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2:46 pm, Dec 10 2014
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Well for me its really hard to decide on one so i just picked a few
Sun-ken Rock : The art is incredible and even though there might be a bit too much unneeded ecchi bits. all the action and epicness overshadows that by far
zetman : Great Seinen that shows the strive of one young man who wants to be a hero and another man who is sort of forced to become one
Nanatsu no taizai : by far my favorite shonen title. i love how everything just intertwines together.

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3:12 pm, Dec 10 2014
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Quote from jedinat
Lol, excuse me for responding in kind in a tongue in cheek manner. He/she anti-suggested my suggestion and it irked me. It's one of the best shoujo manga of all time. I don't put ratings on my list so making it public wouldn't do much.

My response was facetious, as well. I just thought it funny you would get your feelings hurt when she said that "personally" she was disappointed and would not recommend it. She never said not to read it.

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3:25 pm, Dec 10 2014
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Well to be fair. That "my taste is better than you" statement was pretty douchey.

Btw, this my 2nd ranker of must read. If you still have time to read after Monster.
Vinland Saga
Tower of God
Angel Densetsu
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Slam Dunk

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5:00 pm, Dec 10 2014
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My favorite manga, eh?
Let's start with the completed ones.

This could be long. Crap, I finished writing it and it really is long. Sorry.

Banana Fish is an extremely well-executed tragedy, at least in my opinion. What I like about this manga is the way it shows the relationships between characters. I actually cared about them, and the bad ones, I actually wanted them to suffer. Don't let the old fashioned art discourage you, it gets better plus you get used to it. At the end, you're too busy enjoying the wonderful storytelling to realize the art is not top-notch.

Basara. I read this one a few years ago and still haven't forgotten most of it. This is a big deal for me since I tend to forget everything. Tamura Yumi has a way to handle character development that I've never seen before... It feels way too real. And it's not only that, since Basara has a powerful story to back it up. I'm usually discouraged by stories that involve politics and such, but this one had such a good background, both characters and story wise, that it made it absolutely incredible. I totally recommend it.

Alright, this one I don't think is a masterpiece, but I'm gonna say it anyways. Donten ni Warau wakes up a soft spot on me that I can't disregard. It's something about the characters: they're good, and they feel real. They make mistakes, but they learn of them. They cry and laugh. I don't know, this isn't on the same level as the others I've mentioned but I still wanted to bring it up.

Of course, Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm too lazy to check your lists but if you haven't read it, do it now. I think it's a manga anyone should read, it's extremely well done, with memorable characters and a strong -very strong- story.

It's been mentioned before and it will be mentioned again. Monster is a masterpiece. A work of literary art, if you want. While I read it (and re-read it) I can't help but think of the great masters of literature, and I feel a little sad that mangas are under the stigma of being silly, or for kids. I think that as everyone should a read, I don't know, a work of Dostoievsky at least once in their life, everyone should go and read Monster. It's just... Incredible. It pulls you in in a way I cannot describe.

Mushishi is not for everyone, but there's no way to know if it's for you or not if you don't give it a try. It has this eerie aura, it's magical and sort of creepy, it's slow paced and beautiful in a strange way. Each story has a point, but the point is not always visible. It's there and you know it, but you can't quite grasp it all the time. I've never come across another manga like this one.

As far as josei goes, I don't think I've read anything better than Sakamichi no Apollon (with the exception of 7 Seeds, which I will mention on the ongoing mangas). I think this is the manga that made me have a change of heart about the slice of life genre. This story about friendship, growth, love (and music!) is truly beautiful and it's even better if you listen to the anime's soundtrack!

Okay, I have to say it even if other already did. Slam Dunk is extremely good. I don't like sport mangas. Really, I don't. I only read this one because it was one of Takehiko Inoue's first manga and I wanted to check it out. I enjoyed every page of it. It's not a deep manga, if you think about it. It's not like it goes on and on about growth and being mature and having friends and stuff like that. It's just a bunch of guys that love basketball. Sakuragi is one of them and yeah, he goes through considerable growth through the manga, but it's never explicitly shown. You just see it. And yeah, matches can go on for chapters and you don't mind! They're incredibly fun to read. I didn't expect that, seriously. It's a great manga.

This one is a webtoon: Trace and it's sequel, Trace 1.5. I don't think I've seen another author that's so talented as NastyCat in what refers to being earnestly poetic. It's not only that the story is deep and interesting. The characters are deep and interesting as well. I like them all. The whole story has this artistic feeling to it, even though the art is sort of unconventional.

And with this I jump to the ongoing manga that I think everyone should read! Since Trace has an ongoing sequel, Trace 2.0. Everything said about he prequels applies to this one. I think everyone should give a try to NastyCat's other works: Living with one leg and Can't see Can't Hear But Love, but both of them are sadly abandoned and get extremely rare releases.

I'm surprised by the people that are still reading this. If there are any, of course.

Since I just mentioned a webtoon, I'll just go with another one: Kubera. I always had my doubts about this one because the protagonist was a silly girl with a silly hairdo (yeah, I'm superficial). But a friend urged me to give it a shot and wow... Just wow. This is probably the most complex story I've ever read in my life, and though I always fail to keep up with everything, somehow the author is talented enough to make sure even I don't get lost. I think everyone that loves fantasy plus complex stories, and with excellent characters on the top, should give this a try. For starters, Leez (the silly girl with the silly hairdo) is now one of my favorite characters. Man, I love her.

Now. Real. Another one of Takehiko Inoue's masterpieces. I stayed away from this one for a while because it starts with the main character leaving a pile of crap in his high school's front door. Literally. So I didn't think a manga that starts like that could be any serious. But wow, was I wrong. The story of each main character (there are three of them) has left me with such deep impressions. There are scenes that I know I will never forget. Inoue is a genious, seriously.

I already mentioned this one. I now do it formally. 7 Seeds is another one of Tamura Yumi's mangas and it's also one of this stories that will stay with me forever. The way it portrays the world of each character, the way it tells you their stories... It's emotional, sometimes heartbreaking, but it's done right. Extremely right. This manga is just awesome.

And yay, I got to one of my dearest mangas in the world. Pandora Hearts. Why do I love it so much? Because I watched the anime as a kid and I hated it (don't watch the anime, you'll hate it too) and then as years went by I casually looked at the manga and wow was I impressed. This manga somehow reminds me of Kubera in the way it handles the enormous complexity of both it's world and story. It's brilliant. And of course, the characters are unforgettable. I also think this manga could get mixed up with another similar stories (the Alice in Wonderland theme is way too overused) that are not so good, so it could be overlooked. But don't. This is a real masterpiece.

Oh my GOD this is long. Sorry. I'm almost done.

This is the third (and last) work I'm mentioning by Takehiko Inoue. I'm talking, of course, about Vagabond. The only reason it's so down on the list is because they come up in alphabetical order. This manga is definitely one of my all time favorites. I don't think I've ever seen a character's growth in the same way that Musashi grows. It's slow. Very slow. He goes in the wrong way and he doesn't even know it. But then he realizes it, and starts going on a path that's slightly better, but still not perfect. And that's how, little by little, he starts to become the samurai of the stories and legends. I can't wait for Inoue-sensei to give us more chapters.

And now it's Vinland Saga's time. I like this one for similar reasons to Vagabond. Thorfinn starts being one boring character: he just wants vengeance. Revenge, revenge, revenge. That's all you can see in his mind. But the author was smart enough to show you his depth right from the beginning, and you know Thorfinn is not gonna stay boring forever. And he doesn't. Little by little he starts becoming this incredible man, and I can't get enough of it. I love stories that feature sincerely good people, and with it latest chapters, this is one of them.

I'll quickly recommend Chichikogusa. This is really heartwarming and realistic at the same time. It makes my heart melt without being corny at all. I love this one. I also have a weakness for characters that are fathers, for some irrational reason.

Barakamon has been sadly abandoned, though I have hopes it will be taken by some kind-hearted group. In the meantime, the anime is quite good. What I like about this manga is that it feels very real. Most slice of life mangas go for this "real" feeling, but none of them achieve this quite as well as Barakamon, or at least that's how I feel.

Alright, almost done. I just wanna mention Kono Oto Tomare! for portraying growth and friendship through music the way it does. It's a very special manga and I'd like for it to get more love.

I'm so embarrassed about this post being so long. Please excuse me, I just couldn't stop myself.

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Post #657821 - Reply to (#657805) by jedinat
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6:30 pm, Dec 10 2014
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I apologize for putting it in such a way, I suppose my choice of words could have been better. It was not my intention to insult you at all. All I meant to say was that, among all of the shoujo I've read, I do not personally believe it's a "best read". However, this topic is for personal recommendations, and I realize now how what I said could be viewed as negative towards you and I should not have mentioned it. I'm sorry.

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8:01 pm, Dec 10 2014
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I second Cheese in the Trap
Also, I would recommend Song of the Long March


9:44 pm, Dec 10 2014
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This is perfect timing, I was having problems finding some new manga. A lot of my favorites have already been mentioned, so I will try to focus on others.

Shounen: Ares - The style is very modern, despite the setting. The way the action is portrayed is mesmerizing and the story powerful and deep without losing that Shounen feel.

Seinen: Threads of Time - This is one of those mangas that will keep you guessing on how it will all come together. I loved how the story was weaved together.

Shoujo: Saver - This one gets a lot of mixed reviews and I think a lot of that is because people go into it expecting a romance focused story. I think its one of those in-between mangas that feels like a Shounen/Shoujo hybrid. Basara also is like that.

Josei: Dokuhime - Its already been mentioned but I had to bring it up again. It just stays with you. It's beautiful and dark.

Here are some newer manga that I'm currently taken up with but are too early to call "favorites." Most of these have very unique and creative premises that could be very well done

Shounen: Kuangshen - In a world with constant war between humans, beasts, and demons a child is born with the mixed blood of all three.

Seinen: Blind Faith Descent - After being hunted a child sells himself into slavery in order to survive and gain the power he needs to seek revenge. Now he trains under a necromancer to become a master of poison.

Shoujo: Six Half - A girl is in a motorcycle accident and loses her memory. She overhears others talking and discovers that her former self was a terrible person. Now she needs to find out who she is.

Josei: Sumika Sumire - An old women has spent her entire life living and taking care of others. She never has lived for herself. With the death of her mother and at the age of 60 she is granted a second chance at being a 17 year old girl again.

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11:25 pm, Dec 10 2014
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Best Reads, Favorites, and Has to Be Read are all different things, in my opinion. Here's some Has to Be Reads not yet listed:
Heart of Thomas - masterpiece, early work of shounen-ai
Banana Bread no Pudding

7 Seeds
Fullmetal Alchemist
Sakamichi no Apollon

Favorites and Best Reads:
Fruits Basket
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Ouran High School Host Club
something by YUKI Kaori
Kimi wa Pet

tidbitsicle, love your avatar. Still trying to fill the void left after episode 148. cry

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11:39 pm, Dec 10 2014
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I think one of my all time favorites is Natsume Yuujinchou. To me that is a must-read.
There are a whoel lot of others, but ultimately I think Natsume takes the cake.

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2:02 am, Dec 11 2014
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Although some of it has already been mentioned, this is currently my favorites manga,


Ame Nochi Hare (Bikke) is a genderbender, slice of life manga with a great world building and a unique plot for a genderbender manga's.

Bokura no Hentai is also genderbender manga, but it takes a more darker approach and has a lot of LGBT's stuff going on there.

Hoshi o Tsugu Mono is a hard science fiction manga about a deep space exploration to understanding the origin of life on earth.

Kasane (MATSUURA Daruma) is a manga about an ugly girl with a growing desire to become actress like her beautiful mother.

Six Half is a manga about an amnesia girl and her struggle to find out who actually she is before she lost her memory.


2001 Ya Monogatari and its sequel 2001 + 5 are hard science fiction manga about mankind's exploration of space. I believe that both of them are loosely based from 2001: A Space Odissey film by Stanley Kubrick.

Aria and its prequel Aqua are what I called a masterpiece. A gentle, slice of life, science fiction and fantasy manga all at once. Leaves a smile on your face after every chapter. biggrin

Nijigahara Holograph is a manga about a decade-spanning journey into darkness (I'd taken it from the synopsis laugh ). Full of misery but at the same time it was a really beautiful manga with a beautiful ending.

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