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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With the Lamp   
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Associated Names
Doctor Elise: Reina del bisturí
Dr Elise, die Dame mit der Lampe
Gekai Elise
Kraliyet Leydisi Bir Hekim
L'Impérieux Destin du Dr. Elise
Nǚwáng de Shǒushùdāo
Nữ hoàng với dao phẫu thuật
Nữ Vương Đích Thủ Thuật Đao
Queen with a Scalpel
Доктор Элиза
Королева зі скальпелем
Королева со скальпелем
دكتور إليز
เอลิเซ่ แพทย์หญิงทะลุมิติ
외과의사 엘리제

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c.121-122 by BUCCI GANG over 3 years ago
c.119-120 by BUCCI GANG over 3 years ago
c.118 by BUCCI GANG over 3 years ago
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156 Chapters (Complete)
12 Volumes (Complete)

Main Story: 143 Chapters (01~143)
Side Stories: 13 Chapters (144~156)

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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 3, Chap 40

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Average: 7.7 / 10.0 (438 votes)
Bayesian Average: 7.61 / 10.0

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June 6th 2024, 6:48pm



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KakaoPage (Kakao)
Lezhin (Lezhin)

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A fluffy and warm fantasy world tale written by an illiterate.  
by Myraidofhate
March 9th, 2024, 7:37pm
Rating: N/A
Nobody questions how weird the FL is and how she knows the future just for her advantage.
Typical bad writing gone high with culture.
This shit wouldn't even pass 10th grade comic writing exam now.
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Don't like the ML  
by yuri_shibuya
March 1st, 2024, 4:06am
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
To be honest... I'm not a fan of Linden as the ML.. typical male lead where he is cold to the FL because of past persona but turn a 180° when FL became good.. like it's implying that it's all the girl fault.. my bias has always been Michael although the Villain even in the past life where Elise is at her worse, Michael has always love her.. now and then

And girl even if your guilty of your past mistakes and you think you are an evil girl before. I think It doesn't make sense for her to not be traumatized by what the prince had done to her. Sentencing her and her father to death.
Elise is the very definition of Mary sue / super woman who can do it all detached of negative emotion.

... Last updated on March 1st, 2024, 4:10am
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It's OK  
by Kichido
February 1st, 2024, 12:41pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
It was good, being that the MC is a doctor this story was mostly about her journey and accomplishments in that field, which frankly isn't all that interesting, but it wasn't boring.

Nothing really annoying in it, just her not saying what she wants to say, for no real reason.

Also the last chapter was a bit confusing and therefor annoying, i mean
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
she kept comparing this world to Earth like it was a different realm, but then her reincarnation visits her mansion 150 years later and says she is from Korea, so that would mean that this was Earth after all and that magic actually exists.
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Solid Medical Backdrop  
by energizerbunny
January 18th, 2024, 11:14am
Rating: 9.5  / 10.0
I loved how much medicine appeared to be incorporated into this story. This really brought the story to life for me.

The storyline itself was alright. Looking back, it really was just a rather typical romance fantasy. The characters' development could've used a bit more work- they seem pretty shallow tbh. I also wish there was more done with the ending as stuff built up and then concluded. Everything seemed to be wrapped up as fast and weirdly efficiently as possible, which was a bit unsatisfying. After the first few chapters, the art is gorgeous and carried me through the rest of the story, though!
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Medicine = cool, romance=boring  
by MatrixM
December 13th, 2023, 10:06pm
Rating: 5.5  / 10.0
Written at ch 110:
The medicine part of this is interesting. I'm a doctor, and it's mostly accurate and relevant, though using a cholera outbreak is a bit cliche by this point (but, hey, I guess it's historically accurate at least). honestly it's a bit unbelievable that a surgeon would retain that much general medical knowledge, but I guess if she studied everything like crazy rather than just studying surgery like crazy, it's......maaaaybe possible. (or she just has a really brilliant memory even for a doctor)

The romance parts are just...blah. Boring. It's like a worse version of the romance in Accomplishments of a duke's Daughter (where the romance scenes were really good but the main story was blah for 3 books)
Unfortunately romance becomes a focus from ch 70 or 80 onwards. Like up to ch 110 we're still romance focused and it's just such a drag I can't go on. Maybe I'll come some day.

If it were just medicine and politics/war focused this could be an 8. The romance itself is like... a 4? So idk what to rate overall..maybe I'll go a bit under 7.

Oh god, and I just remembered the magical component. Out of nowhere and for no freaking reason at all, there's some degree of magic in this world. There are knights that use like qi or something to have increased physical abilities. And the royal family that for some random reason has an undefined magic they can use to great combat effect.
It's completely unnecessary, the story would function almost the same without it, it adds nothing....And yeah, it honestly brings the rating down. So I'll go 6/10...maybe

Oh! and it's needlessly a harem series with 3 people in love with her eventually. The other two would honestly have better served as characters if their feelings remained platonic. (tbh, I'd prefer the main guy's feelings remain platonic for longer, too) Ok Imma bump it down further.
But the medicine is interesting

... Last updated on December 13th, 2023, 10:12pm
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Great binge read  
by Pompina Q
October 19th, 2023, 10:52pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
There was a lot of hype about this story when it was actively being released, so I had earmarked it for myself to go back and binge it when it was over. I’m happy that I did. It has all the things a great binge read needs: the story was good, the artwork is beautiful, and the characters were interesting.

However, there are a few things in the story that you have to look past to really enjoy it.

-The FL is seriously OP throughout the story, I mean it was almost over the top for me.
-there are plot holes and loose ends that aren’t resolved although they are not huge.
-There’s a serious amount of filler here, although it’s tolerable because it’s a light and airy story however, the series was concluded in such a rush that I think it would’ve improved the overall story had more time been dedicated to giving closure to major side characters, as well as the main CP.
-There is a happy ending actually two happy endings depending on how you interpret the last chapter however, it leaves you feeling a bit unfulfilled because there are so many chapters dedicated to developing characters other than the main CP and all of a sudden they’re all dropped off to provide a double ending for the main CP. for those wondering about the second happy ending.


I’m alluding to:
-In the last chapter so much of the storyline is rushed through. You almost feel the whiplash then the next thing we know after the main CP has their wedding ceremony. The panel goes to “ the next day” type of a transition all of a sudden unexpectedly we transition back to modern times.

It’s a reincarnation story for the FL however, the uniques aspects here are that in this case:

1-FL lives and dies as Elise in historical times (flashbacks throughout main story)
2-FL lives and dies as Dr Song in modern times with memories of previous life (shown briefly and some flashbacks throughout main story)
3- FL relives her life as Elise with memories of her previous lives (main story)
4- FL and ML reincarnate in modern times. FL doesn’t have any memories of previous lives. FL and ML meet again at historical home/museum showcasing Dr Elise’s accomplishments. The story end with them striking up a conversation about Dr. Elise’s accomplishments.

*Interesting point & the reason I binged this story now* (for context the main story of “Kill the Villainess” just ended)

So this meeting of the characters in modern times for me does not carry the same weight as the the main CPs from “The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion” or “Kill the Villainess”. I saw a few comparisons on X (Twitter), and, having binged this story, I honestly don’t see the comparison. I’m not bashing any of the stories. I liked all of them for different reasons. Even if we just compare the reunion part it’s different because in “The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion” and “Kill the Villainess” the MLs intentionally were looking for their FLs and both main CPs had memories of their previous lives. So just a heads up if you end up in this place because of all of the post on X, you will find a great light and airy binge read, but not a similar story to those.

I still think it’s a good binge read binge read, especially if you’re reading other stories that are heavy. I did appreciate the story overall.

... Last updated on October 20th, 2023, 6:40am
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It’s not torture to read  
by Squared
February 26th, 2023, 4:49pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Bland as hell, MC was interesting in the beginning with the double isekai trope, but that’s about it.

Surgeons aren’t perfect people, not even those that study a lot, our Mc is obviously a mary sue, the author obviously has an infatuation with scholars that give their whole life to a subject.

I don’t regret reading it, but I really despise how it’s never impossible for our mc to do anything, technology limitations? None, fund limitations? None, trust limitations? None.

It’s good for passing the time until you find something better
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World: weak, story: mostly good  
by Nyxsha
February 4th, 2023, 2:49am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
World-building is mess. Modern trains, x-ray but "no higienie", believe in "bad air" and surgery can be done only by FL (100% of success). And this with aura (magic-like) powers, battles with swords, sometimes with guns and after few names, author stopped modifying the names to fit to another world like "Brittia"&"Londo", at the end we have ex. Alps! This would be better if every name is changed like at least Allpos, Chinnie.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
But worst thing is that in this world france-but-not-France have capital which never exist in our world but in epilogue author add unnecessary scene where FL is reincarnated in modern era of that other world which is "the same" as her second life in our world so it make only confusion and time paradox if author trying combine this in one world by adding that scenes.

But art (without first few chapters) and story (without parts with surgery) make this worth reading.
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Mary Sue of Historical Medicine  
by Ziggyzag
January 25th, 2023, 9:35pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
I read this because I was interested with the application of Medicine as part of a storyline.
FL is a Mary Sue, no flaws at all. ...very capable that it I find it not so realistic. Then again this is fiction...t

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Emperor has another identity named Ron, which Elise liked first but somehow she seemed fine with it when she found out that it was indeed him.
Fresh idea that she was Isekai'd twice.. like she went in sa modern world and adapted, then she went back to her original world with a new personality.

Emperor, Emperor's Brother, and co-Surgeon is in love with her.

Overall, it was a good read, but I wouldn't get excited much to read it again.
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by Y_Sasuke
May 16th, 2022, 1:48pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
A one dimensional Mary Sue in a silly world.

If you don’t care about the story and want there to be no real difficulties for the protagonist, then this might work for you.

In the first place, the whole conflict in the story is between her being a doctor and an Empress, like an Empress actually has a job and can’t just be a doctor 90% of the time.

And for those 10%, she obviously should do it because she freaking knows the future.

It is also killing me she knows there will be a plague in a large military campaign, like every single military campaign ever and she warns them to “prepare” and it works… what ?

Art is pretty nice.
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