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Topic Forum
New Poll - Character Clones
(11 posts, 76 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 11m ago
Similar manga to...
(3 posts, 107 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 31m ago
Mangaupdates dark site theme
(4 posts, 227 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 36m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2077 posts, 507089 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 40m ago
Manga General - Everything You Should Know
(7 posts, 126 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 45m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Why are their barely any webmanga scanned(translated), while the webmanwha is done in masses?
(3 posts, 86 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 59m ago
Manga General
Holding hands
(0 posts, 14 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 20m ago
forgotten yaoi oneshot, does anybody...?
(2 posts, 95 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 35m ago
How to find more manga (guide)
(45 posts, 20772 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 59m ago
Manga General
search with descriptioon
(7 posts, 112 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 13m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Making differences between the type of group.
(0 posts, 14 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 26m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Manga List Bug Topic
(1483 posts, 173069 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 37m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Soul Land: Webtoon -VS- Novel
(2 posts, 77 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 55m ago
Soul Land
Romance but not a cheesy romance manga/webtoon
(8 posts, 566 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 32m ago
I'm Looking For...
Romance Manga Recommendations?
(7 posts, 137 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 42m ago
I'm Looking For...
MC or not MC
(1 posts, 150 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 59m ago
Kuang Shen
New Doujinshi Rules In Effect
(35 posts, 1609 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 58m ago
New Poll - In a Fantasy World
(31 posts, 541 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 25m ago
RED STORM: 1st Son, Polygamy & Marriage of Convenience?
(2 posts, 132 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 29m ago
Red Storm
Looking for a manga that does not have bishounens
(8 posts, 292 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 2m ago
I'm Looking For...
self sacrifcing for many people/animals/plants
(5 posts, 316 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Misty Rain Scans is recruiting! [We really need Translators, Japanese and Chinese.]
(26 posts, 2062 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 28m ago
Missing chapter?
(1 posts, 72 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 56m ago
Tosaku no Honey
Looking for specific military/mecha manga
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 0d 16h, 41m ago
I'm Looking For...
Translating Manga Fandom: The Case of Manga Scanlation
(18 posts, 434 views) Posted: 0d 16h, 51m ago
Romance Manga Recommendations?
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 0d 17h, 28m ago
I'm Looking For...
what should i read from my to read list
(7 posts, 317 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
Inner demon-like
(5 posts, 579 views) Posted: 0d 18h, 57m ago
I'm Looking For...
A manga where the seme uses the uke, but then falls in love with him.
(2 posts, 81 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 2m ago
Developed Side Cast
(11 posts, 378 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 9m ago
I'm Looking For...
Art vs. Plot
(251 posts, 27857 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 42m ago
Unique Weapon
(5 posts, 360 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
Youve read Berserk...right?
(56 posts, 11535 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 2m ago
Staff needed for Alternative Manga magazine, "Garo"; mostly oneshots
(1 posts, 162 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 54m ago
Hajime no ippo song
(0 posts, 32 views) Posted: 1d 3h, 28m ago
I looking for various types of hentais.
(4 posts, 131 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 20m ago
Adult (18+)
Friendship Scans is looking for you!
(28 posts, 2004 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 42m ago
Site is bugged: releases show nothing !!
(4 posts, 454 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 46m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
shoujo romance manga with guy long haired hotties
(4 posts, 173 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 49m ago
I'm Looking For...
The most beautiful shoujo manga female protagonist
(34 posts, 10561 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 53m ago
Hajime and his harem images from the raws
(4 posts, 1888 views) Posted: 1d 10h, 42m ago
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
BL Manga 'Junjou Romantica' Gets New OVA
(0 posts, 23 views) Posted: 1d 12h, 8m ago
Junjou Romantica
Fuck-OR-Die; Matchmaking
(1 posts, 61 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 25m ago
i can´t find this yaoi manga,help! TwT
(6 posts, 128 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 28m ago
Mangator Release
(1 posts, 101 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 32m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Specific shoujo/scifi manga set on alien planet
(1 posts, 70 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 55m ago
I'm Looking For...
Just BL Things is recruiting! (Both Yaoi/Non-Yaoi Projects)
(8 posts, 622 views) Posted: 1d 18h, 8m ago
A Romance type Manga and in dire need of something new!!
(1 posts, 99 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
(9 posts, 521 views) Posted: 1d 20h, 36m ago
Kawa Scans is recruiting ^^
(10 posts, 1047 views) Posted: 1d 21h, 53m ago
Can't remember name of Yaoi
(8 posts, 175 views) Posted: 1d 21h, 59m ago
Anime Summer Season 2015
(3 posts, 266 views) Posted: 2d 1h, 13m ago
Chatter Box
I've been trying but I can't find this...
(4 posts, 79 views) Posted: 2d 1h, 21m ago
Slaves needed for new group - Aka to Kuro
(68 posts, 5357 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 16m ago
girl with god powers
(6 posts, 378 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 18m ago
I'm Looking For...
"Game of Death" Horror Manga, please?
(8 posts, 346 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 27m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga you wish would be scanlated (Unscanlated manga ONLY)
(178 posts, 28929 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 54m ago
Manga General
Five manga titles you wish were still scanlated or revived...
(803 posts, 172316 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 24m ago
Manga General
Looking for olderwoman younger male henati mangas.
(0 posts, 26 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 6m ago
Adult (18+)
Anyone know what series these yaoi caps are from?
(4 posts, 166 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 3m ago
(1 posts, 25 views) Posted: 2d 18h, 3m ago
User Announcements
Popular Yet Dead Series
(3 posts, 210 views) Posted: 2d 18h, 18m ago
I'm Looking For...
Shoujo/Josei that you can't bring yourself to finish
(21 posts, 2125 views) Posted: 2d 19h, 19m ago
Secret Room is recruiting~
(1 posts, 105 views) Posted: 2d 19h, 34m ago
Looking for a manga involving hacker
(3 posts, 157 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 49m ago
I'm Looking For...
What type of end do you wish for at this point?
(21 posts, 3035 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 58m ago
Josei/Seinen romance manga with smart/cold female lead.
(0 posts, 60 views) Posted: 2d 21h, 13m ago
I'm Looking For...
Upcoming Policy Changes (Doujinshi and Novels)
(241 posts, 6163 views) Posted: 2d 22h, 21m ago
Mangas with possessive emotionless guys?
(1 posts, 170 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 0m ago
I'm Looking For...
looking for
(0 posts, 50 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
What shoujo manga is this?
(5 posts, 308 views) Posted: 3d 1h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
romance manga with a girl who kicks butt!!
(0 posts, 83 views) Posted: 3d 1h, 21m ago
I'm Looking For...
fake personality (preferably Shoujo)
(10 posts, 4766 views) Posted: 3d 2h, 47m ago
I'm Looking For...
Really strong or secretly strong
(23 posts, 31884 views) Posted: 3d 3h, 6m ago
I'm Looking For...
Don't think i would give up sex...
(3 posts, 895 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 38m ago
Ai ga Doutei o Sutetara Shinu Ken ni Tsuite
Novel Filter
(2 posts, 91 views) Posted: 3d 5h, 30m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Cant remember title! Shounen Ai
(2 posts, 81 views) Posted: 3d 5h, 40m ago
Kermit Scans Recruiting
(0 posts, 55 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 11m ago
Idol falls for normal girl
(14 posts, 474 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 55m ago
I'm Looking For...
name manhwa/manga 3 friends romance
(2 posts, 76 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
sheikh on a date with movie star manga
(0 posts, 48 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 21m ago
I'm Looking For...
Site for Updates of Web Novels and Novels
(1 posts, 161 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 49m ago
Chatter Box
Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?
(734 posts, 93160 views) Posted: 3d 14h, 4m ago
Chatter Box
Serialized In (magazine) / Publisher search
(0 posts, 31 views) Posted: 3d 18h, 44m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
W.I.P Animation for The Mystic Rider Trailer
(0 posts, 22 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 7m ago
Chatter Box
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4880 posts, 316988 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 48m ago
Kagerou Project
(1 posts, 407 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 49m ago
What are you playing now?
(1921 posts, 185021 views) Posted: 3d 20h, 19m ago
Cant remember title - yaoi @ shounen ai
(2 posts, 100 views) Posted: 3d 22h, 9m ago
Looking for a manga!
(2 posts, 77 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Shonen / Seinen with good looking guy
(6 posts, 335 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 57m ago
I'm Looking For...
RPG with unlimited leveling for the player character
(4 posts, 307 views) Posted: 4d 2h, 21m ago
We Need you!!
(285 posts, 29208 views) Posted: 4d 5h, 54m ago
Tsuki to Yabanjin
(0 posts, 25 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 39m ago
Tsuki to Yabanjin
Crossdressing manga
(1 posts, 196 views) Posted: 4d 7h, 55m ago
I'm Looking For...
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1457 posts, 113878 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 56m ago
Chatter Box
How many translated volumes are released?
(0 posts, 34 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 4m ago
Question about story progress... SPOILERT
(5 posts, 1096 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 45m ago
Nagasarete Airantou
Abusive Boyfriend (Not the Main Male Lead)
(1 posts, 132 views) Posted: 4d 13h, 10m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for Translator and Proofreader or joint to work on "Delivery Cinderella"
(1 posts, 121 views) Posted: 4d 13h, 28m ago
Wai...what...Tsukaima continues!!!
(3 posts, 209 views) Posted: 4d 13h, 54m ago
Zero no Tsukaima (novel)
What is the purpose of "Members" link under "MANGA Fu"
(1 posts, 70 views) Posted: 4d 16h, 28m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Color of the Sky
(43 posts, 2845 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 28m ago
Chatter Box
M3OW is/are looking for [Translators]
(1 posts, 95 views) Posted: 4d 22h, 38m ago
This marked Romance?
(3 posts, 145 views) Posted: 5d 1h, 29m ago
Terra Formers
recently completed manga
(0 posts, 45 views) Posted: 5d 2h, 48m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
One-sided love affair
(1 posts, 152 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 14m ago
I'm Looking For...
romance manga without the drama
(5 posts, 1568 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 57m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mature Josei Manga
(6 posts, 374 views) Posted: 5d 4h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
help wanted
(2 posts, 94 views) Posted: 5d 5h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
A sequel to Negima! "Huh?"s abound
(20 posts, 4983 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 10m ago
Uo Holder
Do you want to be PAID to translate? Looking for a Korean translator!
(0 posts, 118 views) Posted: 5d 10h, 21m ago
Kagerou Scans recruiting all positions for BL and shoujo/shounen/seinen/josei projects!
(17 posts, 1241 views) Posted: 5d 14h, 22m ago
Drop3njoy scan is recruiting!!!
(9 posts, 974 views) Posted: 5d 14h, 23m ago
Fennec Scans is Recruiting~~
(20 posts, 1256 views) Posted: 5d 14h, 36m ago
(19 posts, 1896 views) Posted: 5d 18h, 15m ago
I'm Looking For...
(4 posts, 3645 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 30m ago
Re:Monster (Novel)
Bunko Editions Available Now!
(1 posts, 50 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 58m ago
Vampire Knight
Trying to find an old sports manga
(1 posts, 62 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 59m ago
I'm Looking For...
Doujinshi Crazed Scans is recruiting all positions!
(2 posts, 170 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 7m ago

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