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Manga That Have Made You A Better Person

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From User Message Body
Post #593707

10:35 am, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 4

This is a bit of an odd request, in part inspired by the postings here:

In a review of "The Secret of Friendship," a commenter wrote, "I think manga like this can make the reader a better person."

That's what I'm looking for. Manga that make you better. This is a subjective question, but I think you know what I mean.

Here's an example: a huge number of mangas have protagonists who are determined. Some mangas have protagonists that are methodical. However, "Baby Steps" is a great manga because it A) shows how the lead does it, and B) makes me believe I could do it too.

When I read "Baby Steps" I want to be a better man, and not in the generic "I want to be a badass" way; I mean that Baby Steps gives me a real feeling that I could follow the character's example in this manga and be a better guy. Years from now, if I'm frustrated by a complex task, I could seriously see myself looking back and saying, oh, Eichan tackled this, I can do this.

Another example: without getting into it too much, I'm a bit like Arima from "Karekano" -- and maybe some of you are, too. When I have my doubts, I remember that
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
everything turned out the best for Arima, and they will for me too.
Karekano in general is a wonderful manga: though showing that though there can be downer parts to life, it's a joyous affair with love and friendship overall. Having read Karekano makes me feel that my friends will never let me down, ever. A lot of manga have friendship as a theme, but Karekano somehow does it right, in a way other manga I've read haven't.

Maybe the character sets a good example (Kang-TooJee in "Change Guy" did that, by showing that a person can have the best in body and mind, and not be narcissistic about it.)

Maybe it's a manga that shows us the valuable of tolerance, or determination, or any other important virtue. Or maybe it's a horror manga which shows you what not to do.

What I'm looking for are manga that you've read that have had real results in your life, that have affected you in a good way. I'd prefer that the way it made you better would be something more than "This book taught me how to play mahjong!" although if that's a big part of your life, who am I to judge?

Any suggestions, and reason for the suggestions, appreciated!

Post #593733 - Reply to (#593707) by kangtoojee
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2:41 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 111

Quote from kangtoojee
In a review of "The Secret of Friendship," a commenter wrote, "I think manga like this can make the reader a better person."
To tell you the truth, threads like these are always ignored. Don't expect a huge conversation about stuff like this on this site unless it is about homosexuality or gay marriage. lol


A Devil and Her Love Song - In high-school, this manga has totally improved my relationships with people I'm usually cold towards. And it made me want to sing. I joined the choir and learned how to play the piano thanks to this series.

Suzuka - Need I say more? Almost all of SEO Kouji works has some life teaching plot in them. Suzuka has made me a better person when dealing with relationships.

Annarasumanara - Man this series is pretty decent. It made me believe in Magic. I don't know exactly what I felt from this manga, but I'm sure it changed me into a better person somehow.

Bakuman - This series really made me not to be a pussy in relationships anymore.

Gantz - It's because of this manga that I took Japanese classes. It made me understand that being afraid is okay, but doing nothing is not. And lastly, it made realize that treating others with respect is the best way to keep alive.

There are many other series out there that made me a better person. Naruto, Ichigo 100%, and believe it or not but a hentai manga called Ne.To.Ge (Lovers in Cyber World) made me a better person somehow. Some of the love stories in it really touched me and made me see things differently. "That person may be a dick in person, but may not be on the inside" kind of feeling.

Post #593737
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Noblesse Forever!

3:36 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 1066

A good topic and as usual QueenVIP you talk nonsense.

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Post #593740 - Reply to (#593737) by strixflash
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3:56 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 111

Quote from strixflash
A good topic and as usual QueenVIP you talk nonsense.
I know you're gay for men, but don't say I'm nonsense because of that. lol. smile wink grin

Post #593756
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I have a big

6:34 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 1027

Onani Master Kurosawa

Post #593761
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8:24 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 21

Sunako in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge is probably one the most inspiring characters I've come across. She acts like herself and doesn't care who likes it. She embraces her interest in horror the same way I wish I could embrace my interest in anime/manga. Though I am a big horror fan as well.

Maya's love and dedication to actiong in Glass no Kamen is also incredibly inspiring. I love a girl who never gives up.

Liar Game taught how to be less naive. ^^;

Dengeki Daisy just made me feel happier for being considered an intelligent and laid back girl.

Last edited by holdeferc08 at 8:31 pm, Apr 4

Post #593766 - Reply to (#593756) by sunder
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8:40 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 159

Quote from sunder

Nineteen, Twenty-One
Usagi Drop
Slam Dunk
basically they all make me wanna change myself for the better or try a little bit harder and sometimes changes the way i see things in life

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Post #593773
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10:23 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 23

I don't think that there is any particular manga that seriously impacted my life on their own.. it's more like any good story that comes to an end always hits it home for me that all good things inevitably end.

I rarely ever feel 'fulfilment' after I read a last page of a book, a manga, last few minutes of a movie, or a game. There is always this empty feeling in my gut and thirst for more of this thing that I enjoyed up until this moment, this thing that just ended, but I know I wont get any more of.

It makes me reflect on my life in general, why I live it the way I do, and how I let others live theirs out. I know that if I'll have time to look back on it before my death I will most likely feel similarly to the way I do about a good story in a manga, so I should probably just live it the way I want to, the way I feel comfortable, 'cause one way or the other I wont like the ending so at least lets make everything before it enjoyable, or at least leave with a clear conscience that I didn't mess other lives when it wasn't necessary.

There is plenty of other things I could keep talking about like my feelings on what's right and wrong, but there is no need to drag this post for any longer I think. Basically a good story makes me think regardless of its contents, and thinking isn't usually de-constructive to ones life unless someone is unstable or derailed to a bad train of thought, neither of which I think apply to me... or at least I think they don't.. well.. anyway.. yeah..

*New release*
( _)>⌐o-o
(⌐o_o) Lets do this.
Post #593774 - Reply to (#593773) by MMoonLight
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10:39 pm, Apr 4 2013
Posts: 358

Quote from MMoonLight
Basically a good story makes me think...

^Yeah, a story like that might make me happy or whatever, but it doesn't change me. Other than that one manga which made me a huge manga fan/otaku/whatever, no manga has made me into a better person... just more addicted to manga lol.

I get a lot of "feel goods" from certain ones, but they last only as long as I read them. There's those that I think about often, but... I'm still the same ole' me.

Now if you want to know which ones made me think... that would be a long list. ^^

WEBTOONS ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
Post #593795
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5:14 am, Apr 5 2013
Posts: 77

Well, there're lots of manga that are inspiring like:
Skip Beat! - Taught me how to persevere and overcome challenges. And of course, the acting scene!! Love it a lot!
Nodame Cantabile - Inspires me to be more devoted in classical music and makes me feel like practicing more.
Ashita no Ousama - This certainly brings me to a world of plays and makes me feel like joining too. Yuu's perseverance is a selling point too.
Beauty Pop - I really feels like being a hairstylist when I read this! Kiri's cool character makes me believe that things can be solved while being tranquil.
Basara - Omg. The hardships and pain Sarasa had to endure and overcome certainly makes me think that I can overcome my own challenges too.
Ghost Hunt - It really taught me lots of supernatural-related stuff like Psychokinesis(PK).
Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Another wonderful manga that taught me how to persevere and overcome hardships.
Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara & Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru & Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan - Taught me that time waits for no one, so treasure what you have now and do what you want to do.
Love Com & Bara no Tame ni - Shows me that love is not about appearance and courage is involved.
Yumeiro Patissiere! - Introduces me to variety of Sweets!!!

"A Lady Needs Time To Prepare. Even If It Takes A Year, A Gentlemen Must Wait." ~ Wilhelm Mölders(Emma)
Post #593821
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3:25 pm, Apr 5 2013
Posts: 246

Hana Bolo and Hoppie's Bear from Iwaoka Hisae did it for me. I was inspired a lot. I would recommend her other works too, especially her shorts from White Clouds anthology, Dosei Mansion, Hoshi ga Hara Aa Manjuu no Mori, and Nekomichi. They are short, simple, yet deep. They relate with my soul.

Mangas like Yotsuba&! and Aria made it easier for me to find fun things in life.

The last I can think of is Gold Rush 21; it answered some of my questions about 'love'. It made me understand more, and broaden my perspective.

Last edited by bossmama at 3:51 pm, Apr 5

Post #593902 - Reply to (#593756) by sunder

5:44 am, Apr 6 2013
Posts: 4

Guys, these are all so great!
Sunder, I know a little bit about OMK, could you expand on what's awesome about it? I understand it's an epic series about a guy who is the Light Yagami of masturbating, but aside from that, and having read the first issue, I know practically nothing about it.

Keep in mind, a series could be good by virtue of being goofy, as in, it makes you more light-hearted.

Oh, another one that worked for me like this was Baccano! It's the character relationships, and the fact that they're all so passionate and badass in their own way. It's almost as if the series is saying, "You know, being a moron isn't the worst thing, being super-violent isn't the worst thing; what *is* the worst thing is being passionless in life and having nobody to connect to." When I saw Baccano, I had some tendencies leaning me towards the "eh, indifferent" side of matters. That series helped to turn me around.

Post #593917
user avatar
Still a

7:16 am, Apr 6 2013
Posts: 68

Woah, I had the same reaction after I read Tomodachi no Hanashi. Inb4 hivemind.

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai had the same dreamy atmosphere and a positive and weirdly heart-warming outlook on the world, despite what the title implies.

Welcome to Room #305! down-to-earth series that tactfully addresses sensitive topics on a variety of sexual orientations through light humor to encourage readers to be more open-minded. IMO, it does so effectively unlike most other series dealing with sexual orientation, often offensively idealizing or glorifying the relationships /coughlookingatyouentireobnoxiousyaoifandom ಠ_ಠ (and no this is NOT a BL)

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