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Unusual Manga Recommendations

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3:28 am, Jan 19 2017
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4:20 am, Jan 19 2017
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Happy Anniversary!
as for your request...uhmm... please define unique... though I'm pretty sure I've never read anything I'd classify as such.

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4:33 am, Jan 19 2017
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I came here planning to recommend Human Clock, but I see that's already on one of your lists... So:

Goshiki no Fune

Also, you don't seem to have read anything by Tomizawa Hitoshi, so fix that by reading Alien 9 & Milk Closet.

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4:34 am, Jan 19 2017
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Had to look through your many reading lists. If you read any of these before, sorry. They weren't listed.
Ran to Haiiro no Sekai.
Omoide Emanon.
Ryuu no Kawaii Nanatsu no Ko

Don't know if these are unique to fit your needs, but they're good to me.

Happy 10th.
Huh. It's almost my 7th year here.

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5:01 am, Jan 19 2017
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definitely Harem End
also The Voynich Hotel

its cold down here fam ~
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9:53 am, Jan 19 2017
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10:50 am, Jan 19 2017
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Quote from deathbypenguin
@ hahhah42: I've actually already "read" Travel. It's on my bookshelf right next to me, so I'm not sure how I could have forgotten to add it. Regardless, I hope you don't mind if I stalk your manga lists after this. <.<

You can stalk them all you like, though it's unlikely I'll make any other lists public in the near future. Do you have any of the other Yokoyama Yuichi works released by Picturebox? (I went with Travel because there are public scans - of the Spanish edition, as far as that matters - in case purchasing an out of print series wasn't in the cards.)

At any rate, if you'd like a replacement rec, Jacarandá is a series with unusual art and no protagonist. And if you're looking for unique series to add to an untranslated wish list, A○S by the same author is the top series on mine.

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3:39 pm, Jan 19 2017
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Trick Ster pure comedy
The Prince's Cactus short romance comedy
Peter Panda heart warming, almost no romance, also sad
Nijiiro Togarashi ADACHI
Melo Holic manhwa, psylogical
Aura from Another Planet complete mess, even creator said " I don't even know what kind of comic I'm drawing"

PM me if you need more smile

Forgive my poor english
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Lone Wanderer

10:56 pm, Jan 19 2017
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Happy Anniversary!

I'll be recommending mostly mangaka instead of titles, because there are a number of them who have a reputation for weird stories.

Anything by Douman Seiman.
Soil and other works by Kaneko Atsushi.
Katou Shinkichi
Kuroda Iou
Paranoia Street and pretty much anything written by its mangaka, though some of the content can be offensive.
Bakune Young
Some Furuya Usamaru titles, especially Palepoli, Short Cuts and Plastic Girl (FURUYA Usamaru).
Nishioka Kyoudai's works.
Koike Keiichi

The Surrealism category tag has some good titles. Also, Mind break and Atypical Premise.

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1:13 am, Jan 20 2017
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Sayonara Minasan
Motto, Ikitai... + other works by the same author... they're not weird like this one, though, but very enjoyable.
●REC (Mizu Asato)
Himegoto - Juukyuusai no Seifuku

First two are the weird stuff. The others are just some different works, I guess.

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