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Best Romantic Shounen manga?

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9:07 am, May 7 2015
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Which according to you are the best romantic shounen Manga?

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11:24 am, May 7 2015
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inu x boku ss

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Seinen is RIGHT

11:39 am, May 7 2015
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We had Rurouni Kenshin tagged with romance too since forever and it is my favorite in that demographic so there you go. Angel Densetsu should be the runner up

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Mr. Brightside

4:15 pm, May 7 2015
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Prunus Girl

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5:50 pm, Aug 28 2015
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chrno crusade

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6:05 pm, Aug 28 2015
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suzuka and kimi no iru machi
and maybe shigatsu wa kimi no uso

well the best romantic story i read was kimi no iru machi. i love seo sensei

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5:26 am, Aug 19 2018
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Quote from Pink_Candyfloss

I agree

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8:47 pm, Sep 5 2018
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Bitter Virgin

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12:44 am, Sep 22 2018
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Sense (Haruki)
Parallel Paradise
Henjyo - Hen na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko

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1:55 am, Sep 22 2018
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Midori no Hibi
Kimagure Orange Road

Good romance for shounen are pretty rare most of them are seinen.
There are other than those but they are tragedy and i do not consider it romance went one of the lover die.

And most of all the lowest of lowest romance author is SEO Kouji he love to kill people, be it the love rival ( DID IT 2 TIME), the first daughter of the couple in is first good manga in an other manga
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
he kill Fuuka in the manga Fuuka and she is the daughter of Suzuka and Yamato from the manga Suzuka
. It like he can't make love bloom if someone doesn't die. I hate him, nobody should ever touch that crap.

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2:54 am, Apr 9 2019
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8:23 am, Apr 9 2019
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Taisho Wotome Otogibanashi

-> no harem/love triangle/misunderstandings
-> adorable main couple (the cutest female lead i have ever seen)
-> a lot of heartwarming cute romantic moments

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11:42 pm, Apr 3 2020
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Kaguya-sama. Or SpyxFamily.

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10:35 am, Jun 17 2020
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But i do wanna say so many people throw in the romance tag. Like Kekkaishi had one? I read the entire series. It barely counts as romantic subplot.

Subtle romance would fit it better.

Berserk also. It Should have a romance tag. and yet it doesn't so sed

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