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(3207 posts, 1022099 views) Posted: over 5 years ago by shilyte in Manga General
Don't know is this has been done so use it if you can. Re-word it to if you want

Which is favorite type of manga/anime heroine?

Strong and smart from beginning to end
Weak/submissive from beginning to end
Strong but an idiot/airhead from beginning to end
Weak but becomes stron...
dose she gets raped an what ch. some i dont read that 1 ..
(5 posts, 3851 views) Posted: over 11 years ago by shilyte in Renai Shijou Shugi
you don't want to read this story because it's like every other chapter someone's trying to rape her and she always needs to be saved. for someone who supposedly took karate she totally helpless. the smuts good the story is not.

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