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Manga that has Totalitarian Setting
(4 posts, 377 views) Posted: 17d 1h, 36m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
Kokumin Quiz
maybe 20 Seiki Shounen turns into a state wide cult iirc
Battle Royale more of a survival
Ikigami not complete tough

v for vendetta is the obvious one for graphic novel ...
Manga about anorexia, anxiety or depression
(12 posts, 3853 views) Posted: 19d 15h, 34m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
might not fit exactly what you look for, but you could give them a try i guess
Kizu (KIYOHARA Hiro)
Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai
Koe no Katachi
Shounenshoujo Ryouryuuki ...
Manga like ultimate legend: kang hae hyo?
(3 posts, 227 views) Posted: 27d 19h, 23m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
the closest one i can think of is
Change Guy
maybe also Veritas
Koroshiya 1 this one is not like ultimate legend, but the protagonist does look like a wimp
action or sports manga
(3 posts, 126 views) Posted: 32d 17h, 46m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
for starters you could try any of these (most of them are complete)
Fuyu Hanabi
Green Boy: Shouting to You
Hajime no Ippo
Buyuden goes to crapper towards the end
Ashita no Joe
Katsu! adachi
Zero (MATSUMOTO Taiyou)

baseball (a crapton of them)
C ...
help. dog turn into a girl
(4 posts, 244 views) Posted: 34d 3h, 30m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
sounds like Inumimi ...
realistic romance manga?
(7 posts, 659 views) Posted: 35d 0h, 56m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
you could try Kabocha to Mayonnaise its not really a toxic relationship but it deals with relationship issues in a realistic way iirc
maybe Ai-Ren
or Onani Master Kurosawa but this one is a bit different (not strictly romance, but a lot of character growth)

Unaccustomed to society/culture?
(3 posts, 263 views) Posted: 36d 6h, 4m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
for the cryogenic sleep i can only remember Ibara no Ou, but its more of a monster survival manga.
you could also try issue 8 titled another cold morning in transmetropolitan by warren ellis, as it deals with this exact problems. when people wake up from their icy s ...
Male protagonist fighting for his humanity
(7 posts, 527 views) Posted: 47d 14h, 10m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
depends what you want and what you think is nonhuman. bodymodification? bodyaugmentation? mutation? genetic experiment? or just evolution of the human species? demonic posession? transformation?

if you want just a random tripped over a shrine/alien/ghos ...
A manga about warrior
(6 posts, 385 views) Posted: 52d 21h, 57m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
meh shigurui makes berserk look like childrens book smile

not a lot of quality stuff in european setting with swords, even less in mideast.
you could also try Bokko but the protagonist is more of a strategist then a fighter (in china)

if you want more of a sword and sorcery ...
A manga about warrior
(6 posts, 385 views) Posted: 53d 1h, 22m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
dont forget Shigurui not europe or mideast, but give it a shot (very dark and very brutal)
i guess you could also give Historie a try, not as dark or brutal but the setting is right there
looking for webtoons
(10 posts, 464 views) Posted: 55d 18h, 40m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
mybe also something from this?
Green Boy: Shouting to You sports/light comedy/romance
Papi Nyang decent mc/light comedy
Superior Day action/thriller
Villian who is not a villain
(3 posts, 644 views) Posted: 60d 20h, 4m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
does Death Note count?
if yes, then also Akumetsu, Destroy and Revolution, City of Dead Sorcerer
to some extent also Kubikiri Asa and Teppuu

this is probably not what you are looking for (he is a sadistic psychopath), but you could still try MW as the manga explor ...
old manga
(2 posts, 133 views) Posted: 62d 18h, 45m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
Kiichi!! ...
A mocumentary/documentary manga
(4 posts, 190 views) Posted: 69d 13h, 11m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
it depends how seriously you want to take it as everything is usually exaggerated/simplified/stupified for the sake of the story
but still
on how to brainwash people for your cult Believers
on how to study Dragon-Zakura
on survival, tactics and insurance investigations ...
Image disabled for this series?
(2 posts, 149 views) Posted: 71d 17h, 38m ago by ngebe in Suggestions & Bugs
oops must have missed the news laugh
still i kinda think its counterproductive on their part ...
Image disabled for this series?
(2 posts, 149 views) Posted: 71d 18h, 29m ago by ngebe in Suggestions & Bugs

i noticed this lately and id just like to ask what is it with image disabled for this series? on a quick look it seems like its for a bunch of kodansha releases taht have been licensed. is this correct? if it is it seems a bit extreme act from the english publisher to do that
r ...
Incredibly Long, Plotty, Non-Romantic, Philosophically Deep Shounen
(10 posts, 1852 views) Posted: 1656d 15h, 2m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
try buddha its philosophical its touching, its plotty with interwining storylines as we follow the life path of siddharta from his birth to death. 8 volumes long but its between 350-410 pages, so lots of reading. there is love interest between characters (naturally as such is li ...
(6 posts, 3060 views) Posted: 1776d 23h, 52m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
cant think of a parkour manga but there is one issue where a woman is doing a parkour run (for whole issue) to stop a bomb explosion in global frequnecy by warren ellis if you dont mind scifi/technothriller western comic ...
MATSUMOTO Jiro's works?
(7 posts, 1424 views) Posted: 1806d 15h, 4m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
Quote from yumemiru
I've never read any of his works, but I have read Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
and MPD Psycho(Are these works similar to this author's works?)


no none of his manga is as repetitive as kurosagi corpse delivery se ...
Boxer vs martial artist
(12 posts, 2593 views) Posted: 1832d 20h, 20m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
try kenji theres a segment in the story when he goes to high school i think. kung fu vs sumo/boxing

i read the following titles so long ago that i cant remember if a boxer is present:
change guy cant remember if there was a boxer in there.
k.o. sen. cant remember if ...
Instrumental music that inspires a strange, wistful mood...
(19 posts, 2171 views) Posted: 1839d 2h, 43m ago by ngebe in Music
what about something like

or maybe jakob (they do have occasional "heavy beat" though):

or red sparrowes: ...
Exercise/Training Manga?
(3 posts, 1433 views) Posted: 1858d 19h, 26m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
although its a boxing manga you could give hajime no ippo a try. the manga revolves around a pattern of training-fight so it might be what you are looking for. gaining endurance, flexibility, reflexes, overall strength and improving specific muscle groups are all cove ...
World Destruction and Survival
(8 posts, 1108 views) Posted: 1863d 0h, 12m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
the ones i read were already recommended but if you are willing to try western comics you could give these a go:
y the last man virus kills all male mammals. one guy and his monkey survived.
the walking dead local cops gets shot and falls into coma. when he wakes up world is in ruins and zombies roam the earth. a brutal survival story ensues

and no island doeas not fit your description. its just a buddhist monk fighting the supernatural ...
A Manga / Anime for my Mother
(22 posts, 2352 views) Posted: 1885d 20h, 10m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
also maybe something not too childish or too violent or too dark. sth like:
Aruku Hito
Haruka na Machi e
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni
Bus Hashiru
Living Game

mybe Salad Days or Asatte Dance also ...
shocking revelation...
(10 posts, 1132 views) Posted: 1892d 18h, 50m ago by ngebe in I'm Looking For...
you could try Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa. it has a multitude of shocking revelations. ...

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