomo No Jikan. i think the male mc is also a very good guy, he act according to strict morals and never tempted and strayed from his path as an educator. of course, he did
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
fell in love with the lil kid
but he never actually DO anything.

Post #572110 - Reply to (#572054) by TaoPaiPai
user avatar

6:33 am, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 111

Quote from TaoPaiPai
i think most of you are a little off

some of these suggestions are not very good

the heroes in most shounen manga wants something in return
or does things for personal gain

wants to be accepted
wants pretty girls
wants to become leader of his village
he is not moved to do good things for g ...
How about Goku in Dragon Ball?
He has a pure heart. And seems to do the right thing and all that other stuff.

Post #572144
user avatar

2:23 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 69

I think Iris Zero fits.
Hope you like it~

Ganbare Seishuu! Ganbare Seishuu!
Post #572152

3:14 pm, Oct 2 2012
Posts: 1

Seconding Angel Densetsu.

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