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A romance where the main character pointedly DOESN'T go gooey-eyed at handsome guys

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11:35 am, Sep 23 2014
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I didn't think "main character isn't attracted by looks" either fully described or was actually what I was trying to ask for, so I went for a super long title.

I'm basically looking for, in a reverse of most shoujo manga where the main female character when confronted with a good looking guy immediately forgets everything else and goes gooey eyed over him, a manga where this DOESN'T happen.

I don't need the main female character to be oblivious to good looks or anything, just...she doesn't go drooling over them and they don't alter her personality/actions etc. Something like that.

In terms of plot, it can be pretty much the standard plot, I don't care (in this request) about cliches or anything much.


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12:08 pm, Sep 23 2014
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Fukumenkei Noise - It's about a girl who loves to sing and making music. There's attraction involved but I don't recall the MC ever going gooey and abandoning everything else for one guy.

Seiyuu ka!- Really cute shoujo by Minami Maki about a girl trying to make it in the voice acting business. There's romance but for the most part the MC pursues her dreams first over romance and is ambitious about working in the industry.

Cat Street - Really good coming of age story. I don't really know how to describe it other than it being about a group of social outcasts who eventually grow up into decent adults. It's by the same author as Boys Over Flowers and much better than BoF

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12:59 pm, Sep 23 2014
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I don't even know how to answer that correctly... that really only gets used in shoujo or josei manga (and the bad ones for the most part) so I'll just skip anything seinen-ish because you could probably get those without problems.

Last Game damn I see you read this already, but be prepared for the good stuff coming chapter 35+
Akagami no Shirayukihime doesn't care for his appearance, all about character (princely)
Taiyou no Ie I don't even remember any sparkly guys o.O
Nijiiro Days (MIZUNO Minami) he is the girlish one and she just doesn't care for appearances
Shikabane Cherry you can treat this as a joke: she admits that she likes him because is handsome, but it isn't even important after the first few pages and she is more gooey eyed over a rival (edit: her rival, a female one)
Dear Tear should work
Seishun Kouryakuhon more boys as protags and down-to-earth sweet girls
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is this too obvious? I guess...

If you also want seinen stuff, I'll check here later.

btw, does it matter if it's male oder female MC? because romance usually means there is somehow both... (but some of the examples above tend to be more on either side)

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1:04 pm, Sep 23 2014
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Warau Kanoko-sama and its sequel. She is by no means distracted by the bishonen.

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10:23 pm, Sep 23 2014
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Maybe Monkey High!, My Hero! and Ore Monogatari!!?

(Also mind if I ask what series your avatar is from? It looks really familiar to me but I can't seem to place it lol bigrazz )

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11:37 pm, Sep 23 2014
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Ouran High School Host Club - Haruhi is one of my favourite shoujo heroines.

Her Majesty's Dog

My Heavenly Hockey Club - Kind of similar to Ouran in premise. I didn't care for this one that much, but the heroine definitely meets your specifications.

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12:44 am, Sep 24 2014
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Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume

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2:01 am, Sep 25 2014
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Kurenai Ouji is pretty good. Unlike your typical school life shoujo manga, this has pretty deep and interesting storyline.

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5:35 pm, Nov 19 2014
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Seconding Ore Monogatari!!

Maybe Can't See Can't Hear But Love

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5:57 pm, Nov 19 2014
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Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Anatolia Story, Skip Beat!, Devil and Her Love Song, Spicy Pink. Superior, Vampire Game,

Manhwa & Manhua
100% Perfect Girl
1/2 Prince
Absolute Witch
Cynical Orange
There's Something about Sunyool

The exact opposite of what you asked for, but is still good....

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5:35 pm, Nov 20 2014
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try Cheese in the Trap biggrin

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