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Supernatural/human - nonhuman romance

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3:44 am, Dec 9 2009
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I'm looking for a romance between a heroine, and a monster/vampire/supernatural being, or vice versa. I'd prefer it if the lead character is female, and it's shoujo, with hopefully growth in the characters.

For example;
Vampire Games
Bloody Kiss

Sorry if there's alot of topics like this.
Thanks smile

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7:14 am, Dec 9 2009
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Since Superior is not a shoujo, but a shounen I think you can also appreciate these:

Spice and Wolf
Vampire Juujikai
Chrno Crusade

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jail bait

8:39 am, Dec 9 2009
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uhmmm...since most of the above examples are might like this...<i think>
hanatsukihime -demonXhuman
Shinigami Lovers -deathgodXhuman
kanata kara- demonXhuman
absolute boyfriend- robotXhuman
Fruits Basket- cursed
with powers...
Mujuuryoku Shounen
Alice 19th

im sorry...if you already read this...just trying to help... smile wink grin

oh please do click this!
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10:02 am, Dec 9 2009
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[m]midnight secretary

Angel Beats--best anime of the 2010 spring season
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12:30 am, Dec 10 2009
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Joousama no Inu - human girl and familiar spirit
Akuma to Dolce - human girl and demon
Kamisama Hajimemashita - I assume it's moving in that direction, human girl and familiar spirit
Sailor Fuku ni Onegai! - human girl and guardian spirit
Ten no Ryuu Chi no Sakura - human girl and spirit
Honey Bunny! - human girl and alien
Gaba Kawa - demon girl and human
Heaven!! - human girl and spirit

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Still Alive

4:15 am, Dec 10 2009
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Kieli - an Undying and human girl
Akuma na Eros - a demon and human girl
Land of Silver Rain - "human" girl and Oni boy
Ayashi no Ceres - "human" girl and ....Don't know how to catergorize the guy...
Ao no Fuuin - Oni girl and Human guy with powers
Black Bird - human girl and Tengu

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6:58 am, Dec 10 2009
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I personally adore Masca, and am hopefully awaiting the day the rest will be scanlated.

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8:27 am, Dec 10 2009
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heres a few

Akuma to Dolce
Karakuri Odetto
Full Metal Panic! - Sigma

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