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had an interesting horror manga idea

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2:20 am, Dec 24 2016
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Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong section I didn't see anywhere else to share.

I will say warning as the idea falls into a supernatural horror and somewhat gory manga with death involved.

I often have ideas but I'm always too nervous to share them. So I thought I should share this one because it was fairly interesting to me.

So I had an idea for a Manga, the premise falls into the idea that there is a girl with some kind of supernatural power. She has a small group of friends, and she encourages them to be friends with each other. She'll even welcome people into the group but she has rules. First you have to be friends with her friends, and second you can't be friends with others.

Her group of friends is managed on her phone, how she unfriends and controls her friends.

The story would follow a shy girl who doesn't have a lot of friends, but is encouraged by her childhood friend to make new friends. Making friends with the supernatural girl she becomes trapped in a dangerous game. She quickly learns about the supernatural powers the girl holds when she is invited to a group video call. It's late at night and the girl was walking home and has a rather scared look on her face.

She begs her not to but the supernatural girl says that she doesn't fit in the group if she doesn't have any friends. She deletes her from the list, but her video changes, the phone floats out of her hands, and shows what happens as strange almost demonic dogs seem to come out of the shadows. She tries to run but they catch and eat her alive. The video cuts out as she dies and the main character girl is horrified.

Shortly after she meets one of the more manipulative girls in the group and tells her that when you become unfriended you die, so if no one in the group is your friend, or if you do something that upsets the supernatural girl, she unfriends you. She then warns her, if she removes the supernatural girl from her list, she dies as well.

I think it would be an interesting Idealogical thriller as it could be a struggle between the groups of friends to remain on the good side and retain power of friends so that you don't get 'voted off'. But then some might feel threatened by others and try to convince them to remove one person because they're bad for the group dynamic.

Early on I could see the idea that a girl is getting voted off by one of the girls who's like a leader in the group. She doesn't want to get rid of the main character... yet as the main girl seems to like her. But everyone is voting off one of the girls. She can't do it knowing that it means she'll die, but then everyone removes her for not doing so. The manipulative leader then tells her that if she agrees to remove the girl she'll tell everyone to re add her.

Scared the main girl can't help but agree and so everyone adds her. She gets nervous and removes her from the group and has to watch her die. She's in a bath when the group call happens, she's horrified and tries to beg for her life when suddenly something seems to pull her under the water. (still limited to the tub space, not magically big) The water quickly settles and becomes flat. She bangs on the surface of the water, holding her breath but it's like a glass wall has her trapped underneath, as they all watch her struggle until she dies

Another situation I could see is that one of the girls doesn't like how innocent the main girl comes off and thinks she's up to something. The manipulative girl opens a call for the supernatural girl to hear, as she confronts her, and asks why she doesn't care for the main girl, she explains that she hates people who are too nice because they're always up to something, and she thinks that she's going to try and get everyone in the group killed.

The supernatural girl, has been growing how much she likes the main girl for reasons and gets very upset to hear this. She opens a video call and she is quiet. Not explaining what she's doing she brings her finger up to grab her icon. The girl suddenly feels the world around her change to match the background of the supernatural girls phone. She presses her finger to the icon as everyone watching a mouse cursor suddenly come up and grab the girl by the neck. She seems to be struggling for air, dangling as she is dragged over a virtual trash can.

The supernatural girl lets go and she falls, landing on a glass floor gasping for air as she tries to form words to beg for forgiveness, but on the supernatural girls phone it asks, "are you sure you want to delete this friend?" She clicks yes and the floor shatters beneath a set of paper shredder like saws waiting for her as she lands in it.

This is just some ideas for chapters, as I wouldn't be talented or creative enough to go through with writing a whole manga with dynamic relationships and such to create proper drama. I hope you were able to enjoy the idea, and sorry if I'm just being weird. Thank you for your time.

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3:24 pm, Jan 11 2017
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I got a little confused here and there, since you used the words 'girl' and 'friends' so much, but I liked the premise! I imagine it could work as an ideological thriller in different modes, too (ex.: supernatural/fantasy/dystopian manga/book/movie, and more). You should give yourself more credit. You're obviously creative. Some images you described are pretty cool.

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