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Looking for Manga/hua/hwa Romance with Not Easy to Fall FL

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1:38 pm, Mar 13 2021
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I'm saying that The ML must be the one who will Fall inlove first or showing signs like blushing etc. Like The feelings/reaction when you have a crush on someone. (not tsundere )

And Also the fl is not easy to fall most of the female leads are really easy to fall or always the one who fall first and just because the guy are handsome, talented etc. I like those fl who already matured and not so girly and always blushing ಠ,_」ಠ

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8:09 pm, Mar 14 2021
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Hope these series fit what you are looking for ^^

Manhwa (ongoing):
When the Villainess Loves The FL is just fangirling over the MLs xD
Is It a Fortune or Is It a Woe?
Bring the Love
Beast with flowers
Remarried Empress
Please Throw Me Away
The Duchess' 50 Tea Recipes
the young lady I served became a young master
I'll Marry Him!

Ghost wife
The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
My Fair Footman
Miss Not-So Sidekick The raw is completed. It's more in the comedy genre, so the relationship is a bit rushed.

Manga (ongoing):
Ojo-sama ga Mamora Sete Kurenai

Beast Master
Kamibukuro-kun wa Koishiteru
Koe no Katachi I read this long ago, but I believe the ML falls in love first. It's, either way, a good manga I recommend to read ^^

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