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Topic Forum
Birdem numeration.
(3 posts, 69 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 23m ago
Looking for Game and/or Cross Dimensional Cultural Exchange Genre MANGA
(3 posts, 81 views) Posted: 0d 1h, 11m ago
Manga General
Stockholm/Lima Syndrome or just Possesive
(3 posts, 248 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 0m ago
I'm Looking For...
Teacher Student Relationship
(0 posts, 31 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 9m ago
I'm Looking For...
What you think of this manga so far
(2 posts, 138 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 12m ago
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Dr. Slump, Senbei married to Yamabuki sensei
(2 posts, 170 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
I'm Looking For..
(6 posts, 350 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 39m ago
I'm Looking For...
CE translator
(1 posts, 158 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 56m ago
Identify this manga
(0 posts, 31 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
(2 posts, 49 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
Lost oneshots
(0 posts, 30 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 53m ago
I'm Looking For...
Am I the only one who hates Tsundere?
(55 posts, 4488 views) Posted: 0d 5h, 40m ago
Manga General
GG is recruiting for Yaoi/Shoujo
(115 posts, 10447 views) Posted: 0d 5h, 55m ago
That old manga that i cant remember
(3 posts, 170 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
(1 posts, 97 views) Posted: 0d 7h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Anything like Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
(0 posts, 55 views) Posted: 0d 7h, 26m ago
I'm Looking For...
(2 posts, 274 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 33m ago
Mushoku Tensei (Novel)
Looking for manhua that is shounen-ai or yaoi
(2 posts, 277 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 52m ago
Spoil me
(3 posts, 288 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 18m ago
Shimyeon eu Cavalier
Agonizing love story
(7 posts, 399 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 47m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a "real" harem manga
(16 posts, 3808 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
New Poll - Native Language
(34 posts, 862 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 28m ago
Looking for manhwa that is shounen-ai or yaoi
(24 posts, 7011 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 29m ago
looking for a swim yaoi manga..
(2 posts, 741 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 31m ago
looking for
(0 posts, 28 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 32m ago
I'm Looking For...
What are you playing now?
(1846 posts, 159671 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 55m ago
Something 90s/Ushio to Tora!
(0 posts, 24 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
yaoi with no rape?
(12 posts, 3378 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 38m ago
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?
(515 posts, 44464 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 39m ago
Chatter Box
Looking for a certain hentai
(0 posts, 20 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 26m ago
Adult (18+)
Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1283 posts, 77432 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 0m ago
Manga General
Kuroko's Basketball to End
(0 posts, 137 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 31m ago
Kuroko no Basuke
Vulnurable male adult protogonist
(8 posts, 360 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 34m ago
I'm Looking For...
Urbanears Plattan
(1 posts, 54 views) Posted: 0d 16h, 35m ago
Chatter Box
forgotten yaoii manga. . .
(3 posts, 217 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 39m ago
Is this pic a manga?
(0 posts, 34 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 57m ago
Jshoujo Scans is recruiting!
(118 posts, 12773 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 11m ago
Writing manga reviews. Any suggestions for series?
(1 posts, 83 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 20m ago
Manga General
Manga List Bug Topic
(1388 posts, 148499 views) Posted: 1d 2h, 49m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
help me remember! girl with bunny doll?
(4 posts, 234 views) Posted: 1d 3h, 14m ago
I'm Looking For...
What manga is this from?
(1 posts, 86 views) Posted: 1d 3h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
soft hentai
(1 posts, 38 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 32m ago
Adult (18+)
Looking for an oneshot
(0 posts, 24 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 25m ago
Adult (18+)
manhwa/manga where female is forced into crossdressing as a male
(2 posts, 105 views) Posted: 1d 9h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
Military yaoi/shounen ai
(11 posts, 12126 views) Posted: 1d 10h, 15m ago
Manga with mentally ill character(s)
(11 posts, 608 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
Does anyone remember a very angsty SasuNaru doujinshi?
(0 posts, 35 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 15m ago
Adult (18+)
looking for this old game
(0 posts, 46 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 49m ago
"I'm Looking For manga
(1 posts, 102 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
My name is Ed U. Manga; for we are many
(1 posts, 64 views) Posted: 1d 14h, 35m ago
User Announcements
in need of lighthearted comedy / sweet romance
(9 posts, 623 views) Posted: 1d 14h, 56m ago
I'm Looking For...
Something as tragic as...
(4 posts, 237 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 3m ago
I'm Looking For...
good chinese tv shows
(7 posts, 213 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
Revival of the Educational Manga project
(15 posts, 1008 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 9m ago
Manga General
(2 posts, 114 views) Posted: 1d 20h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Series Identification from an Image
(9 posts, 1662 views) Posted: 1d 22h, 21m ago
I'm Looking For...
Best Shounen
(328 posts, 83771 views) Posted: 2d 2h, 20m ago
Quality Shonen
(6 posts, 549 views) Posted: 2d 2h, 25m ago
Recently Reread Manga
(15 posts, 1272 views) Posted: 2d 2h, 28m ago
Do you write down your passwords, or remember them by memory?
(149 posts, 8436 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 0m ago
Chatter Box
I like this manga
(1 posts, 238 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 1m ago
Ahiru no Oujisama
Best art for Shounen/Seinen- Mangaka/Manga
(37 posts, 7345 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 48m ago
Meisaku Translations is recruiting!
(3 posts, 113 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 58m ago
Mysterious Girlfriend X Ends Next Month
(2 posts, 341 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 45m ago
Nazo no Kanojo X
Specific time travel, shoujo, one-shot manga?
(2 posts, 232 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
Hello "Yet another new person"
(5 posts, 165 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 42m ago
User Announcements
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2929 posts, 271249 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 52m ago
Chatter Box
Looking for suggestions
(7 posts, 268 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 29m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for Suggestions
(5 posts, 250 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 52m ago
I'm Looking For...
Princess Resurrection Creator Mitsunaga Will End Nakuaden Manga
(0 posts, 157 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 43m ago
Need Japanese-English Translator for "Mushrambo"
(13 posts, 782 views) Posted: 2d 10h, 15m ago
AQUA Scans is recruiting!!
(52 posts, 4406 views) Posted: 2d 12h, 39m ago
We Need you!!
(250 posts, 24409 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 45m ago
Post a genre that you hate, and let others try to change your mind
(193 posts, 17583 views) Posted: 2d 15h, 38m ago
Manga General
Yaoi manga
(0 posts, 182 views) Posted: 2d 15h, 52m ago
from which manga is this pic from?
(0 posts, 43 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 57m ago
Adult (18+)
Artificial Demons is recruiting all positions! :3
(6 posts, 382 views) Posted: 2d 19h, 41m ago
[PaperdollsProject] is recruiting-check inside for projects
(0 posts, 45 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 20m ago
Married youth?
(10 posts, 850 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 37m ago
I'm Looking For...
Fire Emblem Awakening!
(5 posts, 345 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 45m ago
Cave Scanlation Recruitment
(77 posts, 6376 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 24m ago
Actually not romance, despite appearances
(6 posts, 378 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 35m ago
I'm Looking For...
Anime Characters Without Bangs
(1 posts, 48 views) Posted: 2d 22h, 14m ago
Manga General
☂ Summer Rain needs translators and cleaners! ☂
(44 posts, 4602 views) Posted: 2d 22h, 38m ago
I need Recomented yandere comedy manga anyone know?
(4 posts, 193 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a TL checker
(1 posts, 73 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 34m ago
TRANSCENDENCE is recruiting!
(1 posts, 74 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 37m ago
Be honest. how many lists do you have?
(5 posts, 171 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 9m ago
Chatter Box
One Piece Devil Fruit Ideas
(8 posts, 371 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 21m ago
One Piece
From which hentai anime is this from?
(0 posts, 37 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 44m ago
Adult (18+)
New Poll - Assuming Genders
(56 posts, 1750 views) Posted: 3d 1h, 3m ago
Excel Saga's Rikudou Ends Kantan Kiss Manga Next Month
(0 posts, 30 views) Posted: 3d 2h, 3m ago
Kumo no Ue no de Kiss
Cat reincarnation into girl
(1 posts, 28 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 20m ago
Adult (18+)
Reverse shoujou manga
(3 posts, 245 views) Posted: 3d 5h, 23m ago
I'm Looking For...
Something that made you smile today.
(2596 posts, 219498 views) Posted: 3d 6h, 53m ago
Chatter Box
average rating
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 12m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Shoujo/Josei that you can't bring yourself to finish
(6 posts, 663 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 14m ago
transgender bromance
(5 posts, 363 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 15m ago
I'm Looking For...
Please Help Find Story
(2 posts, 129 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 19m ago
Outlaw Star needs a translator. [Habanero]
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 20m ago
Hagakore no Koi Question (possible spoilers)
(0 posts, 48 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 30m ago
Hagakure no Koi
Turtle Paradise is Recruiting! (◕ω◕✿)
(18 posts, 1034 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 33m ago
Yaoi Title
(9 posts, 344 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 31m ago
A good harem manga
(3 posts, 427 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 37m ago
I'm Looking For...
Fried Squid Scans is Recruiting!
(22 posts, 1476 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 19m ago
Looking for forgotten hentai anime
(0 posts, 34 views) Posted: 3d 14h, 9m ago
Adult (18+)
from where this pic ?
(1 posts, 96 views) Posted: 3d 14h, 15m ago
Manga or Light Novel with game element
(6 posts, 310 views) Posted: 3d 14h, 55m ago
I'm Looking For...
Glass Mask's Miuchi: Manga is Moving Along Toward End
(1 posts, 85 views) Posted: 3d 16h, 51m ago
Glass Mask
i'm looking for a few Yaois (oneshots i think)
(6 posts, 385 views) Posted: 3d 18h, 29m ago
i search a name of manga
(0 posts, 32 views) Posted: 3d 18h, 40m ago
Adult (18+)
Old manga about a girl who can see a ghost??
(1 posts, 190 views) Posted: 3d 22h, 47m ago
I'm Looking For...
Japanese Songs
(7 posts, 313 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 43m ago
Café Scans is Recruiting!
(5 posts, 345 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 48m ago
Rape where the victim doesn't get sexually aroused
(4 posts, 1089 views) Posted: 4d 1h, 8m ago
Adult (18+)
Can't remember the title...
(1 posts, 197 views) Posted: 4d 2h, 10m ago
I'm Looking For...
Favourite 3ds game(s)
(4 posts, 367 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 4m ago
Cried at a Game??
(34 posts, 1328 views) Posted: 4d 5h, 56m ago
Help me finding something to read
(8 posts, 464 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Latest Translated Volume Discussion
(4 posts, 321 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 50m ago
Mushoku Tensei (Novel)
Aisheteru Scans
(6 posts, 332 views) Posted: 4d 7h, 30m ago
Looking for a manga about...
(2 posts, 231 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Drop3njoy scan is recruiting!!!
(6 posts, 538 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 49m ago
The name of this manga? [BL]
(0 posts, 106 views) Posted: 4d 10h, 7m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga similar to ...
(2 posts, 176 views) Posted: 4d 12h, 28m ago
I'm Looking For...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(1948 posts, 434896 views) Posted: 4d 12h, 44m ago
Manga General
cancelled, forgotten?
(3 posts, 1127 views) Posted: 4d 14h, 36m ago
Hellsing: The Dawn
Looking for dark skinned/tanned main or co-protagonist
(3 posts, 297 views) Posted: 4d 15h, 7m ago
I'm Looking For...
[MEGU SCANS] Recruiting for Hakkenden Series!
(2 posts, 151 views) Posted: 4d 16h, 21m ago
cat reincarnation into a girl
(0 posts, 114 views) Posted: 4d 16h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
Specific sudden girlfriend appearance manga
(1 posts, 204 views) Posted: 4d 16h, 52m ago
I'm Looking For...
Kamen Teacher Black Manga to End in 3 Chapters
(0 posts, 31 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 13m ago
Kamen Teacher Black
Yaoi from this picture?
(1 posts, 113 views) Posted: 4d 18h, 1m ago
(0 posts, 64 views) Posted: 4d 21h, 29m ago
School Love come story similiar with
(1 posts, 143 views) Posted: 4d 23h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
Boyfriend who watch his girlfriend from afar because of his past
(11 posts, 1503 views) Posted: 5d 0h, 10m ago
I'm Looking For...
Galactica Scans - Hiring Mode
(45 posts, 2472 views) Posted: 5d 0h, 40m ago
Any yaoi manga which has similar situations
(2 posts, 183 views) Posted: 5d 0h, 56m ago
Cant remember manga :(
(2 posts, 124 views) Posted: 5d 1h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga about middle school with giant breast?
(6 posts, 381 views) Posted: 5d 1h, 18m ago
I'm Looking For...
(2 posts, 61 views) Posted: 5d 1h, 23m ago
a reincarnation manhwa or manga
(18 posts, 8203 views) Posted: 5d 2h, 4m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga where the protagonist betrays everyone?
(5 posts, 498 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 5m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangatraders now 100% down, any new info?
(34 posts, 29182 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 53m ago
Chatter Box
Series with same titles
(2 posts, 86 views) Posted: 5d 4h, 37m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Does anybody recognize this picture?
(2 posts, 150 views) Posted: 5d 6h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga about a girl who parents die and she has to go live with her rich grandmother
(2 posts, 239 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 22m ago
I'm Looking For...
Relationship like Konoe & Kotoha from Ze
(2 posts, 147 views) Posted: 5d 9h, 37m ago
Manga artist similar to Enjouji Maki
(3 posts, 283 views) Posted: 5d 9h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Seme like this?
(0 posts, 88 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 30m ago
A Specific Reincarnation Manga
(2 posts, 249 views) Posted: 5d 13h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
♥Evil Flowers♥ is Recruiting!!!
(96 posts, 9584 views) Posted: 5d 14h, 23m ago
Phoenix Serenade needs New Staff!
(82 posts, 5180 views) Posted: 5d 17h, 42m ago
Name of yaoi/shounen-ai manga with self harm/attempted suicide...
(3 posts, 264 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 14m ago
psychology -Immortality - seeking Immortality
(4 posts, 377 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 26m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a specific manga
(6 posts, 293 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangatraders Hacked, and How it Affects MU
(82 posts, 29315 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 38m ago
(5 posts, 369 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 55m ago

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