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What type of heroine do you go for?

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11:35 pm, Mar 15 2016
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Hello! I'm curious to know what type of MC girls/women do you look for in shoujo/josei? I quite like women who are strong and independent. Cliché characters (cute, shy, crybaby, etc.) are alright but it gets a little boring. Though, I don't mind if they're cliché from the beginning then evolves to someone better! *swoon* So far, I like Mei Sengoku from Mizutama Honey Boy. She's such a badass

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2:47 am, Mar 16 2016
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It's hard to go wrong with funny girls... especially ones who are really thirsty, but in a humorous way. I really liked Yasuko from Yasuko to Kenji and Yankumi from Gokusen. Though I'm sure I'd be more annoyed by their characters now, I liked Usagi from Tsuki no Shippo and Machika from Immortal Rain too.

I'm also a fan of strong female characters, but I draw the line at Mary Sues. I love nearly all of the female POVs from 7 Seeds, and they all display strength in different ways (physical, mental fortitude, emotional maturity, perseverance).

I also like tomboys and butches, but as of yet I've only encountered them as side characters. sad

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11:05 am, Mar 16 2016
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Call me tasteless, in both connotations, but I've read so many stories from various backgrounds and liked something, despised something about them that I now go along any character who has certain depth to explore. Following what they have to say is my thing. And I haven't found any heroine to look up to- or wait...
Okay, here it goes. You know those heroines in "serious" stories, really, where you can stick your finger in the atmosphere of the story and call it cold and solid? The girls in such where they prove they can make decisions and take responsibilities, be strong when they want to and be weak when they need to. THAT'S what I respect and like precisely because I aspire to such and expect that from us all. I especially liked Nakamura Yoshiki's characters Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Kyoko from Skip Beat!, in shoujo domain.
Regarding josei, Hapi Mari's Chiwa and Kimi wa Pet's Sumire, who're, by the way, quite different characters, have also caught my attention. Both for being "weak adults" yet striving for resolutions and solutions for whatever kind of issue was thrown on their story's path. Be it running away, sobbing, facing it head on or talking it out.

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5:58 am, Mar 17 2016
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I love strong female characters and, amongst them, I really love the ones that are strong but still emotional and caring. My favourite shoujo main character would be Yuri from Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori and I also really like Usagi from Sailor Moon. Character development is REALLY appreciated no matter what.


10:40 pm, Sep 7 2016
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Lately, I have really been appreciating the kind and gentle female protagonists. The type that people usually confuse or judge as "spineless" or "naive". I find these characters fascinating because they show values like patience and manage to solve conflicts without being rude or annoying. An ability that is not valued enough, if you ask me.

A few examples would be Tohru Honda from Fruits basket, Reana from Abide in the wind and Nao Kanazaki from liar game.

I think the reason why I like these types of characters is because they are RARE when it comes to lead roles. You usually only see these type of characters as supporting roles, which is a shame.

It seems like every manga or manhwa is almost obligated to have one of the two following cliches as a Heroine: The strong-willed, assertive, loud mouthed fighter chick (Taiga Aisaka from Toradora! or Akane from Ranma 1/2 would be a good example), or the also loud but clumsy, silly, happy-go-lucky girl (Usagi from sailor moon or Yui from K-on!). Although they aren't bad characters per say, they are painfully overused.

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1:50 am, Sep 8 2016
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Honestly, if i like a particular "type" of character it's like falling into the same trope even if it is the "strong female" thing. I tend to like heroines on the basis of how they react to situations and display depth of character while doing so. One of the reasons why i like Ikuemi Ryou's works is cause she makes her female characters different but real. Currently in love with Shima from Principal and incidentally i liked her character more than the male characters' and that is saying something cause unfortunately even in shoujo, the heroines despite being the main focus become passive characters and male characters are often so much more likeable.

For instance, in Strobe edge, Ninako's character hardly developed and it was basically about her feelings towards her love interest but both Ren and Andou change as human beings.
While Sakisaka sensei's strobe edge and ao haru ride had uninteresting female leads imho, I absolutely adored her leads in Bye-bye, Little. and Watashi no Koibito
Moving on, others who I admired:
Shiori from Six Half- she was so strong willed and yet such an emotional person. I really liked being inside her head
Also, Ririko from Kechonpa (despite going through a lot of trauma she is her own person) and Youko from Seigi no Mikata (She is so cute!)
And though i read it a while back, Mine from ES also caught my attention! She is almost emotionally dead and cares only about her research but I liked how she slowly opened herself to a guy.
And yes, Natsume from Oboreru Knife was really fun to read cause her thoughts make the love interest seem so ethereal and in such a convincing way.

Mei from Mizutama Honey Boy is really likeable too but I have to admit, Shirou takes the cake in the series. I read this manga after finishing Seishun Otome Banchou! and falling in love with MC and her love interest, Touma. Particularly cause Touma was so unfazed by her brute strength and strong personality despite being weaker than her.

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11:37 am, Sep 8 2016
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Currently I'm attracted to strong heroines, not the ones who are loud, and very stubborn till the end (I usually steer away from moe tsundere), but the ones who think rationally, not that perfect, but keep developing.

- Bonus point if they're clever and confident, like Chang An from Chang Ge Xing.

- A popular one would be Yona from Akatsuki no Yona. Her early actions were understandable, she went trough fears, but slowly gained strength and resolution.

- Chise from Mahou Tsukai no Yome is interesting. She's cool headed yet strong, which is rare to find in manga.

For webtoons, I like Cheese in the Trap's Sul and My Secret Brother's HanMi.

- Sul seems boring, weak, and too paranoid at first, but as the story goes, you discover she's more than that. She's caring, she has insecurities, she's relatable. She tries her best and she's brave enough to put ends to the shits happening around her and get what she deserves.

- As for HanMi, she's and badass who doesn't give a shit (have to admit I love this trope). I especially like her for what she did when her crush was unreasonably rude and blamed her. She thinks straight and gives perfect response without being too much or less.
She didn't go "omg what should I do?? *cries*" or "fuck you not going to trust guys anymore!!"

- I also love characters who are honest, admit their faults, and just real. The author, which is the character of Kakukaku Shikajika, Akiko, is a perfect example. I teared up because of how it hit home too close.

Characters like these motivated me to improve myself smile wink grin

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2:48 pm, Sep 20 2016
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Heroines that realise their own mistakes and aren't afraid to take the chances while they have the opportunity to, it doesn't matter how the female can be as long as she isn't utterly useless, because let's be honest, how many people are like that realistically and how many guys can be attracted to a girl who is so dependent on them?

I like heroines who don't intentionally lead guys on and aren't stupid in love (Heroine Shikkaku and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji heroines are prime examples who throw themselves at their male love interest imo)

It's also refreshing to see the heroine doing a great deal of growing up after they get their heart broken or actually let go of their unhealthy first love (Suzume in Hirunaka no Ryuusei), rather than chasing a delusional dream which results in them missing out on a better relationship opportunity with another better and more appreciative male interest.

That being said it's hard to find shoujo characters like this because we can't get enough of the cliche characters it seems, otherwise these mangaka wouldn't make so many with these kinds of awful character developments! (Honestly, Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu was the be all end all for me embarrassed )

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4:54 pm, Sep 20 2016
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I tend to be extremely harsh with female characters, but sometimes I even surprise myself at some I the heroines I like.

My ultimate favorite shojo heroine has to be Kiri from Beauty Pop. I don't care if the story is not that deep or whatnot, I have not encountered a character like Kiri in any other manga. Haruhi from Ouran Koukou Host Bu and Hana from Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu are similar, but even Haruhi changed once she realized her feelings for Tamaki, I haven't finished reading My Heavenly Hockey Club to say how much Hana changed.

I did like the fact that Haruhi had really detailed goals and that even falling in love didn't deter her from them, though.

I like protagonists like that.

Then I like Tohru, who is everything that I usually don't like in shojo heroines. She's not very bright, she's nice to a fault, and doesn't really have too many ambitions.

Somehow though I think the reason I like Tohru even though she's a walking shojo cliche is because she's not hell bent on her love life or lack thereof.

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5:58 am, Sep 28 2016
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Well, rather than main character who acts like she has all the problems in the world, I love support character type the most. She is the one who helps and inspires everyone to develop and solve their problems. The examples are the female lead from
Fruits Basket,
Platinum Garden,
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii,
Dengeki Daisy, and
Beauty pop.

Second, I also love good for nothing desperate female lead. She perfectly knows that she is actually no good, but desperately doing her best in her own way without cheap drama. Examples are
Hibi Chouchou,
Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai,
Kekkon x Renai,
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo,
Nanairo Kakumei (it is my best shoujo ongoing)
Aoba-kun ni Kikitai koto and
Tsumugi to Hakoniwa Monster

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5:14 am, Mar 24 2019
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