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New Poll - Future Villain
(12 posts, 512 views) Posted: 12 days ago by Ruruskadoo in News
Unless we're given some kind of proof/explanation along with this information of what kind of future knowledge this is, like if it's a closed time loop like residentgrigo said, we don't know whether or not changing the future will do anything, so we might as well try. Not...
New Poll - Transmigrated Into Book World
(13 posts, 590 views) Posted: 27 days ago by Ruruskadoo in News
Depending on what book it is and how recently I've read it I'll probably remember at least a vague outline of some of the larger events, but there are extremely good odds I won't remember anyone's names.

Physical descriptions are also iffy, they would have to stand out in...
New Poll - First Comic
(18 posts, 821 views) Posted: about 1 month ago by Ruruskadoo in News
Like blackluna, I was kind of confused about whether "comics" would include comic strips, because when I was a kid it was still during the time when people would usually get print newspapers, and my sister and I always fought over the comics, so that would definitely be f...
New Poll - Worst Lover Traits
(14 posts, 866 views) Posted: 2 months ago by Ruruskadoo in News
I feel like yandere irl translates to violent+, because irl people don't act like manga characters, so that level of obsession is sure to transition eventually into abuse and controlling every aspect of your life.

Like if someone destroys things and hits you when they're ...
New Poll - Half Glass
(20 posts, 1085 views) Posted: 3 months ago by Ruruskadoo in News
Yeah, I came here to say the same thing as lollylopmr, there's no reason for the question to be about opinions at all, it depends on whether the glass was emptied to that level or filled to it.

It's similar to "which came first, the chicken or the egg?", there's only room ...
New Poll - Number of Series
(13 posts, 1167 views) Posted: 6 months ago by Ruruskadoo in News
This new poll feels like an intervention, like I went and checked and was genuinely shook at how many I'm juggling, no wonder I'm always behind on a bunch of them.

If we're talking about ones I follow, it's conservatively in the 500-1000 range (possibly a bit over in tota...
Site Update - Please help report bugs
(366 posts, 16162 views) Posted: about 1 year ago by Ruruskadoo in Suggestions & Bugs
This isn't exactly site breaking or much of a big deal, but with the new poll and the one before last (I did see results on the last poll) when I submitted my vote, it took a long time to load and eventually when it loaded it showed the poll as if I hadn't cast my vote ye...
Name of a body swap manga
(2 posts, 1330 views) Posted: over 7 years ago by Ruruskadoo in I'm Looking For...
Yes, that was it! Thank you!
Name of a body swap manga
(2 posts, 1330 views) Posted: over 7 years ago by Ruruskadoo in I'm Looking For...
I can't remember the name of a particular manga (although it might actually be Korean or Chinese; I don't remember).

The MC is in love with a rich girl who has the same name as him, some weird guy grabs him and says to come with him because he's the hero and is needed in t...

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