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New Poll - Older Relationships
(19 posts, 447 views) Posted: 4 months ago by Mizutina in News
As long as it's between two consenting adults, I think it's fine but I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I said no but again, as long as both people are above the legal age, I don't see anything wrong as long as it works and is happy.
New Poll - Weird Meat
(24 posts, 409 views) Posted: 6 months ago by Mizutina in News
I'd try exotic meats even if it's not prepared in a familiar fashion, just so I can say I've tried it. Then again, I've been trying new things thanks to a friend and grasshoppers are really just crunchy...
New Poll - Hard vs. Soft Magic Systems
(17 posts, 662 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by Mizutina in News
Since there is no both option, I went with what?

I enjoy hard cause it's informal but sometimes I just want something that is more action than technical like soft. Then again, I'm all about the story and didn't notice there was a difference till no...
your frist manga that made you enter the manga world
(66 posts, 2182 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by Mizutina in Manga General
It's been years since I first started but I remember reading Cardcaptor Sakura first due to a friend but my first bought one is either Fruit's Basket, Chobits or Battle Royale lol...

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