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Male MC Physical/Emotional Abuse
(3 posts, 145 views) Posted: 1d 5h, 29m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
J no Subete, I guess. One of those rare yaoi that has anything even remotely psychologically realistic in it.
Also, Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru, which is not really BL at all, despite the tags.
Acid Town
Banana Fish
Not Simple
Count Cain + GodChild

I think this kind of sc ...
What do you think of separating manga updates from novel updates?
(18 posts, 1500 views) Posted: 6d 8h, 24m ago by calstine in Suggestions & Bugs
Quote from bkrlik
Quote from dcpei
I think the faster solution is to add a "Type Filter" in User CP.



And I wish the same could be done for webtoons. I read both light novels and webtoons (though the majority of what I read always has, and always will, ...
New Poll - Obtained Physical Manga
(21 posts, 502 views) Posted: 6d 8h, 32m ago by calstine in News
I don't buy used; the only used books I've read are ones I borrowed from the library. There are no manga in our libraries, and barely any in our stores, so what few physical manga I have (some volumes of Get Backers, some Samurai Deeper Kyo, an ...
Female sadist main??
(7 posts, 606 views) Posted: 13d 8h, 21m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
I can only think of male-oriented manga, I'm afraid:

Teizokurei Daydream -- Professional dominatrix.
Murcielago -- Assassin
Ana Satsujin -- Serial killer
Elfen Lied -- Remorseless killer/yandere
Anne Freaks -- Sociopath
Mirai Nikki -- Remorseless killer/yandere ...
Forgot name - supernatural-ish shounen ai?
(5 posts, 322 views) Posted: 13d 8h, 43m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Quote from MissJanny

Pretty sure this isn't it. No idea what it might actually be, though.
New Poll - Anime/Manga and You
(19 posts, 636 views) Posted: 15d 11h, 41m ago by calstine in News
Both anime and manga are an ongoing hobby for me, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Our own country's fiction is terrible, and as I grow older I notice just how many discrepancies there are between western and my culture, which makes we ...
Manga with Transgender character
(8 posts, 466 views) Posted: 21d 0h, 49m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Quote from Narufan1st

I wouldn't recommend this: there's way too much fanservice involving the trans girl. ...
looking for horrer manga
(9 posts, 544 views) Posted: 21d 23h, 44m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Quote from sashima8
I think it was a japanese text, but I did not read it in english.

sorry if I'm bugging at this point, just hoping to find it again.

Ah, see, that's probably why. I doubt it's been scanlated. Sorry I can't help you any further; I really ho ...
Manga with Transgender character
(8 posts, 466 views) Posted: 22d 22h, 2m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Provided you don't mind yaoi: J no Subete

Honey & Honey -- This is mostly about lesbians, with some attention devoted to transmen. It's an edumanga/autobiography.

Double House, Claudine...! and Bokura no Hentai are all good ones, as mentioned ...
New Poll - Manga Availability
(33 posts, 1194 views) Posted: 23d 6h, 28m ago by calstine in News
Nothing translated into my own language. Out of English-translated manga I've seen some Beyblade, Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and a few random volumes of, of all things, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo in stores here; but never the full series for any of th ...
New Poll - Genders and Games
(23 posts, 967 views) Posted: 29d 20h, 21m ago by calstine in News
I'm not much of a gamer, but if I ever do play anything of that sort, I test out several options and choose the best-looking one, be it female or male. Not because I want people to think I'm pretty, but because I love looking at beautiful things, whether they ...
Nice bromance manga
(7 posts, 303 views) Posted: 36d 2h, 25m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
And another category that'd be worth perusing: BL Subtext ...
Nice bromance manga
(7 posts, 303 views) Posted: 36d 9h, 49m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
This request has been made lots of times before; I'll link you to some of the good threads. Most of the suggestions in these fit, but you might want to specifically look up my replies:

Butler-type or Closer than Bros
Pure Subtext
The Supreme Bromance/Sisterhood

The following categories will also have plenty of good titles, though not all ' ...
New Poll - Pirate Remorse
(34 posts, 1693 views) Posted: 37d 6h, 28m ago by calstine in News
Nope. And I'm not just talking about scanlations. I don't feel guilty about software, or my medicine textbooks, or anime/movies/TV series. We have cable at home but many series and movies are blocked for our region because they're too ex ...
looking for horrer manga
(9 posts, 544 views) Posted: 37d 12h, 36m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Manhua = Chinese manga. Manhwa = Korean manga. The orientation (ie: reading direction), art style, and story-telling style are different between the three.

I don't think xxxHolic was censored. Even if it were censored in the official release, I read the online ve ...
looking for horrer manga
(9 posts, 544 views) Posted: 40d 1h, 18m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
It's not Pet Shop of Horrors and I'm pretty sure it isn't The Tarot Cafe either, but if you're interested in that kind of story in general, then they do have very similar themes. Ditto for Yumekui Kenbun.

I looked all over, since I'd like to re ...
looking for horrer manga
(9 posts, 544 views) Posted: 41d 1h, 0m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Well, it's definitely not xxxHoLic, so that's your doubts laid to rest.

Was it actually a manga? Imo it sounds like it might be a manhua, instead... But I'll look around and see if I can find it: your description's really piqued my curiosity. ...
New Poll - Genders and Demographics
(28 posts, 1557 views) Posted: 44d 7h, 59m ago by calstine in News
Pretty sure "I'm male and I prefer seinen" is going to win this one.

Personally, I never even notice the demographic; it's the genres I'm concerned about. (I'm female) I think there are a lot of girls like that, but most guys probab ...
Looking for specific military/mecha manga
(5 posts, 428 views) Posted: 44d 11h, 31m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
He finds out the military is corrupt and leaves to join a gorilla group.
This made me laugh so hard! Sorry about that, but it did... laugh

As for the series...I've only read the first chapter of these so some things you said fit while others don't and yet others I don' ...
Getbackers, when Ban and Ginji meet....
(4 posts, 921 views) Posted: 50d 14h, 23m ago by calstine in Get Backers
In case anyone's still interested: that was in the anime, in the 1st Limitless Fortress arc. Can't remember the exact number, but it's the last or the penultimate episode of the 1st season. That being said, it was only a short scene on the way to an e ...
New Poll - In a Fantasy World
(31 posts, 1244 views) Posted: 65d 4h, 21m ago by calstine in News
I'm going to be short-sighted and illogical and vote for "Learn magic." I mean, the 1st, 2nd and last options are obviously the more sensible ones, but it's not everyday you end up in a world with magic, so...

Quote from residentgrigo
Sci-Fi > ...
Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?
(734 posts, 96507 views) Posted: 65d 5h, 33m ago by calstine in Chatter Box
Quote from RattixEmpire
Grave of the Fireflies.
That anime movie left me depressed for days.

Hear, hear!

Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies) -- Was sobbing from the middle to the end.
Also, that episode in Ayatsuri Sakon featuring the mother who was k ...
Gender Bender in Literature
(10 posts, 590 views) Posted: 65d 7h, 32m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
@Hanae: The OP is a guy, you know. It's best not to recommend guys M/M unless they specifically ask for it, imo. (Hell, I'd say the same is true for girls) Waste of his time and yours. ...
self sacrifcing for many people/animals/plants
(5 posts, 470 views) Posted: 65d 7h, 50m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
This is basically the character profile for Vash, the protagonist of Trigun Maximum.

I think Ginji (one of the two protagonists) from Get Backers is like this a lot of the time, too. Not to the extent that he doesn't care about his own health, because he definitely do ...
unrequited love in yuri manga
(6 posts, 471 views) Posted: 65d 7h, 55m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Shouldn't this be in the Yaoi/Yuri forum? You'll probably get better results there.

My recommendations are not for you if what you're really looking for is "fake" unrequited love. The lack of feeling on the part of one of the girls in the ...

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