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Topic Forum
Give me some bloody survival manga with some crazy in it
(2 posts, 20 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
Yaoi Oneshot "I'm breaking up with you" "We were dating?"
(4 posts, 171 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 50m ago
sad romance manga
(1 posts, 119 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 56m ago
I'm Looking For...
New to manga... looking for psychological stuff
(11 posts, 404 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
Tokyo Ghoul to End This Month
(13 posts, 2338 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 39m ago
Tokyo Ghoul
Heroic Hero/ Villainous Villain
(3 posts, 141 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
MxR Scans recruiting for BL manga/doujinshi!
(59 posts, 8567 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 22m ago
Transcendence & Decadence is recruiting!
(5 posts, 257 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 1m ago
Similar to Usagi Drop
(7 posts, 488 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
Fennec Scans is Recruiting~~
(4 posts, 246 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 58m ago
Jobs in manga
(6 posts, 168 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 3m ago
Manga General
yaoi series name please
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 18m ago
Looking for Virtual Reality manga/manhua/Light Novel/Webtoon
(7 posts, 194 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 20m ago
I'm Looking For...
looking for a yuri
(4 posts, 166 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 42m ago
"bitch" turns normal?
(4 posts, 454 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
Shoujo where girl goes with the second guy
(10 posts, 485 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 7m ago
I'm Looking For...
Searching for an specific arrange/forced marriage manga
(3 posts, 233 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 52m ago
I'm Looking For...
Playboy Seme?
(7 posts, 3914 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 3m ago
Can you play?
(253 posts, 15754 views) Posted: 0d 23h, 17m ago
please recommend me some good oneshot
(9 posts, 423 views) Posted: 0d 23h, 27m ago
I'm Looking For...
Did Naruto ever make chunin?
(10 posts, 338 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 1m ago
New Poll - OS
(13 posts, 223 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 57m ago
When Did You Wake Up Today ?
(19 posts, 548 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 58m ago
Chatter Box
Thought lover was dead... But he/she is alive!
(2 posts, 187 views) Posted: 1d 2h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Yaoi Love Triangle and ends up w/ 2nd guy
(2 posts, 98 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 53m ago
Heard of Bride of the White Dragon?
(4 posts, 151 views) Posted: 1d 6h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
Villain/Antagonist/Bad guy is forced to become a hero
(14 posts, 1032 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 14m ago
I'm Looking For...
An - after the apocalypse manga with angels/demons
(2 posts, 212 views) Posted: 1d 9h, 21m ago
I'm Looking For...
What are you playing now?
(1870 posts, 165357 views) Posted: 1d 10h, 55m ago
Recommend similar manga to this
(5 posts, 360 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Angst manga
(4 posts, 71 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 6m ago
I'm Looking For...
Can men and women truly be friends?
(31 posts, 1325 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 10m ago
Adult (18+)
Television advertisements
(0 posts, 37 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 35m ago
Chatter Box
can't find manga anywhere.
(0 posts, 52 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 43m ago
I'm Looking For...
Crazy/Insane MCs
(7 posts, 501 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 49m ago
I'm Looking For...
Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1304 posts, 81259 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 23m ago
Manga General
the name of a manga with a psychopathic elf dude and an angsty albino
(2 posts, 154 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
yi shioon questions. SPOIL IT FOR ME
(3 posts, 103 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 57m ago
The Breaker: New Waves
Slice of life/adorable shounen-ai/yaoi
(4 posts, 167 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 32m ago
[Shinkirou Scans] is recruiting!
(5 posts, 268 views) Posted: 1d 18h, 32m ago
Help with finding yaoi manga with childhood friends
(2 posts, 80 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 9m ago
Favorite Piano or Orchestra Song/Piece
(60 posts, 7397 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 53m ago
Naked apron
(11 posts, 3551 views) Posted: 1d 20h, 2m ago
Manga with silver/white haired girl
(18 posts, 966 views) Posted: 1d 21h, 37m ago
I'm Looking For...
The Romance News Thread
(46 posts, 3069 views) Posted: 1d 23h, 17m ago
Manga General
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4790 posts, 277793 views) Posted: 1d 23h, 22m ago
yaoi about love triangle
(7 posts, 12609 views) Posted: 2d 0h, 42m ago
How long is the Washizu Arc
(8 posts, 1193 views) Posted: 2d 1h, 9m ago
A one-shot about a couple who are actually insects
(3 posts, 280 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 24m ago
I'm Looking For...
Friendship Scans is looking for you!
(19 posts, 1023 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 30m ago
Mangatraders now 100% down, any new info?
(67 posts, 60311 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 45m ago
Chatter Box
[ASK] what's the title (2 cropped page with probably different sources)
(2 posts, 95 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 46m ago
Adult (18+)
This manga series...
(3 posts, 113 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 34m ago
I'm Looking For...
We Need you!!
(257 posts, 25277 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 51m ago
Can't resend confirmation email?
(1 posts, 58 views) Posted: 2d 8h, 27m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Any yaoi with popular/famous seme?
(1 posts, 68 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 28m ago
What type of end do you wish for at this point?
(16 posts, 1607 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 7m ago
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(1971 posts, 448982 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 41m ago
Manga General
Shoujo/Shounen Series Turned to Yaoi or Shounen-ai
(3 posts, 214 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 50m ago
Cant remember the name of the series- Please help!
(2 posts, 191 views) Posted: 2d 19h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
Food sex?
(12 posts, 1378 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 21m ago
Manga dropped?
(2 posts, 118 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 7m ago
High-school D x D
manga were girl is taller than the guy
(2 posts, 142 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for certain yaoi side/ extra story! Help please!
(3 posts, 140 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 20m ago
secretively badass protagonist
(5 posts, 406 views) Posted: 3d 1h, 4m ago
I'm Looking For...
Feeling never felt
(3 posts, 378 views) Posted: 3d 2h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
good mc turned evil
(11 posts, 665 views) Posted: 3d 3h, 9m ago
I'm Looking For...
Gag, perverted, comedy magical girl
(3 posts, 245 views) Posted: 3d 7h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
Old vs New Hunter x Hunter TV series.
(17 posts, 1792 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 51m ago
Hunter x Hunter
Forgot One Shot Name
(2 posts, 158 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
Naval warfare...
(7 posts, 223 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 50m ago
I'm Looking For...
Forgot a series name..
(2 posts, 148 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
Café Scans is Recruiting!
(14 posts, 749 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 3m ago
i dont know if this was intentional or a bug
(1 posts, 97 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 4m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Looking for certain shoujo oneshot! Help please!
(3 posts, 195 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 50m ago
I'm Looking For...
Berserk AMVs
(0 posts, 35 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 53m ago
Worst Shoujo Cliche!
(522 posts, 108069 views) Posted: 3d 22h, 35m ago
Could the adaptation be better?
(9 posts, 279 views) Posted: 3d 22h, 43m ago
Chatter Box
New anime season of Kamisama Hajimemashita announced!
(2 posts, 412 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 16m ago
Kamisama Hajimemashita
manga with male/female protagonist dating a dad/mother with teenage kid
(2 posts, 202 views) Posted: 4d 4h, 23m ago
I'm Looking For...
Worst SHOUNEN Cliche
(585 posts, 113106 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 32m ago
song thats stuck in your head?
(178 posts, 8127 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 55m ago
New Poll - First Fandom
(26 posts, 495 views) Posted: 4d 7h, 41m ago
forget the name if this manga
(0 posts, 98 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 13m ago
I'm Looking For...
Lover from the past comes back
(5 posts, 295 views) Posted: 4d 10h, 23m ago
I'm Looking For...
Identify these mangas/animes? credit page
(1 posts, 94 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Is at possibel to write porn well ?
(3 posts, 161 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 16m ago
Wain no Kachikan
Name of this manhua
(1 posts, 121 views) Posted: 4d 12h, 24m ago
I'm Looking For...
Anyone think Sakura is an idiot?
(48 posts, 2426 views) Posted: 4d 12h, 40m ago
Ouzoku Scans is recruiting for royal team members~ [Part-time help welcomed]
(2 posts, 153 views) Posted: 4d 14h, 33m ago
Seeking an editor
(2 posts, 124 views) Posted: 4d 14h, 38m ago
(3 posts, 95 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 37m ago
I'm Looking For...
Child Born From Incest
(1 posts, 259 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 35m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a manga I forgot the name of. Guy gets different abilities battling other people and if a human gets hurt in the process he gets punished. I also remember him going inside his pet to level up and battle things.
(1 posts, 168 views) Posted: 4d 22h, 3m ago
I'm Looking For...
(1 posts, 164 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 39m ago
Okoborehime to Entaku no Kishi
A good new series from this season
(1 posts, 172 views) Posted: 5d 4h, 7m ago
I'm Looking For...
I can't remember of this oneshot
(2 posts, 191 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 13m ago
I'm Looking For...
Okane ga Nai Yaoi Manga to End in December
(2 posts, 140 views) Posted: 5d 8h, 31m ago
Okane ga Nai
Where the main character constantly gains abilities
(3 posts, 310 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 27m ago
I'm Looking For...
Need to find
(0 posts, 95 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 51m ago
Japanese Translator seeking group/project (Jpn --> Eng)
(3 posts, 183 views) Posted: 5d 13h, 41m ago
Yummy sexy drawing
(4 posts, 186 views) Posted: 5d 14h, 31m ago
Writing manga reviews. Any suggestions for series?
(10 posts, 449 views) Posted: 5d 16h, 6m ago
Manga General
BangAQUA is recruiting (✿◠‿◠)
(12 posts, 274 views) Posted: 5d 18h, 37m ago
Seinen Scans (Recruiting)
(0 posts, 83 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 2m ago
Looking for J-E translators for Gangsta. and Urthotics!
(8 posts, 534 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 30m ago
Fried Squid Scans is Recruiting!
(25 posts, 1766 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 31m ago
[Must be Endless] Recruiting for Yaoi/Shounen-ai Projects
(2 posts, 112 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 32m ago
Mad Hatter Scans! Translators Needed!
(20 posts, 1454 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 33m ago
Sweet Temptation NEEDS HELP!
(14 posts, 964 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 34m ago
Easy Going Scans recruiting editors, proofers, and Korean translators
(15 posts, 959 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 34m ago
Shoujo with a kakigoori scene
(2 posts, 229 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 39m ago
I'm Looking For...
Working!! Manga to End on November 7
(0 posts, 20 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 45m ago
Cute Romance/Slice of Life Manga where MC has to balance life
(4 posts, 452 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
Im looking for sho-ai manga, help
(3 posts, 153 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 19m ago

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