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Just finished I"s...

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3:21 pm, Dec 6 2008
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I just finished I"s, which was very good, and was gonna go back to look for recommendations, but it only said N/A. So I'm hoping someone could make a suggestion. Obviously not looking for something exactly similar, but a good romance title would be nice. smile

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Black Angel

3:39 pm, Dec 6 2008
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Well if it´s Romance than try this
Kanon - Honto no Omoi wa Egao no Mukougawa ni
Kanon (MORISHIMA Petit) I don´t know which but there is an special orde by Kanon
Mahoraba For romance a Must to read i love it
Ai Kora
Kimi no Iru Machi
Umi no Misaki
if you want an other Romance try School Days but this manga is pretty sick or insane well i don´t really know how to say in english sorry....

Well they are not the same but pretty alike to I"s I think

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3:57 pm, Dec 6 2008
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Arigatou gozaimasu
I've already read alot of these titles but there are also many I've not seen.
I watched the School Days anime. It made me cringe... Good, but I couldn't eat for a while after that. eek

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The Coolest

4:12 pm, Dec 6 2008
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i recommend Video Girl Ai, i think its by the same mangaka as I"s...its b4 I"s i think

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chasing oblivion

4:34 pm, Dec 6 2008
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try some REC, Toshiue no Hito

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