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Topic Forum
(0 posts, 9 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 22m ago
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka (Novel)
Beelzebub: Bangai-hen Spinoff Ends in March
(0 posts, 14 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 46m ago
Beelzebub Bangai Hen
Which circle of Hell is yours? - The Test
(17 posts, 560 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 50m ago
Chatter Box
Any BL or Yaoi Harem mangas?
(5 posts, 1057 views) Posted: 0d 1h, 16m ago
Your List Stats
(243 posts, 18543 views) Posted: 0d 1h, 37m ago
Manga General
Need help finding this Yaoi/shonen ai manga
(1 posts, 50 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 31m ago
I forgot the title of the manga
(2 posts, 120 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Lychee Scans is recruiting!
(29 posts, 1626 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 48m ago
Working!! Vol.13
(4 posts, 52 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 57m ago
Chatter Box
Trying to remember a yaoi (its driving me nuts!)
(4 posts, 159 views) Posted: 0d 5h, 44m ago
Translator required for Koori no Mamono no Monogatari
(4 posts, 202 views) Posted: 0d 5h, 57m ago
Oneshot with friends masturbating (help!)
(2 posts, 40 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 35m ago
Aisheteru Scans
(13 posts, 884 views) Posted: 0d 7h, 43m ago
Manga with a secretly beautiful lead
(4 posts, 345 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 23m ago
I'm Looking For...
Two Requests....
(3 posts, 172 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
sci-fi fans
(2 posts, 84 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 41m ago
I'm Looking For...
We Need you!!
(273 posts, 27351 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 12m ago
Manga List Bug Topic
(1441 posts, 165719 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 59m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Two males with rivalry or love/hate relationship
(5 posts, 312 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 53m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga with hottest girls and storyline
(3 posts, 400 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Two people finds their partner cheating with eachother
(3 posts, 113 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
whats this manga's name?
(1 posts, 149 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 45m ago
I'm Looking For...
what are the series chapter tracker buttons called?
(2 posts, 68 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 10m ago
Chatter Box
(0 posts, 20 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 12m ago
Shounen/Seinen Romance About the Relationship
(8 posts, 338 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 6m ago
I'm Looking For...
I'm looking for yaoi manga where uke became seme, but...
(2 posts, 189 views) Posted: 0d 23h, 50m ago
asdf scans is recruiting!
(5 posts, 292 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 25m ago
S2scans is recruiting!
(4 posts, 384 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 32m ago
kyoko's mom...
(10 posts, 1903 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 54m ago
Skip Beat
Looking for lost stories
(4 posts, 183 views) Posted: 1d 2h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
who else hates soowon? (May be spoilers)
(4 posts, 91 views) Posted: 1d 3h, 26m ago
Akatsuki no Yona
Main Characters are Adults? NOT Teens?
(4 posts, 237 views) Posted: 1d 3h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
New Poll - Drawing a Demographic
(14 posts, 263 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 54m ago
Name of manga with similar plot
(2 posts, 72 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 45m ago
I'm Looking For...
help pls!!!
(1 posts, 62 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
Offering manga raws of Ruin Explorers - Fam & Ihrie
(6 posts, 93 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 33m ago
Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1399 posts, 94603 views) Posted: 1d 8h, 7m ago
Manga General
Ushijima the Loan Shark Gets Comedy Spin-Off
(0 posts, 13 views) Posted: 1d 8h, 22m ago
Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Shojos with younger males..
(0 posts, 102 views) Posted: 1d 9h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Harem with the mc dedicated to only one girl
(6 posts, 582 views) Posted: 1d 9h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
A not so new fantasy manga
(2 posts, 147 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 52m ago
I'm Looking For...
Name of some shoujo oneshots
(9 posts, 317 views) Posted: 1d 20h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Ichigo 100% ending( i know this is old news but i recently read it)
(37 posts, 6485 views) Posted: 1d 20h, 41m ago
Ichigo 100%
Difference between shounen and seinan
(14 posts, 722 views) Posted: 1d 22h, 58m ago
Shoujo with surprise ending
(7 posts, 566 views) Posted: 2d 0h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
Dragon ball Z - The Rebith of F
(0 posts, 81 views) Posted: 2d 0h, 36m ago
Dragon Ball Z - Rebirth of F
Is it possible to write porn well?
(20 posts, 2108 views) Posted: 2d 0h, 43m ago
Adult (18+)
Yaoi about a former child star
(2 posts, 97 views) Posted: 2d 0h, 51m ago
Clock tower manga
(0 posts, 69 views) Posted: 2d 1h, 47m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga like ultimate legend: kang hae hyo?
(3 posts, 162 views) Posted: 2d 2h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
Seme who spoils his uke rotten
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 30m ago
Uke stubbornly courts seme but Seme keeps on rejecting him
(5 posts, 185 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 46m ago
This picture's source?
(2 posts, 126 views) Posted: 2d 4h, 5m ago
I'm Looking For...
Seeking an Editor or a group to edit Zombie Manga
(0 posts, 59 views) Posted: 2d 4h, 59m ago
Guilty pleasures?
(9 posts, 822 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 15m ago
English - English proofreader looking to join a group
(4 posts, 189 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 54m ago
♥Evil Flowers♥ is Recruiting!!!
(114 posts, 11653 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 10m ago
Phoenix Serenade needs New Staff!
(103 posts, 7176 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 15m ago
Please Help! One shot experience required
(2 posts, 182 views) Posted: 2d 10h, 32m ago
I'm Looking For...
SilverManga Recruiting A Korean Translator!
(0 posts, 36 views) Posted: 2d 11h, 26m ago
Mad Hatter Scans! Translators Needed!
(25 posts, 2029 views) Posted: 2d 12h, 28m ago
help, help please
(2 posts, 97 views) Posted: 2d 15h, 52m ago
Personality Disorder Test
(384 posts, 27939 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 24m ago
Chatter Box
French or Italian to English translator.
(2 posts, 82 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 42m ago
Join Us! Demonic Scans Recruiting!
(7 posts, 396 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 43m ago
Looking for this artist!
(1 posts, 70 views) Posted: 2d 19h, 53m ago
Japanese - English translator here!
(7 posts, 329 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 37m ago
Dark souls the first game
(35 posts, 789 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 49m ago
"Cat Hat" old manga
(3 posts, 108 views) Posted: 2d 22h, 29m ago
Adult (18+)
Fennec Scans is Recruiting~~
(13 posts, 714 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 50m ago
(48 posts, 25868 views) Posted: 3d 3h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Female MC, no romance
(57 posts, 3652 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Josei/Mature-ish Shoujo Recommendations
(8 posts, 10947 views) Posted: 3d 7h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
A manga I read a long time ago
(2 posts, 177 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 54m ago
I'm Looking For...
Main Character enrolls in a Magic/Military/Fighting School, but is already strong
(11 posts, 837 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Need cleaning experience.
(8 posts, 220 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 16m ago
Translator for Hakkenden?
(0 posts, 64 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 7m ago
Nōnai Poison Berry Manga Ends in March
(0 posts, 31 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 3m ago
Nounai Poison Berry
Tragedy or just super sad
(9 posts, 444 views) Posted: 3d 18h, 57m ago
I'm Looking For...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2021 posts, 483592 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 4m ago
Manga General
Looking for Romance
(11 posts, 660 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 45m ago
I'm Looking For...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1425 posts, 108407 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 51m ago
Chatter Box
Manga like murcielago
(1 posts, 123 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 53m ago
I'm Looking For...
Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!? to End in 8th Volume
(14 posts, 924 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 38m ago
Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu!?
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(212 posts, 7697 views) Posted: 4d 4h, 21m ago
Chatter Box
Categories (Tags) Bug Thread
(390 posts, 39700 views) Posted: 4d 4h, 45m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Rurouni Kenshin's Watsuki Ends Embalming Frankenstein Manga
(0 posts, 88 views) Posted: 4d 8h, 13m ago
Embalming - The Another Tale of Frankenstein
Chihayafuru (Arata/Taichi)
(16 posts, 6128 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 28m ago
Beautiful World
(2 posts, 185 views) Posted: 4d 12h, 42m ago
I'm Looking For...
I develop a android manga reader,free
(0 posts, 104 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 32m ago
Manga General
gai could beat all the naruto caracters in one on one
(5 posts, 247 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 31m ago
Last game makes me think of
(2 posts, 1372 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 47m ago
Last Game
Supernatural shouen ai
(1 posts, 62 views) Posted: 4d 22h, 32m ago
(1 posts, 139 views) Posted: 5d 2h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Esthetique Recruitment
(61 posts, 6346 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 15m ago
New Poll - Living a Demographic
(25 posts, 538 views) Posted: 5d 5h, 30m ago
Looking with manga with girls which males cannot resist
(5 posts, 431 views) Posted: 5d 6h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangas similar to Tokyo Ghoul?
(1 posts, 158 views) Posted: 5d 9h, 29m ago
I'm Looking For...
Golden Shade Scans recuiting!
(16 posts, 850 views) Posted: 5d 10h, 39m ago
Can't remember this title
(0 posts, 133 views) Posted: 5d 15h, 37m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for the name of this manga
(2 posts, 76 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 16m ago
Adult (18+)
(3 posts, 242 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 44m ago
Manga General
Requesting C/E or J/E translator for Goraihou Gakuen e Yokoso
(16 posts, 728 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 3m ago
Mangaland recruiting translator/editor
(4 posts, 218 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 24m ago

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