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Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(3217 posts, 1032739 views) Posted: over 3 years ago by evinrud3005 in Manga General
Maybe a the job-related poll?
"How close are you to your dream job?" (example of answers: "light-years, I'm living the dream, somewhat close, quite far, who needs a dream, no job so still dreaming"...)

Or a poll related to the evaluation of yourself:
"Where would you pin you...
Couple with the most chemistry you've read so far?
(23 posts, 5758 views) Posted: over 10 years ago by evinrud3005 in Yaoi/Yuri
Quote from akiranox
I have to say Junjou Romantica.
The couples in there are precious! gah~ just love them. biggrin

Junjou was my first yaoi, and therefore I am super partial to it!!! So I'll agree with you!

PS: yeah, i know it's a super late entry to this conversation! bigrazz
(5 posts, 2138 views) Posted: over 11 years ago by evinrud3005 in Skip Beat!
Hehe! Love it too... I'm glad now 196 is out, and the music got switched back to a less tensed one! But man! How good it was that little bit going one between the 2 of them... I want Sho to see that too, and be as shocked as me smile wink grin But it has to wait. He cannot break in int...
(2 posts, 2772 views) Posted: over 11 years ago by evinrud3005 in Kyuuketsu Yuugi
Humm, I guess you may not need this reply anymore since it's such a long time you both posted your questions, but yes, there are romantic subplots in this manga, and not just a few... But even though romance is of high ranking in the priorities of this manga, there is mor...

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