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April Fools' Day Warning
In a few days is the infamous April Fools' Day (April 1st). At MU, we WILL NOT tolerate any fake/joke releases being reported/announced to us (on any day, not just April Fools). If we, by accident, allow a fake release to get through, please report the mistake to us (either via a Change Request form, through the forum, post a comment in this news post, send me a private message, or you can email me at if you are not a registered member here).

Thank you for considering our request to remain as accurate as possible for our members.
Posted by lambchopsil on 
March 30th 6:28pm
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» Katsono on March 31st, 2024, 10:57am

You don't know how nostalgic it makes me feel to see this thread yet another year. I feel old...


» VawX on March 31st, 2024, 8:16pm

Thanks for the reminder I guess mmm...


» LazyReviewer on April 10th, 2024, 9:54pm

I feel like I saw this a few months ago... it's really been a year, hasn't it? Time flies way too fast.