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A manga/anime that will fooled ya

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11:10 pm, Sep 21 2008
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Yes...I'm looking to this kind of manga or anime that will fooled ya like Full Moon wo Sagashite.

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At first its like a child manga/anime that want to follow her dreams to become a singer and find the person that she loves with a bit of comedy but when its near the end or at the middle part of the story ...its like the drama is starting to get intense and you will get sad...

Yes I was fooled on this series...I though that this will make me laugh or something and yes I didn't see the genre on this bcuz my friend just recommended me to watch/read it...I though it was a comedy or sort but it looks like an
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intense drama and tragedy...

So can anyone recommend me a manga or anime which will fooled ya? PLease and Thank you smile wink grin

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11:22 pm, Sep 21 2008
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11:26 pm, Sep 21 2008
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masca - at first seemed to be your normal brainless shoujo where girl piss of guy, who then took notice of her for god know what reason...turns pretty gory & ecchi after about 5-7 volumes...sad ending
saver - again, at first seemed to be your normal sappy high school romance between a couple of half-siblings, but turned into a fantastic, not-so-sappy adventure

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12:59 am, Sep 22 2008
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The anime [m]Higurashi no Naku Koro ni[/m], seems like a cute slice of life, but is actually a horror/thriller. You find that out quite soon after the first two episodes or something.

btw: 'will fooled' seriously? That's painful to read. (If English isn't your first language, I apologise.)

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3:56 am, Sep 22 2008
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Mucha Kucha Daisuki

The first one is one of my fav manga.

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11:51 am, Sep 22 2008
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One Piece, always assumed it's a brainless shounen, but decided to read it anyway and there's some heavier stuff in there.

Detective Academy Q, a bit like a kids manga, then people start dying... ;)

Great Teacher Onizuka

Shin Angyo Onshi twists and turns all the way through, you'll know what I mean. (not to mention an excellent read)

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12:15 pm, Sep 22 2008
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School Days - At first, a sterotypical harem and blah blah blah...and yes it is. But...(anime spoiler)
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I didn't really expect for them to go killing each other. Wierd.

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12:32 pm, Sep 22 2008
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evangelion mastered that.

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5:17 pm, Sep 22 2008
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Violinist of Hameln - Well, it's kind of extreme comedy, but there are some serious moments there too. Art is kind of hard to like in the beggining, but you get used after some volumes, and even can get a liking to it.

Partner - Well, same author as Kodomo no Omocha

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6:24 pm, Sep 22 2008
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School Days
After School Nightmare
Dear Friend
Can't Lose You
100% Perfect Girl
Bitter Virgin
Honey Bitter

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12:34 am, Sep 23 2008
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3:24 am, Sep 23 2008
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Definitely second Mucha Kucha Daisuki. Totally fooled me.


11:54 am, Oct 2 2008
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katekyo hitman reborn!
nonsense comedy for the first 7 (!) Volumes,after that begins the Mafia action!

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