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Best manga you ever read

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6:09 pm, Jun 21 2020
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Well. I've been reading manga for yeeaaaaaars.
So, I am kind of stuck at finding hidden gems.
So, I am asking you guys.
Tell me, your best manga, not your favorite but best, taking into account: artwork, plot, character development.
I am not asking about the 9-10 rated ones. I want to know about those that you sometime wanna give em a 11 or a 100 rating. Yes, not kidding. There are masterpieces hidden somewhere. Help us find them.

Also as sidenote mention one manga you'd recommend to a first time reader
PS: not genre restricted, so, drop the bombs on me

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11:17 pm, Jun 21 2020
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I personally think Geneimuso (Phantom Dream) is a hidden gem. I’ve seen people dock it for it’s dated art style or comparing it to Fruits Basket, but in my opinion for a first foray I think its good.
Also Yumekui Kenbun.
Natsume Yuujincho might not be a hidden gem, but it’s definitely a good one.

As for a manga I’d recommend a first time reader, I’ll just leave you with the first manga I ever read.

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12:23 am, Jun 22 2020
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Sailor Moon and Inuyasha.

Scanlation Group: Mostly Vintage Shoujo
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2:54 pm, Jun 22 2020
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Oh, thanks. Noted 😀


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10:50 pm, Jun 27 2020
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Gogo Monster, Children of the Sea, Yuki and Matsu, and Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare

I read a lot of comics, many of which I enjoy greatly and might be considered lesser known, but these are the ones that really stand out for their art, composition and visual metaphors.

For first time reader, I might recommend Nabari no Ou, which is by the same author as our dreams at dusk

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