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Topic Forum
Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1366 posts, 89459 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 17m ago
Manga General
releases multiple genre highlighting suggestions
(0 posts, 9 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 26m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
looking for genderbend or rprotagonist
(6 posts, 279 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
Delinquents/Yakuza in yuri
(0 posts, 7 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 9m ago
The name of this manga (pic)
(4 posts, 206 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 28m ago
I'm Looking For...
Female MC, no romance
(35 posts, 1800 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
I'm Looking For
(0 posts, 54 views) Posted: 0d 5h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
Kawa Scans is recruiting ^^
(5 posts, 453 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 10m ago
New Poll - Yaoi vs. Yuri
(33 posts, 684 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 16m ago
Seme becoming a uke?
(5 posts, 322 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 21m ago
Cave Scanlation Recruitment
(84 posts, 7526 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 3m ago
Recruiting translator for Do Da Dancin'!
(1 posts, 64 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 51m ago
Looking for a Yaoi manga
(4 posts, 196 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 11m ago
Im looking for a manga
(1 posts, 92 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 24m ago
I'm Looking For...
Esthetique Recruitment
(60 posts, 6126 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 17m ago
We should share this masterpiece
(9 posts, 1775 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 27m ago
looking for webtoons
(10 posts, 297 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
Reapperance of Edermask
(5 posts, 85 views) Posted: 0d 19h, 47m ago
Magician (by Kim Sarae)
Is it possible to write porn well?
(15 posts, 1620 views) Posted: 0d 20h, 38m ago
Wain no Kachikan
Realistic first time
(1 posts, 59 views) Posted: 0d 20h, 43m ago
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(210 posts, 7059 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 20m ago
Chatter Box
Uke wears glasses, Seme broke them and has to take responsibility, both are salaryman
(1 posts, 80 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 29m ago
Male rape victims
(35 posts, 17712 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 35m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga Like Abide in the Wind Please!
(0 posts, 45 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 23m ago
I'm Looking For...
cannot read it
(3 posts, 208 views) Posted: 0d 23h, 0m ago
So I Married an Anti-Fan
Yaoi with kidnapping
(0 posts, 43 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 36m ago
An interesting personality
(1 posts, 88 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 2m ago
I'm Looking For...
Legitimate Delinquent
(9 posts, 1268 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 18m ago
I'm Looking For...
Shoujo/Josei that you unexpectedly like?
(16 posts, 1133 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 50m ago
Smut like Minami Kanan ' s Mangas ( Kyo, Koi wo hajimemasu)
(0 posts, 65 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga with a Delinquent ( like Mamotte Agemasu)
(0 posts, 49 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 15m ago
I'm Looking For...
Hajime and his harem images from the raws
(1 posts, 94 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 38m ago
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
i cant remember the tittle, please help...
(1 posts, 83 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 21m ago
(2 posts, 116 views) Posted: 1d 8h, 22m ago
Shoujo with surprise ending
(2 posts, 179 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 49m ago
I'm Looking For...
Join Us! Demonic Scans Recruiting!
(0 posts, 52 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 40m ago
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(2012 posts, 476531 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 50m ago
Manga General
One Time Scans need you!
(15 posts, 920 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 3m ago
Looking For Bearded Uke
(2 posts, 68 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 15m ago
"Enemies become lovers" but different? More "villain" and less "rival"
(8 posts, 1025 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 10m ago
I'm Looking For...
Likeable female characters that are not "nice girl" types
(8 posts, 710 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
♥Evil Flowers♥ is Recruiting!!!
(110 posts, 11230 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 24m ago
We Need you!!
(268 posts, 26744 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 28m ago
The End seeking freelance staff for dropped manga + raw giveaway
(17 posts, 1555 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 30m ago
Site Slow
(6 posts, 194 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 44m ago
Shinobu Kaitani's Liar Game Manga Ends in January
(3 posts, 642 views) Posted: 1d 18h, 11m ago
Liar Game
Manga I can't remember
(0 posts, 80 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
MC change the girl he loves
(0 posts, 136 views) Posted: 1d 22h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
Wizard Scans - Recruiting
(4 posts, 167 views) Posted: 2d 2h, 2m ago
When was the last time you sat down and read a book?
(497 posts, 45291 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 39m ago
Chatter Box
Color of the Sky
(39 posts, 2424 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 39m ago
Chatter Box
What do you want to eat right NOW?
(1234 posts, 67339 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 45m ago
Chatter Box
Something that made you smile today.
(2639 posts, 241059 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 49m ago
Chatter Box
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1421 posts, 105221 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 50m ago
Chatter Box
Art vs. Plot
(244 posts, 26027 views) Posted: 2d 6h, 58m ago
Baseball Manga Major to Resume After 5-Year Hiatus
(0 posts, 38 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 41m ago
Volume 2?
(2 posts, 64 views) Posted: 2d 10h, 0m ago
Bouken Erekitetou
New group Recruiting BL translators mainly~
(1 posts, 110 views) Posted: 2d 12h, 52m ago
Looking for the title
(2 posts, 94 views) Posted: 2d 17h, 30m ago
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2946 posts, 294565 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 48m ago
Chatter Box
Uke is the winner! (help!)
(3 posts, 214 views) Posted: 3d 3h, 6m ago
Any of you guys know stuff about DMG and emanga?
(0 posts, 113 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 6m ago
Manga General
Where is this pic from? (Yaoi)
(3 posts, 130 views) Posted: 3d 4h, 29m ago
Request about how updates are listed
(0 posts, 72 views) Posted: 3d 6h, 20m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Best Anime and Manga Quotes
(65 posts, 8055 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 16m ago
Manga General
New Poll - Villains
(39 posts, 657 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 35m ago
Yaoi that is not guilty pleasure
(9 posts, 1347 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 8m ago
(0 posts, 51 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 38m ago
Chouka Kou
I think I understand why people choose myanimelist for manga most of the time.
(14 posts, 690 views) Posted: 3d 15h, 55m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
asdf scans is recruiting!
(1 posts, 102 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 22m ago
► Senpai Notice Me Scans [ R E C R U I T I N G ]
(1 posts, 181 views) Posted: 3d 19h, 10m ago
comedy, romance, possibly borderline H manga
(1 posts, 156 views) Posted: 3d 20h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
Yaoi: Turn ons and Turn offs.
(69 posts, 33341 views) Posted: 3d 20h, 54m ago
Awesome international opening/ending animations
(11 posts, 447 views) Posted: 3d 23h, 54m ago
I'm Looking For...
[Recruitment]Translators, editors, raw providers
(7 posts, 720 views) Posted: 4d 1h, 46m ago
Transcendence & Decadence is recruiting!
(11 posts, 670 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 38m ago
Food sex?
(14 posts, 1829 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 46m ago
Playboy/girl meet their equal
(2 posts, 288 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 43m ago
I'm Looking For...
Adventure/Romance Manga
(6 posts, 421 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 24m ago
I'm Looking For...
Extremely echhi manga, but not really porno manga. More like borderline- H
(3 posts, 535 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a translator for a JOSEI oneshot!
(0 posts, 60 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 41m ago
Help again~~~~
(1 posts, 161 views) Posted: 4d 14h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
[Yaoi] I can't remember the title, please help...
(2 posts, 93 views) Posted: 4d 18h, 19m ago
Alternatives to Paypal (outside the US)
(6 posts, 212 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 59m ago
Chatter Box
Where can i find this?
(1 posts, 210 views) Posted: 4d 20h, 39m ago
Le Festin de Vampire (Novel)
Ending discussion
(58 posts, 13321 views) Posted: 4d 22h, 8m ago
Usagi Drop
Forgot the name of yaoi...again :|
(2 posts, 187 views) Posted: 5d 3h, 10m ago
(2 posts, 126 views) Posted: 5d 4h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
manga similar to mats motor jiro's works
(8 posts, 453 views) Posted: 5d 5h, 4m ago
I'm Looking For...
manga similar to star wars?
(6 posts, 274 views) Posted: 5d 10h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
Yaoi mangas - uke masturbates
(2 posts, 182 views) Posted: 5d 10h, 49m ago
I'm looking for Yaoi manga..
(2 posts, 151 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 20m ago
Another one I can't remember ...
(1 posts, 102 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 55m ago
Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Enters Last Arc
(0 posts, 52 views) Posted: 5d 12h, 7m ago
Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! (><)
Phoenix Serenade needs New Staff!
(99 posts, 6790 views) Posted: 5d 16h, 45m ago
Offering trans for two Kiminori Wakasugi series (author of DMC)
(1 posts, 166 views) Posted: 5d 16h, 48m ago
MxR Scans recruiting for BL manga/doujinshi!
(64 posts, 10108 views) Posted: 5d 16h, 52m ago
im looking for this particular yaoi...
(2 posts, 107 views) Posted: 5d 18h, 49m ago
Sugar Daddy
(1 posts, 104 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 1m ago
Tracker not updating properly
(1 posts, 61 views) Posted: 5d 19h, 55m ago
Love Death.
S2scans is recruiting!
(0 posts, 97 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 31m ago
Hides their age? Suggestions Please~
(1 posts, 166 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 36m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for this Smut Manga
(2 posts, 244 views) Posted: 5d 22h, 3m ago
I'm Looking For...
Can't Remember Shoujo Manga
(1 posts, 193 views) Posted: 5d 22h, 26m ago
I'm Looking For...
I Am a Hero Manga Gets Osaka-Based Spinoff
(0 posts, 49 views) Posted: 5d 22h, 58m ago
I am a Hero

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