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Topic Forum
Tag(s) awareness thread
(1 posts, 296 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 1m ago
Manga General
A likable jerk? ...
(0 posts, 23 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 29m ago
I'm Looking For...
matchmaker brother for his little sister
(4 posts, 151 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 51m ago
I'm Looking For...
Does anyone want a manga artist
(2 posts, 188 views) Posted: 0d 0h, 56m ago
Name this manga?
(1 posts, 64 views) Posted: 0d 1h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
The "Holding Back" Talk
(12 posts, 294 views) Posted: 0d 1h, 31m ago
Chatter Box
Manga similar to this
(2 posts, 98 views) Posted: 0d 2h, 40m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangatraders Hacked, and How it Affects MU
(81 posts, 22862 views) Posted: 0d 3h, 56m ago
Romance where an older female gets drunk and goes for a younger male
(6 posts, 244 views) Posted: 0d 4h, 16m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a Yaoi Title
(1 posts, 78 views) Posted: 0d 6h, 46m ago
League of Legends
(20 posts, 1876 views) Posted: 0d 7h, 41m ago
yaoi with real rape rape
(7 posts, 4124 views) Posted: 0d 8h, 45m ago
MU Becomes a Decade
(63 posts, 1072 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 37m ago
Indulgence needs you~
(37 posts, 2270 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 41m ago
About Naver requesting to stop translating their webtoons
(1 posts, 86 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 49m ago
Chatter Box
Suggestions: Protagonist hides experience
(1 posts, 71 views) Posted: 0d 9h, 54m ago
I'm Looking For...
This scene from a manga
(0 posts, 51 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
Categories(Tags) Bug Thread
(357 posts, 32283 views) Posted: 0d 10h, 32m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
AQUA Scans is recruiting!!
(51 posts, 4136 views) Posted: 0d 11h, 30m ago
shoujo male lead starts as a play boy?
(4 posts, 181 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
BL Manga Awkward Silence Returns in Japan
(3 posts, 1251 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 14m ago
Bukiyou na Silent
Worst Shoujo Cliche!
(509 posts, 102765 views) Posted: 0d 12h, 25m ago
supernatural demon manga
(2 posts, 264 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
demon king manga...?
(0 posts, 86 views) Posted: 0d 13h, 54m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangas like those by Kaitani Shinobu
(6 posts, 379 views) Posted: 0d 14h, 53m ago
I'm Looking For...
looking for manga/manhwa similar to these...
(1 posts, 125 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 39m ago
I'm Looking For...
Founding/Improving an empire/kingdom/city... Something along those lines...
(6 posts, 195 views) Posted: 0d 15h, 44m ago
I'm Looking For...
What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?
(4734 posts, 259693 views) Posted: 0d 16h, 47m ago
humiliation -> revenge -> romance
(7 posts, 601 views) Posted: 0d 20h, 1m ago
I'm Looking For...
Name of this short yaoi?
(3 posts, 128 views) Posted: 0d 20h, 54m ago
Hello I been a lurker for since high school.. finally signed up
(4 posts, 35 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 25m ago
User Announcements
help remembering wich shounen manga
(2 posts, 154 views) Posted: 0d 21h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Please help me remember the name of this shoujo manga
(2 posts, 248 views) Posted: 0d 22h, 59m ago
I'm Looking For...
Yaoi: boyfriend gets jealous of the best friend?!
(5 posts, 2193 views) Posted: 0d 23h, 49m ago
Mangatraders now 100% down, any new info?
(19 posts, 9020 views) Posted: 1d 0h, 17m ago
Chatter Box
GG is recruiting for Yaoi/Shoujo
(112 posts, 10128 views) Posted: 1d 1h, 47m ago
Phoenix Serenade needs New Staff!
(79 posts, 4968 views) Posted: 1d 2h, 8m ago
Something that made you smile today.
(2584 posts, 214713 views) Posted: 1d 2h, 25m ago
Chatter Box
Zeus EX is looking for translators.
(3 posts, 235 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 6m ago
Slaves needed for new group - Aka to Kuro
(49 posts, 2959 views) Posted: 1d 4h, 13m ago
Something That Made You Frown Today...
(168 posts, 4716 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 52m ago
Chatter Box
One shot that I can't remember the name of
(2 posts, 185 views) Posted: 1d 7h, 53m ago
I'm Looking For...
Ciel Scans is recruiting (esp. Translators and Typesetters!)
(6 posts, 248 views) Posted: 1d 8h, 48m ago
Opening time! Huffly Parfait Scan's here!
(50 posts, 3646 views) Posted: 1d 9h, 54m ago
The Romance News Thread
(33 posts, 1618 views) Posted: 1d 10h, 0m ago
Manga General
Looking for Dungeon style manga
(1 posts, 143 views) Posted: 1d 10h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
The NoNames is recruiting staff to work on Chinese webcomics!!!
(3 posts, 158 views) Posted: 1d 11h, 2m ago
Space Battles and Fluid Fighting
(8 posts, 655 views) Posted: 1d 12h, 24m ago
I'm Looking For...
Something... more.
(5 posts, 269 views) Posted: 1d 12h, 37m ago
Fried Squid Scans is Recruiting!
(19 posts, 1291 views) Posted: 1d 12h, 50m ago
Looking for
(3 posts, 220 views) Posted: 1d 13h, 6m ago
I'm Looking For...
Destiny Beta codes.
(5 posts, 179 views) Posted: 1d 14h, 2m ago
Zero to Hero type of manga?
(4 posts, 262 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 11m ago
I'm Looking For...
Dengeki Daisy to End in October
(9 posts, 2109 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 34m ago
Dengeki Daisy
New Poll - Background Art
(13 posts, 159 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 40m ago
Help Please
(7 posts, 157 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 57m ago
Creating threads
(53 posts, 2487 views) Posted: 1d 15h, 58m ago
Chatter Box
First Kiss
(235 posts, 22495 views) Posted: 1d 16h, 56m ago
Chatter Box
New organization
(15 posts, 416 views) Posted: 1d 17h, 35m ago
Warui Koto Shitai
Any reason why Onizuka and Urumi won't hook up?
(6 posts, 910 views) Posted: 1d 18h, 56m ago
GTO: Shonan 14 Days
Master of two worlds
(4 posts, 263 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 8m ago
I'm Looking For...
[ Recruiting ] - Sweet Indulgent - Needs You! Yes, You!
(43 posts, 6061 views) Posted: 1d 19h, 29m ago
(1 posts, 73 views) Posted: 1d 21h, 26m ago
Chatter Box
Filter for main page manga listings
(8 posts, 152 views) Posted: 1d 21h, 51m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Latest Purchase You've Done~
(779 posts, 63173 views) Posted: 1d 23h, 18m ago
Chatter Box
Please help me remember this manga.
(3 posts, 279 views) Posted: 2d 3h, 0m ago
I'm Looking For...
What manga is this picture from
(1 posts, 204 views) Posted: 2d 4h, 2m ago
I'm Looking For...
We Need you!!
(246 posts, 23854 views) Posted: 2d 5h, 33m ago
please help me find this manga!!
(4 posts, 158 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 29m ago
I'm Looking For...
No scanlations as of yet!?
(1 posts, 72 views) Posted: 2d 7h, 55m ago
Domestic na Kanojo
Anyone know this Yaoi Manga
(0 posts, 92 views) Posted: 2d 8h, 32m ago
Random Questions "Attempt II"
(2903 posts, 266480 views) Posted: 2d 8h, 32m ago
Chatter Box
Manga with good romance
(16 posts, 879 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 2m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a manga...
(1 posts, 75 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 22m ago
BL versions of shojo mangas
(7 posts, 883 views) Posted: 2d 9h, 38m ago
Inspirational mangas
(15 posts, 3055 views) Posted: 2d 10h, 46m ago
I'm Looking For...
Two oneshot mangas
(3 posts, 375 views) Posted: 2d 11h, 33m ago
I'm Looking For...
Alternate version of WWI?
(1 posts, 474 views) Posted: 2d 13h, 12m ago
Shoukoku no Altair
Looking for something similar to this!
(6 posts, 262 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Ideal coupling
(15 posts, 3654 views) Posted: 2d 14h, 24m ago
Akame ga Kiru!
Want to help out?
(32 posts, 2748 views) Posted: 2d 15h, 1m ago
Offering my help.
(7 posts, 395 views) Posted: 2d 15h, 5m ago
brother sister love
(4 posts, 203 views) Posted: 2d 16h, 25m ago
A Yaoi Manga About Adults
(9 posts, 643 views) Posted: 2d 17h, 39m ago
Friendship Scans is looking for you!
(17 posts, 790 views) Posted: 2d 17h, 41m ago
Isshuukan Friends' Final Volume in April 2015
(0 posts, 45 views) Posted: 2d 17h, 53m ago
Isshuukan Friends.
Cant remember title: shoujo romance with a scene where girl is afraid of thunder and left alone....
(4 posts, 296 views) Posted: 2d 18h, 45m ago
I'm Looking For...
a manga with a protagonist ...
(6 posts, 410 views) Posted: 2d 18h, 58m ago
I'm Looking For...
Turtle Paradise is Recruiting! (◕ω◕✿)
(13 posts, 761 views) Posted: 2d 20h, 11m ago
The End, a group for dropped projects, recruiting editor(s)
(7 posts, 427 views) Posted: 2d 23h, 1m ago
Anime for absolute duo
(1 posts, 68 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 5m ago
Absolute Duo
look for an manga where a blackhaired gamer tansported to another world and becomes a god of destruction
(1 posts, 187 views) Posted: 3d 0h, 26m ago
I'm Looking For...
anime for absolute duo
(0 posts, 51 views) Posted: 3d 1h, 16m ago
Absolute Duo (Novel)
Romance with time travel, but...
(5 posts, 486 views) Posted: 3d 2h, 12m ago
I'm Looking For...
Add a field in Advanced Search for manga length?
(1 posts, 58 views) Posted: 3d 3h, 27m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Looking for a specific H-manga
(1 posts, 109 views) Posted: 3d 5h, 24m ago
Adult (18+)
When Did You Wake Up Today ?
(12 posts, 217 views) Posted: 3d 6h, 38m ago
Chatter Box
Yaoi where seme saves uke from himself
(2 posts, 148 views) Posted: 3d 6h, 54m ago
Forgotten scans is recruiting all positions
(33 posts, 1964 views) Posted: 3d 7h, 40m ago
Good romance with demon or other worldly characters
(6 posts, 431 views) Posted: 3d 7h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga List Bug Topic
(1378 posts, 145499 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 27m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Lychee Scans is recruiting!
(13 posts, 570 views) Posted: 3d 8h, 47m ago
(3 posts, 400 views) Posted: 3d 9h, 34m ago
Re:Monster (Novel)
Son abandoned/ignored/hated by mother
(5 posts, 375 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 17m ago
I'm Looking For...
I am looking for scanslator group
(1 posts, 50 views) Posted: 3d 10h, 48m ago
Adult (18+)
Guess the Manga/Anime Name
(1252 posts, 75243 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 7m ago
Manga General
new passwords are plaintext in password reset email
(0 posts, 43 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 53m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
(5 posts, 380 views) Posted: 3d 11h, 55m ago
I'm Looking For...
(10 posts, 385 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 31m ago
I'm Looking For...
Boyfriend who watch his girlfriend from afar because of his past
(4 posts, 468 views) Posted: 3d 12h, 59m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for the titles of these images
(3 posts, 159 views) Posted: 3d 13h, 23m ago
Office romance short story
(1 posts, 115 views) Posted: 3d 15h, 42m ago
I'm Looking For...
ray=out manga services recruiting
(23 posts, 2294 views) Posted: 3d 15h, 45m ago
multiple rejections in one day
(1 posts, 160 views) Posted: 3d 16h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
This manga
(2 posts, 150 views) Posted: 3d 17h, 38m ago
I'm Looking For...
Testing Typesetting
(7 posts, 182 views) Posted: 3d 21h, 18m ago
Manga General
Whoever came up with the "Bug Master" title translation needs to be smacked upside the head
(1 posts, 88 views) Posted: 3d 22h, 53m ago
identify picture
(2 posts, 274 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 26m ago
I'm Looking For...
The name of this manga
(2 posts, 151 views) Posted: 4d 0h, 48m ago
I'm Looking For...
Mangas Too Alike
(2 posts, 71 views) Posted: 4d 1h, 16m ago
Manga General
Name of this psychological/shoujo/tragedy/personality disorder
(2 posts, 273 views) Posted: 4d 1h, 30m ago
I'm Looking For...
Looking for a werewolf yaoi oneshot
(2 posts, 109 views) Posted: 4d 3h, 18m ago
Best Girl's for Rudeus
(6 posts, 505 views) Posted: 4d 4h, 13m ago
Mushoku Tensei (Novel)
New Scans - Fuwa Fuwa Scans is recruiting for all position!!!
(8 posts, 782 views) Posted: 4d 5h, 3m ago
Manga about powerful lead that i forgot
(3 posts, 442 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 7m ago
I'm Looking For...
Best Shoujo-ai / Yuri
(3 posts, 96 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 15m ago
[Dark Murmur] needs your help~!!!
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 4d 6h, 30m ago
Manga where uke has a smoking and/or drinking problem
(1 posts, 154 views) Posted: 4d 8h, 50m ago
Latest movie(s) you've seen?
(1349 posts, 92054 views) Posted: 4d 8h, 51m ago
Chatter Box
Fairy manga?
(2 posts, 154 views) Posted: 4d 9h, 20m ago
I'm Looking For...
I am looking for....
(2 posts, 184 views) Posted: 4d 10h, 5m ago
I'm Looking For...
Like it? Hate it?
(16 posts, 2837 views) Posted: 4d 10h, 15m ago
The Flower of Evil
What did you learn today?
(983 posts, 83114 views) Posted: 4d 10h, 45m ago
Chatter Box
How much left
(0 posts, 41 views) Posted: 4d 11h, 39m ago
1/2 Prince
Notify next chapter
(0 posts, 36 views) Posted: 4d 14h, 19m ago
Suggestions & Bugs
Looking for a manga where
(2 posts, 209 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 9m ago
I'm Looking For...
Manga advice
(4 posts, 240 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 19m ago
I'm Looking For...
Ending your thoughts?
(21 posts, 3831 views) Posted: 4d 17h, 59m ago
Hana to Akuma
Zetman's 'Act 1' Ends
(1 posts, 150 views) Posted: 4d 19h, 26m ago
forgot title help!!!
(2 posts, 103 views) Posted: 4d 23h, 42m ago
Something like Konbini-kun/Slice of life rec.
(0 posts, 53 views) Posted: 5d 6h, 12m ago
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(1936 posts, 427172 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 7m ago
Manga General
Sora No Otoshimono - Ending
(0 posts, 29 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 14m ago
Sora no Otoshimono
Clover (TETSUHIRO Hirakawa) Ch. 206-??
(1 posts, 52 views) Posted: 5d 7h, 22m ago
Clover (TETSUHIRO Hirakawa)
Sudden Increase in Popularity
(0 posts, 71 views) Posted: 5d 9h, 11m ago
Happy Birthday kitty1826x ;)
(3 posts, 91 views) Posted: 5d 11h, 46m ago
User Announcements
[Misty Rain Scans] Recruiting for TRANSLATORS, CLEANERS, & TYPESETTERS!
(83 posts, 6457 views) Posted: 5d 12h, 38m ago
Junjou Romantica BL Gets New Anime
(3 posts, 1887 views) Posted: 5d 12h, 55m ago
Junjou Romantica
Long series that's worth it
(11 posts, 702 views) Posted: 5d 13h, 11m ago
I'm Looking For...
Male Child Protagonist
(1 posts, 190 views) Posted: 5d 17h, 9m ago
I'm Looking For...
(2 posts, 837 views) Posted: 5d 20h, 10m ago
Kagerou Project
(0 posts, 40 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 4m ago
Manga meets Wonderland
(0 posts, 66 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 14m ago
Manga General
Quality Shonen
(4 posts, 332 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 43m ago
I'm Looking for a Group, I'm a Japanese translator
(18 posts, 1011 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 52m ago
what this yaoi manga was?
(0 posts, 85 views) Posted: 5d 21h, 55m ago
Peaceful manga
(15 posts, 621 views) Posted: 5d 22h, 10m ago
I'm Looking For...
Celestial Zone cleaners needed
(0 posts, 29 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 10m ago
What is your ring tone?
(422 posts, 35173 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 42m ago
Top 5 Song (for you), You're Listening At The Moment !!
(1 posts, 41 views) Posted: 5d 23h, 55m ago

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