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Best gender benders you've come across

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9:24 pm, May 17 2017
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Basically looking for recs~ Please list down all that you know!! Must have romance biggrin

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9:36 pm, May 17 2017
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Otonari Complex About two childhood friends, one of which who crossdresses (the boy) from time to time and the girl who gets mistaken for a guy.
1/2 Prince A girl who creates a hot male (bishie) avatar.

I know a lot more, so I'll come back again later.

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10:00 pm, May 17 2017
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Vanilla Ice was fantastic, yet sadly unfinished.

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12:44 am, May 18 2017
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Okay, I'm back, and I have a long list. It's in no particular order, but just the order I remembered them in.

Cherry Boy, That Girl The ex of the main character crossdresses as a girl in order to gain more popularity than his ex. However, it's also deeply serious as you continue reading. Complete.
Basara The heroine poses as her brother for reasons revealed in the first chapter. Complete.
Kuragehime The main male lead often crossdresses as a girl, but does eventually hold feelings for the main female lead: a jellyfish otaku roughly ten years his senior. Often overly comical. Complete.
Ouran Koukou Host Bu It mainly centers on a girl who crossdresses as a boy in order to attend a famous and prestigious school (I think it was) and her part in the host club (hence the name). Complete.
Shishunki Bitter Change About a girl and boy who switch bodies in elementary school and have yet to find a way to switch back. It has a slice-of-life feel with problems pertaining to that of a coming-of-age story, but is told in small chunks that don't overburden you.
Ore-sama Teacher This one has moments where the girl crossdresses in order to conceal her identity, but not all the time.
Hourou Musuko This is yet about another pair of opposite sex crossdressers, but is much more serious, and still down to earth.
Seiyuu Ka! Unfortunately, I never finished this series, but the plot (from what I remember) revolves around a girl who crossdresses as a male voice idol. Super comical. Complete.
Nousatsu Junkie The boy crossdresses as a popular female model and falls in love with his friend and fellow modeling partner. Very lighthearted and often comical. Complete.
Shimanami Tasogare One of the side characters is a young middle school boy who often crossdresses a girl, but only within the confinement and safety of a place he feels comfortable in. This manga brings up a lot of important things in the LBGTQ community and raises awareness in some of the problems. I'm not sure if there has been any romance yet, but I feel like it has been hinted at, however I still haven't caught up with the most recent updates.
Orange Chocolate About two childhood friends who every now and then temporarily switch into each other's bodies. Besides that, the boy crossdresses as a girl as part of his job as a dancer.
Usotsuki Lily About a high school boy who hates men so much that he crossdresses as a girl. Is often entirely comical and nonsensical, given the repeated time loops and other occurrences, but it is a bit serious every now and then. Complete.
Mizutama Honey Boy The main male lead has more feminine characteristics (sewing, strong interest in fashion and cooking) while the female lead has more predominately masculine characteristics (honor, discipline, cool-headed, often called a samurai). Highly comical.
Pump Up! Three-shot about a guy who appears effeminate and a girl who is rather more hulky. Complete.
Umi no Cradle Story of a girl who is crossdressing in order to travel on a ship headed to multiple ports in Europe in search of her master.
Nononono This is by the same creator as [m]Elfin Lied[/m], and so expectedly, this series is also dark. It is mainly about a girl who crossdresses as a guy in order to continue the sport she is passionate about since it doesn't allow women to compete. Complete.


3:00 am, Jun 12 2017
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Buddy go
Penguin Revolution
Charming Junkie
Samurai Higschool

Was all I could remember XD

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2:36 pm, Jun 24 2017
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Kanojo ni Naru Hi - Best gender bender I've ever read.

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3:56 pm, Jun 24 2017
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It's a classic and can drag a bit but I love Hana-Kimi

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8:27 pm, Jun 24 2017
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Chang Ge Xing


4:46 am, Jun 25 2017
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How about Ranma 1/2?

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12:18 pm, Jun 25 2017
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I second Ouran and Charming Junkie!

I'm not sure if it counts, but I liked After School Nightmare.

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2:49 pm, Feb 17 2018
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There [mNicoichi] That I want to read badly but it isn't completely scanlated So I am waiting bu It seems really interesting


10:43 pm, May 17 2018
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I really liked Waltz (OSHIMI Shuzo). It's one shot but I wish it continued.

Not sure if that counts but one of the main characters in Biyaku Café is (it's revealed in the first chapter)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a girl who gets often mistaken for a boy and is very popular among girls thanks to that. She works at a Cafe where all the waiters are male so she kind of crossdresses.
There is a lot of romance (and smut).

Also Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is "quite tall and has a prince-like personality that makes the girls fawn over her"


6:31 am, May 25 2018
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Boku to Kanojo no XXX

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12:20 am, Oct 30 2019
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I second some of these recs and add

W Juliet
Kaze Hikaru

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