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How did you get you get into anime/manga?

Who got you to read/watch anime/manga?
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9:46 pm, Nov 24 2007
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I don't remember when I first saw anime (I moved around so much I never really keep memories) ,but I first came across manga at my library where they had Shonen Jump and some Graphic novels like Dragonball, Ceres: Celestial Angel(or some such), and Gatekeepers(I think). Took me all of five minutes to adjust to the format and now it's first nature to me. this was only a few years ago so I'm relatively new to manga/anime.
Although I do remember an anime I used to watch all the time and my brother(Monmaker) hated and kept hiding called Unico.

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12:03 am, Nov 25 2007
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First, hi to all. I just joined, but I have been visiting this site and reading the forum for over a year. Please treat me kindly.
My first anime was Mazinger Z and I was very little, about 5 years old or so. I also watched in the same year Candy Candy and Doreamon. I did not started reading manga until many years later and I think my first one was Doubt!! or maybe Hajime no Ippo. Anyway, now I am utterly hooked to both and can not stop.
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2:44 am, Nov 25 2007
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Uh... Ionno. I'm Asian and I grew up in Hong Kong where the only cartoons are anime? And Doraemon was like a family favorite back then and everybody read it? I guess...

But I got into manga in 6th grade in America. Love Hina and Fushigi Yuugi >___>;;;

My firsts:
Dragon Ball
Sailor Moon
Cardcaptors Sakura
Fei Tin Siu Lui Zhu Si Ding (Ionno what it is in Japanese >_>;)
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10:56 am, Nov 25 2007
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When I was in Kindergarten, my older brother introduced me to Pokemon. From there, I learned to read the Japanese cards, and became interested in reading comics.

At first, I read TP translations and shelled out $10 per comic, but then I began to feel like I was getting ripped off, so I sold all my comics, and started buying them in Japanese.

Now my collection consists of 4 books...

I'm working on it, I'm working on it.

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11:30 am, Nov 25 2007
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i honestly thought pokemon was american when i was little. i didnt really get interested in anime until my dad got into an accident. since he was home he decided that it was ok to get cable. then i watched inuyasha on adult swim and it kinda snowballed from there.


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11:31 am, Nov 25 2007
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i believe one becomes a otaku without a choice ^^
the first anime i watched was Gundam: Stardust Memory, which was my brother's
i didn't even like it much, probably because i was too young for series stuff, but i love it now, even then when i didn't like it i was attracted to it like a magnet, and soon after i was surfing the net looking up sites about anime & manga, then i stumbled upon scanlated manga XD it was a weird streamload site, can't remember it now, but i still have it somewhere, it sorta brings manga up every week using alphabatical order! which made me need an info site, back then this site (MU) wasn't up yet, so i simply searched up the Name and looked around for a description, please notice that i was a kid still using Dial Up back then XD so i couldn't just download everything, i had school, i needed to study and sleep! so i had to pick one, as a new comer it was easy to just love every manga i downloaded ^^ ahhh it was happy days...

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11:48 am, Nov 25 2007
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wow, i have no idea how i really got into anime and manga, well i remember first watching anime[but had no idea] when i was like 4 and my dad took me to his friends house..... his kids had some videos of guyver[which i had no idea what it was called until a couple of months ago] and just started watching it. Well then i saw princess monaoke on tv and was like zooomg sweetness, that was like when i was 5, still had no idea it was anime.... then BAM pokemon came in.... still had no idea it was anime >< and then i started watching this one show about this guy who has a dragon suit on like kidswb and dont know what it was called, then dbz, rurouni kenshin, In 4th and 5th grade some weird book thing[think its called scholastic] where you order books on paper, well i got those sheets at school and saw something called shonen jump, had no idea it was manga >< well every time that thing came out i would buy it from there.... had no idea it was anime till i was like in 6th grade when naruto came on and then someone told me about this site called keiichianime and started watching some naruto and i was like what the fuck? cuz it was in japanese and waaaaaaaaaay far ahead...... it was like a door to my life>< i became an otaku.... and then i got really into love hina.. so after watching the anime i read something online that the manga for love hina was muuch better than the anime..... so i got into manga alot, bought the series and read it like 20 times.

well there is my journey to the holyiness of find anime and manga
T.T <----------tears of joy

its called my life was wrecked and rebuilt by anime and manga
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4:37 pm, Nov 25 2007
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dont really remem but pokemon n then adultswim? then i started to serch for more on the internet
for manga it was borrowin my friends at school
but i liked anime first then manga weird!/?

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5:26 pm, Nov 25 2007
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1st pokemon/digimon. Then a friend got me into Sailor Moon and DBZ. Then I started reading manga and got my little brother into it. roll

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2:26 pm, Nov 27 2007
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doraemon was really old, I dont think it's the one which put me into anime/manga.
I would say Macross SDF, it's has quite decent plot in compare to other super robot series like mazinger Z, voltus V, etc. Rather than wondering which the winner between
human vs Zentradi, I was wondering with whom Hikaru gonna be with in the end ^^

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2:54 pm, Nov 27 2007
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Maybe when i was seven years old, i watch on tv saint seiya, but i started too see it on japanese two or three years ago.. ( now im 22), and the manga i started tow years ago when by some kind of destiny i fall on the website of souhaku scans and downloaded ichigo 100%, now i got among of 600 mangas on my list... biggrin biggrin biggrin

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7:57 pm, Nov 27 2007
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i started by get a shonen jump from a scholastic order form

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11:22 pm, Nov 27 2007
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I got into anime when I was like 8 and didnt even know what it really was, all I knew then was that I liked pretty much all of the stuff on Toonami. I got into fansubs when I felt that watching the lastest english dub took me too long to get through a show and I switched to watching fansubs on the internet, I pretty much reached the most recent fansub for all the anime series I was watching and didnt feel like waiting and then moved to the manga.

Now I pretty much just stick with manga because I can keep up with like 30 different series (adding more by the week) and not have to spend 10 hours a week watching the lastest episodes.

You can also catch up completely to a manga so much faster and with so much less searching around than with anime.

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3:40 pm, Feb 6 2008
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I watched Tenchi Muyo when I was 7 or so and have been adicted to anime and manga ever since.

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4:06 pm, Feb 6 2008
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Yep. My sister was really into Naruto for awhile, so I started reading it over her shoulder, and thought it looked a bit interesting. I started reading it, and exploring random manga sites.

Sadly, for awhile, I didn't read manga. I stumbled apon Elfin Lied at 8 you see. It was quite traumatic.

Then, at 10, I started reading it again. I abandoned Naruto, although I still read it for old times sakes, and moved onto better manga. Mainly horror and action. XD

After reading Claymore, I was addicted to manga for all time.

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