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11:39 pm, Jun 22 2010
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Is there a lot or a little romance in this series?
And what characters is it between?

thanks biggrin

For anyone who pays attention to how i rate what i read:
7- good little read, not the best and may be cliche.
8- pretty good, made me smile & recommend it (:
9&10 - Hellyes, i freakin loved it <3!
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11:14 am, Jul 3 2011
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i was wondering the same thing lol ):
I hope somebody answer this, (and it's kinda long the manga so it'll be nice to read something that's long-complete n_n!)

Curiosity is a cockroach-like thing.

9:42 am, Jan 6 2013
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Humm, I guess you may not need this reply anymore since it's such a long time you both posted your questions, but yes, there are romantic subplots in this manga, and not just a few... But even though romance is of high ranking in the priorities of this manga, there is more going on, which makes it spicier than the usual one.
I won't reveal any of the couple-triangle or pentagons there is, because it's the whole point of reading the manga, but I think the tread of it all is well connected, and the story is captivating. I read the whole manga in 3 days!
If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. I rated it 9, which is less than 1% of all the manga I read. I don't like to give easy marks... But this manga hit a high score with me, and maybe it will do the same with you! In any case, ENJOY!

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