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Long engaging manga

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10:02 am, Sep 30 2015
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Gimme something long with a complex enough plot to read or awesome enough characters that make you really root for them please. Something that doesn't let you put your device down and makes you read the whole thing in one sitting.

I don't mind nudity but the fan-service type is a turn off (unless the storyline is really worth enduring that). And some comedy in it would make it a plus.

Any genre except yaoi/yuri.

examples: vampire juujikai, spiral alive, pandora hearts, skip beat!, kubera

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12:24 pm, Sep 30 2015
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hoshin engi
zetsuen no tempest
shoukoku no altair
kyokou suiri
death note
What abt light novel? Try rakuin no monshou

Edit: big order

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12:46 am, Oct 1 2015
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A dignified

2:21 am, Oct 1 2015
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Kubera is a 10/10. Hard to find other titles on the same level, but I'll try to give some suggestions.

Tower of God (webtoon)
Vinland Saga

Fullmetal Alchemist
Shin Angyo Onshi

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Kubera is the best.
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4:15 am, Oct 1 2015
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I second Basara. You might not like the art work but stick with it, it's absolutely worth it. There's also 7 Seeds by the same mangaka that I think you'll enjoy.

ES, and Feng Shen Ji (the art is amazing) are the other series I recommend.

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8:41 am, Oct 1 2015
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I also second Fullmetal Alchemist, Basara and 7 Seeds (the last one's incomplete).

Other completed manga:
Red River
Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle
Tokyo Crazy Paradise, which was done by the same mangaka as Skip Beat.

Incomplete manga:
Chang Ge Xing
Akatsuki no Yona
Shingeki no Kyojin

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First-Class Logic

5:04 am, Oct 2 2015
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Black Haze (hilarious)
Noragami (also hilarious, with romance)
Karneval (funny and exciting)

are what I've been reading lately. eyes

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6:44 am, Oct 2 2015
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Anything by Takahashi Rumiko.

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7:42 pm, Oct 2 2015
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definitely try 7 seeds, a briliant work of Tamura Yumi. The art seems a little off, but the whole story will make up for that. Basara, another work of her, is also good, but since it's an even older manga, the art might not be suitable for some people. Still it has good story, it's completely different from 7 Seeds, but it's also good.

I personally like Shaman King but this one has an abrupt end. Though Shaman King Kanzenban acts as sequel to finish the end, it's a bit unsatisfying to me.

Recca no Honoo is also good, I personally like it because it has good set of protagonists so you may have one of them as your favorite. It has minimum gore, and overall it's good.

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5:36 pm, Oct 6 2015
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Quote from yatty1910

I'm only replying because someone suggested Houshin Engi. Which is imo FujiRyu's best piece. His art improves, the designs are quirky. The world build takes a bit to digest and the plot has subtle foreshadowing in bits and pieces. It might feel a bit outdated for today, but it had some of the most emotionally heavy scenes for me for a shounen. Nothing too in your face, a lot of quiet moments in the way he does the storyboard at times. Even after so many years, there are some scenes I recall and really love.

But out of the others suggested I second FMA, Shin Angyo Onshi, Basara and 7 Seeds as well. 7 Seeds is rather depressing for me at times. It's dark and emotional. Really worth a read!

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