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New Poll - Isekai Character
This week's poll was suggested by lollylopmr. If you were in a isekai series, what kind of character would you be?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What is the best way to translate a dialect or accent of the original language that is not the norm (e.g., Kansai-ben)?
Different country's English accent (e.g., Irish or Australian) - votes: 187 (9.5%)
Different American regional accent (e.g., Southern) - votes: 240 (12.2%)
Have the character use different slang (e.g., 'pops' instead of 'dad'😉 - votes: 373 (19%)
Minor speech pattern differences (e.g., dropping the 'g' in '-ing' words) - votes: 524 (26.6%)
No difference in translation but have a translation note - votes: 366 (18.6%)
I don't care - votes: 278 (14.1%)
There were 1968 total votes.
The poll ended: April 20th, 2024 11:30am PDT

Hey, I'm walkin' here
Posted by lambchopsil on 
April 20th 11:49am
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» YuriM on April 20th, 2024, 12:40pm

Statistically, MC will stay virgin. Better avoid main cast at all.


» Ruruskadoo on April 20th, 2024, 2:17pm

I like stories with angst, tension, and drama; I don't read a lot of just straight slice of life, so if I had to be isekai'd, I'd want nothing to do with the main cast; I don't want to be swept up in all of that.

Honestly though, unless it's a world with a modern or utopian sci-fi setting, I'd much rather not isekai at all. I don't think I could live without air conditioning, internet, washing machines, microwaves, and the countless other conveniences I take for granted in my daily life. Plus, most of the rofan stories I read have pretty restrictive gender norms, and I'm extremely not interested in being sold off to the highest bidder to become a baby factory, even without the added problem of the lack of modern medicine meaning I have fantastic odds of dying in childbirth.

If I ended up in one of those places, I think I'd go run in front of carriage-kun to try rerolling in hopes of ending up in a better world this time around. Even if I have no guarantees of being isekai'd again, I'd rather stay dead than be trapped in that nightmare.


» LazyReviewer on April 20th, 2024, 7:09pm

Well, I'm not sure what kind of character I'd want to be, but I think I might end up as a minor protagonist in a world where a larger story takes place elsewhere... so background character it is.


» dreamaway on April 21st, 2024, 9:18pm

Dead and cremated.

No, really. Screw that isekai. See you at a more futuristic if not modern world.


» Erratic-Hopper on April 21st, 2024, 10:01pm

Side character I think. I can enjoy a fantasy world, see a little bit of the drama and mostly stay out of it myself. Sounds good! As long as I'm not a side character who's just there to get killed/thrown in jail.


» CheshireCaine on April 21st, 2024, 10:22pm

I’ve read too many ‘MC thinks they can succeed at being an uninvolved/side character’ isekais to believe this would be that easy. But being a protag/side character of relevance might be asking to be dumped with annoying tyrants, so at least I’d get a better shot in a nice village.

So: background . . . but antagonist could be fun xDD


» flesh_labyrinths on April 22nd, 2024, 3:36am

Background, for sure. Why waste time on the IMPORTANT PLOT with all the demon lords, god-skills, etc nonsense when you can just chill out somewhere in a faraway village, relax, and live a peaceful live?


» wansmor on April 25th, 2024, 11:35pm

I often like imagining myself in some story setting doing my own things so yeah, it's background character. I don't really want to be entangled in those bigshoot struggles and would rather enjoy the world in my own way as much as possible. And one of the most annoying Isekai troupe for me is harem, and I don't want one. If possible I just want to have a partner and either roaming around the land or settle down somewhere.


» Karis on April 30th, 2024, 2:35pm

A zombie. A zombie virus has infected the previous world, and the people in an isekai tries to summon a hero from that world to defeat the demon army. But the hero is already a zombie and infects the people there and causes the zombie apocalypse in that world. And since the infection is not a curse or a spell caused by necromancy, their magic cannot be used to cure it, nor can be controlled. And since it's a heavily magic-focused world, they won't have much understanding of how this virus works until its too late.