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Any shounen/seinen manga similar to these series, and some info on a couple series?

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Post #470506
Avid Reader

11:39 pm, May 20 2011
Posts: 17

This is a little broad, but I'm looking for more shounen/seinen to read. I'm honestly not very picky with shounen manga at all --most things get me going as long as it has a good hook.

I really like the Liar Game/Doubt/Judge/Eden no Ori/Enigme/20th Century boys genre (okay, actually, seeing this as an entire list they don't look very alike to each other). But basically a manga in which the whole story is wrapped around one overarching mystery. A bonus is when the characters are all trapped in some form and are finding a way out. Any other manga with fairly good art similar to this?

As for action/fantasy/sports series, current mangas I've finished reading (or rereading after a few years) are Psyren, Alive, Death Note (up until halfway), Claymore, Gantz (also up until halfway) and Eyeshield 21. I've also liked Code Geass (though the anime version, haha). At the moment, I'm also really craving the whole comedy+character combination --I reread Eyeshield 21 the other day and I really liked Hiruma this time around and all the character development.

And I have a couple questions about Beelzebub and Katekyo Hitman Reborn --these are two popular mangas I've never really gotten around to going past maybe 10 chapters. When would you say is the high point for them or when it "hooks" people in? (Although I dislike Bleach/Naruto now, I can still see why the two mangas became incredibly popular, which at the moment I can't see in the two I just mentioned.)

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Post #470512
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12:02 am, May 21 2011
Posts: 142

Reborn doesn't get interesting until around the 8th volume. (Sorry, can't help you with the rest of your request.)

Post #470515
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12:36 am, May 21 2011
Posts: 701

No actually the topic isn't that broad...

i havent read around that much in mainstream shounen, so here's one that has nothing much to do w/ it.
Gamble Fish

About Beelzebub, it gets good when... well if you haven't gotten past ch 10 then maybe you don't like it. It starts getting good a few chapters later (meaning i have no idea when in ch #s).

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Post #470517
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12:46 am, May 21 2011
Posts: 3503

For the first one:
Let's Lagoon
Mouryou no Yurikago

For the second:
Shingeki no Kyojin

This week's favorites:

- Golden Kamui

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Skinny Kazoo
Post #470527
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1:44 am, May 21 2011
Posts: 146

Hitman Reborn gets very good later on, I can't remember when so I'll just say volume 8 as well lol.

Anyway, in my opinion it is a solid shounen manga
Slam Dunk=best sports manga ever, highly recommend it,and Hajime no Ippo may be second, both are serious and funny, cant get much better than that

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Post #470597
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8:17 am, May 21 2011
Posts: 1424

Tower of god
La mosca

User Posted Image
Post #470720
Avid Reader

7:59 pm, May 21 2011
Posts: 17

Thanks for your suggestions, they all look pretty interesting. I'll try to push further through Beelzebub and Reborn then smile

I remember hearing about Tower of God before; for some reason I couldn't get used to the style in the beginning but I'll try again. I went to a random chapter and it looked really interesting lol.

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Post #470724

8:38 pm, May 21 2011
Posts: 66

You'd like One Outs. It's by the same author as liar game, and it's really just liar game with baseball. The main character is a sort of grown up Himura as well.

Dorohedoro and Shingeki no Kyojin are the most interesting action fantasy series I've read recently. Dorohedoro is especially good.

And everything by Fukumto Nobuyuki, starting with Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji.

Post #471062

7:22 am, May 23 2011
Posts: 221

From the same author as Liar Game, I suggest Reinouryokusha Odagiri Kyouko no Uso.
And maybe for plots around mystery, some not necessarily trapped in some form...?
I second Gamble Fish
Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna
I'm not sure about if you would like this but you can always check it out: Zennou no Noa - The World of Lostmemories
Bloody Monday and if you liked that Bloody Monday Season 2 - Zetsubou no Kou
Mirai Nikki

I'm afraid I can't help your second request.

And the reason why? I can't answer that question either because I haven't read those series before.

Post #473616

7:40 am, Jun 2 2011
Posts: 78

I wouldn't read Reborn pass the first 7 volumes.

At some point it basically becomes a BL manga for girls. It's no surprise that 90% of the reader base (and the author) are female. Reborn has one of the worst plot-hole filled plots I have ever read. The action is pretty subpar as well. It's serialized in a shounen magazine but it sure doesn't read like one.

Well if you like shoujo and/or yaoi/shounen-ai, then it should be your cup of tea. It's basically a glorified BL serialized in a shounen magazine.

Post #474875
user avatar

10:11 pm, Jun 7 2011
Posts: 28

About Beelzebub:
I haven't actually read it myself. I'm actually just watching the series. ^^ But my older sister actually read the manga, and she says the first couple of volumes or so, is mostly funny stuff happening to Oga while he tries to pass the baby to someone else. By the looks of the anime, it's pretty funny. smile And she says that later on (probably volume 4-5 and later) is when it starts to get more serious, get even more interesting, with deeper look into beelzebub's world (the demon world) and stuff like that.
Sooo, I would recommend reading it a little longer and staying with it. smile I like it. biggrin

About Reborn:
I didn't read the manga either. ^^;; I actually just watch the anime but kind of stopped for a while now (so i have no idea what's going on with the current episodes). But truly, it was interesting with an interesting storyline and humorous. If you don't want to read, you could watch the anime and see if you like it ^^

Sorry I can't help with your other requests, cause I don't read enough shounen manga Dx

Last edited by jina at 10:16 pm, Jun 7

SORRY ; looks like I'm only into ninjas, shinigamis, wizards and alchemists.
miko amayo
Post #474911
user avatar

1:32 am, Jun 8 2011
Posts: 73

Ugh, Reborn. I read volume 1 & 2 (approximately) and then skipped to when it started getting "awesome". Indeed awesome, but after the Byakuran arc, it just got...terrible. I'm only reading to see if its going to get saved. And I can't stand all the BL shippers.

I like Beelzebub. The humor is great, but humor is subjective, so, yeah...

As for recommendations, I hope you haven't read these yet...
Ao no Futsumashi - the One of the characters has a secret fact, a major subplot of the story is how the character is manipulating things like a chessboard...but no one knows exactly how or what he is doing.
En Passant - main characters are in a chess game (literally, people are called pawn, queen, etc).
Deadman Wonderland - CONSPIRACY GALORE.
Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - another one of those series where the main characters are trapped in a game...
Double Arts - Good shounen manga with comedy and romance, and decent action. There is an underlying mystery, but because it got canceled, the mystery is just...left in the air...sad
Chrono Crusade - Comedy, romance, badass action...
Kuroko no Basuke - Sports manga that is pretty hilarious. I usually don't like sports manga, but I love this one.
T.R.A.P. - a sports manga, with a mysterious prodigy (that has amnesia). There are also some more mysteries. Another sports manga I'm liking.
Mother Keeper - it seems simple so far, but I like how neither sides seem truly evil. Also, I do think there's more about the rebels and EDEN

Seconding Zennou no Noa - The World of Lostmemories - it's a lot like Code Geass.

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