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Best Vampire Shoujo?

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11:31 pm, Mar 23 2011
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Just curious what you think. Vampire Knight? Vampire Game (Kyuuketsu Yuugi)? Something less famous?

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11:44 pm, Mar 23 2011
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At the moment -- Kuro Bara Alice tops my short list of vampire shoujo titles I've read. smile wink grin

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11:47 pm, Mar 23 2011
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1) Night exile - Amnesic vampire with a split personality. Interesting premise.
2) Vampire girl- Girl meets guy, girl becomes a vamp but the story gets complicated.
3) Crimson cross- The art is a selling point. Love the whole revenge/holy maidens thing.
4) 'Blue sky' in Beautiful people - It's so sad and yet romantic. I love how the vamp still stick to her until the end.
5) Kurobara Alice Interesting manga! Not cliche but I find the main girl very annoying at times.

Other mangas that I need to mention...
Sennen no yuki can potentially become a good vamp manga if it's just a one-shot. It gets really cliche after the first chapter. Shame. :/
Vampire knight could have been in my list if Hino-sensei make the angst and character development more....manageable.
Mitsu Aji Blood- Cute and memorable but not one of my favorites.

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11:54 pm, Mar 23 2011
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Oh man, Poe no Ichizoku.

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12:16 am, Mar 24 2011
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Maybe Bloody Kiss it was my first ever vampire manga

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12:41 am, Mar 24 2011
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I like Bloody Kiss too, since I found cute and the art was lovely.

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1:38 am, Mar 24 2011
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I really liked Vampire Game.
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1:46 am, Mar 24 2011
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Junketsu + Kareshi~ Because I just love strong and refreshing Female Lead, especially when they're constantly ruinning the Cliche Vampire's bishounen moments LOL xD

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1:36 am, Mar 25 2011
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Vampire Princess Miyu (OVA) and A House in Venice -- both deliciously dark and atmospheric.

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2:33 am, Mar 25 2011
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The Record of a Fallen Vampire and Kurobara Alice. Blood Alone is pretty good too.

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3:08 am, Mar 25 2011
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Vampire Knight placed on the 2nd rank bigrazz

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The Gate Keeper

5:08 am, Mar 26 2011
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Vampire Game is my favorite shoujo one. I like Vamnpire Knight, and record of a Fallen Vampire too.

My favorite vampire series overall is Rebirth.

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Vampire King

5:26 am, Mar 26 2011
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Of the ones that I've gotten around to reading, I would recommend:

A House in Venice -- atypical art and has a nice [i.e. dark] atmosphere to it

Beautiful People -- It's just one story [which is the only one I read], but it's worth checking out if you're into oneshots.

Black Blood Brothers ver.C -- Okay, it's shonen not shoujo, but I'm recommending anyway just because it has vampires going around doing vampire things like walking around at night time and not going to high school. Even though it is one of those ones that is technically for fans of an anime that already watched it, I found it very easy to follow having not watched said anime.

Bloodhound -- More vampires going around doing vampire stuff, like drinking blood and sleeping around being lazy during the day while not pretending to be high school students. Plus it is done by Kaori Yuki, which is always a selling point with me. /CompletelyBiased

Crimson Cross -- The art is the real selling point here [as already mentioned], but the story is interesting enough to warrant reading.

Cynical World -- Another oneshot

Dr. Chanbelee -- Oneshot that is technically shonen [because of the magazine it was published in], but it's not so out there that it cannot appeal to shoujo readers.

Gekkou Denchi Shiki Ningyou Gekijou -- The second story concerns vampires. Although since there is only two stories in this one [and not excessively long], I'd recommend the other non-vampire one also.

Night Exile -- Probably my current favorite of the shoujo vampires just because it has an interesting premise.

Gemsilica -- Kaori Yuki's stuff so yea... /BiasedMode

Vampire Knight -- Probably the most tolerable of the vampires going to high school as students genre [which I clearly don't like if you haven't figured out] just because they take all their classes at night, sleep during the day, like to drink blood... you know, vampires doing normal vampire stuff.

Kuro Bara Alice -- I haven't read it yet, but it's most likely the next one that I will get around to reading.

edit -- I forgot to add the following [probably because they're sitting on my reading list]:

Arcana 04: Vampire -- Part of an anthology series that is full of oneshots, so it doesn't hurt that not every chapter has been scanlated.

Crepuscule (Yamchi) -- Webcomic that is Full Color!!!!!!!
Those two words that are right before all those exclamation marks are reason enough to check it out.

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6:25 am, Mar 26 2011
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Quote from AnjuxKuran
Maybe Bloody Kiss it was my first ever vampire manga

It was my first vampire manga too!!! It's good, I second this! It's short, though.

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3:03 pm, Mar 28 2011
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these are my top 5 shoujo with vampire

my number one is Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai nara
number 2 would be bloodhound and Blood alone(can't decide which I like better)
number 4: the oneshot vampire to shinigami was cute/funny, it's sad that it's not longer
and number 5: Kurobara alice (I love the mangaka)

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