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Quality Shonen

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3:09 am, Jul 4 2014
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So this is the situation. I'm becoming more a seinen reader than a shonen reader, because shonen manga tend to be poorly written. I know it's not literature, but sometimes reading some shonen manga I facepalm'd myself so hard because of the mistakes the author makes. By the way, with quality I also mean creativity in plot and the characters. But I won't be demanding that so much.

I'm looking for shonen manga similar to those like One Piece, Gintama, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter x Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist. I doesn't need to be action manga.

By the way, I'm pretending to read Magi and Tegami Bachi. Just if somebody can tell me if those are more or less what I'm looking for.

Thank you.

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3:27 am, Jul 5 2014
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Have you tried Bakuman and Death Note?

D.Gray Man, but it's currently on hiatus.

Slam Dunk may be another one. The plot is pretty straightforward but it's very entertaining.

I've heard that Beck is good but I haven't read it yet, so I dunno.

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1:25 pm, Jul 14 2014
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If you like Hunter × Hunter try Yu Yu Hakusho and Level E.

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10:02 am, Jul 18 2014
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Kekkaishi is one of my favorite shounens, though its middling bits get a bit bogged down, but its characters are great and it ends nicely.

Claymore is also great, though, recently, plot progressions have been really few and far between. It's nearing the end too, so you might want to just wait until it finishes and read it all in one go.

I also grew to enjoy Shibatora a lot, though you really have to buy into the premise and the main character's goodness to really like it.

At this point, World Trigger seems really great as well, but you'll have to get through some weak opening chapters before things really get going. It's one of the few shounens I know that utilizes strategy regularly during its battles, though.

I'm also a huge fan of Shirodaira Kyou, so I would recommend checking out Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Vampire Juujikai, and Zetsuen no Tempest. They're all fairly different from each other, with their own sets of unique premises and characters.

And, finally, one of my favorite (traditional) shounen action series is Zettai Karen Children, but this one is definitely a "your mileage will vary" series.

Also, you might want to try asking the I'm looking for... forums instead for future topics like these.

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5:41 pm, Jul 18 2014
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i love shounen! these are some of my top picks

Kyou kara Ore wa!! - this is just a fun delinquent manga. i love the mc, he dont give two shit about others
Angel Densetsu - another great delinquent manga, but now the mc is the epitome of kindness and godliness
Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - nice detective manga with supernatural twist. its not rigorous like kindachi and conan, but i love the crazy art
Binbougami ga! - the best female friendship manga ever! they act like real people, not some idealised being
Rookies - if you like sport manga, this is it! with added delinquent bonus
Mx0 - a generic shonen with added charm as the mc win by his head, not by his strength Kaibutsu Oujo - good plot progression, with multiple timeline so dont get weird out
BM: Nectar - the manga that get me into survival horror. the grotesque art is just breath taking
Mirai Nikki - mc is meh, but the love interest is the best yandere ever
Franken Fran - indescribable in the way twisted moral produce such horror and laughter at the same time

i love seinen too, give me some great rec!

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10:22 am, Aug 17 2014
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I don't know if you are into manhwa but if you are, you should read Noblesse and Trace, preferably Trace 1.5. Hell's Kitchen too was a pretty good one. It's a cooking manga.

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5:09 am, Aug 26 2014
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Doubutsu no Kuni


It's by Raiku Makoto, author of Konjiki no Gash!!.

Quote from whitespade
Angel Densetsu - another great delinquent manga, but now the mc is the epitome of kindness and godliness
Binbougami ga! - the best female friendship manga ever! they act like real people, not some idealised being
BM: Nectar - the manga that get me into survival horror. the grotesque art is just breath taking

Seconding these

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Accepting translation requests if the manga interests me!

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1:17 am, Oct 10 2015
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While I am not sure if you would like those, but I did biggrin I tried to not give you the same as above

Shibatora: Inspector in juvenile crime, he looks like a kids, but he is not only what he seems to be. Took me sometime to finish it, but really happy to have done so.

fight no akatsuki: basket ball story, only 65 chapters, I enjoyed this one.

Threads of Time: Enjoyed that one , only 46 chapters, a Teen get traped in time in the body of someone else during an ancien war.

Wāq Wāq : one of the first shonen I have read, funny, short and original

Maou: Juvenile Remix : the only manga I bought while having no clue what it was about. Ten volume, two Main characters, good writting. Surnatural power, but not superpower

Nurarihyon no Mago a young human yokai hybrid is learning how to use his power and what makes him diffenrent from other yokai.

Gekiryuuchi it is a seinen but the MC is a school boy, very blody and interresting if you like fighting.

+anima I think I read that manga in one go..kidding but it is a sweet storie about youngs who have animal like power, the main character has the power of the crow (he can grow wing and fly)

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7:42 am, Jul 6 2016
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i think theres countless well written shounen out there. the problem is, next to none of them are Battle Manga. the ones i've enjoyed are Beelzebub, One Punch Man & Witch Hunter

most battle manga i've gotten into, despite showing early promise tend to end up falling into one of 3 categories
(A) started strong but lost any sense of direction - Bleach, Berserk
(B) abandon exploring characters & ideas to focus on meaningless battles that have been lazily written - Naruto, Claymore
(C) devolve into something completely repetitive & predictable - One Piece, Dragonball

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