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New Poll - Loli/Shota
(204 posts, 6468 views) Posted: 34d 0h, 26m ago by calstine in News
I despise loli/shota (and I don't get how people think underage porn is actually comparable with porn depicting adults, but w/e), but I voted 'don't care,' because this kind of thing just isn't feasible. If someone wants to find child porno ...
New Poll - Sexism
(159 posts, 8150 views) Posted: 88d 23h, 49m ago by calstine in News
Quote from train93
While there surely are more serious options, like the sexual assault portrayed as a joke one, I voted for objectification.
Why? Because the other ones may be serious but I don't see them THAT often, while the objectification is basically ev ...
Best Shoujo-ai / Yuri
(5 posts, 341 views) Posted: 138d 3h, 37m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Okay, so I can't guarantee happy endings for some of these, but if you're looking for something more than the usual cutesy high schoolgirl fluff, you might find them interesting. (Though there are a couple of fluff titles in here, too ^_^)

Moonlight Flo ...
New Poll - Cosplay Opposites
(22 posts, 961 views) Posted: 222d 6h, 41m ago by calstine in News
I have no interest in cosplay whatsoever. The way I see it, cosplaying is about identifying with a character to the point that you feel one with them. I don't think I've ever seen a person in a work of fiction who resembles me in any way other than superfi ...
New Poll - Can't Sleep
(23 posts, 946 views) Posted: 229d 23h, 54m ago by calstine in News
Studying, of course. I bitterly regret the day I chose to try for medical college; it's still only my first year as a med student, and I'm already falling asleep in the middle of the day and all over the place because there's too much damn work to do... A ...
New Poll - Hardest to Scanlate
(28 posts, 1984 views) Posted: 377d 1h, 25m ago by calstine in News
Has to be seinen. There are lots of reasons, the major ones being: no furigana at all, complex topics (I mean, some seinen have medical, mechanical, historical, etc. terminology that'd be difficult even for people well-versed in colloquial Japanese), long, com ...
New Poll - Same-Sex Romances
(67 posts, 5614 views) Posted: 489d 2h, 38m ago by calstine in News
Girl, read both BL and GL, but only the ones that have an actual story and aren't just porn from beginning to end. ...
Bisexual Love Triangle
(12 posts, 1546 views) Posted: 496d 0h, 20m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Quote from ImaginaryWishes
Crush on You should fit.

I'm afraid you're wrong about that. In COY, both the guy and the girl like the same guy. ...
New Poll - Romance Scenarios
(22 posts, 2293 views) Posted: 510d 2h, 29m ago by calstine in News
Option 6 for me.

I don't like romance all that much, but if I read something with a prominent love story theme, I prefer having multiple couples who all get time in the spotlight, rather than one super-alpha couple that's always making up and breaking up an ...
Nine reasons to wish MU Happy Birthday!
(132 posts, 8440 views) Posted: 514d 1h, 7m ago by calstine in News
Here's to hoping you'll live to a ripe old age, MU! ...
Is it really shounen-ai?
(2 posts, 662 views) Posted: 514d 6h, 35m ago by calstine in Coda
I'm pretty sure it isn't shounen-ai. It was published in a shoujo magazine, so it's unlikely to have anything other than blink-and-you-miss-it subtext. You could ask the scanlators - just to be extra certain. ...
What is mangaupdates to you?
(24 posts, 1780 views) Posted: 551d 22h, 1m ago by calstine in Manga General
Quote from RoxFlowz
Manga are my drug and mangaupdates is my dealer.

This statement is full of win. And saved me from having to come up with a rejoinder of my own biggrin

MU is one of my top 3 most visited and favourite sites, and has been for close to half a deca ...
New Poll - Rating Series
(35 posts, 2728 views) Posted: 594d 4h, 6m ago by calstine in News
Second option for me, but not because I'm easy when it comes to ratings. If I don't enjoy the story, I just stop reading in the middle without bothering to complete the series (unless it's a oneshot or a single/double-volume manga, in which case I ...
New Poll - Translation Accuracy vs Fluency
(56 posts, 5259 views) Posted: 600d 2h, 35m ago by calstine in News
I see the wording of the two options has been changed. In that case, I vote for option 1, since it's closer to what I like to see in my manga and anime.

On another note: I've noticed that quite a few people who pick no.1 are students of Japanese language ...
New Poll - Translation Accuracy vs Fluency
(56 posts, 5259 views) Posted: 601d 2h, 8m ago by calstine in News
That's a tough choice. I'm pretty adamant that they keep the honorifics, because you can never convey the formality of -sama, -dono, the neutrality of -san, -kun, or the friendly familiarity of -chan, -tan, etc. with any kind of English honorific (or the lack th ...
New Poll - Gender Bender in Real Life 2
(57 posts, 6098 views) Posted: 628d 23h, 3m ago by calstine in News
Never. Not even for a few minutes. I'm perfectly happy with the gender I was born into. Obviously, I'm fine with my originally having being born as a guy, but to become male after being female first (or vice versa)? No way. I can see why some people m ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 14429 views) Posted: 655d 17h, 54m ago by calstine in News
Quote from Damnedman
Voting for yaoi is like beating a dead horse, but that's the only genre that I actually could not finish even one story. I was under the impression that there's a more or less even split between guys and girls on this site, so why is t ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 14429 views) Posted: 657d 1h, 42m ago by calstine in News
Another poll with a foregone conclusion; we're obviously running out of good poll topics. Everyone knows yaoi will win this one (or lose it, depending on your point of view).

I voted for hentai, but, well... ...
Is it really shounen-ai?
(4 posts, 1573 views) Posted: 683d 4h, 44m ago by calstine in Hakkenden
I agree. Admittedly, I haven't read past the point at which Bliss stopped releasing, but there isn't the slightest hint of shounen-ai in the first 3 volumes, save for some of the silly dude-looks-like-a-girl jokes you find in every other manga.
And this was origin ...
Dimples survey
(11 posts, 938 views) Posted: 717d 12h, 15m ago by calstine in Chatter Box
@OP: The survey isn't accessible, you know. It keeps asking me to log in, and it's weird to create an account at some site or the other just for that.

Hmm... I never much cared for dimples, myself. I don't have one, and I've only seen a cou ...
can i read part 2-3 befor part 1
(2 posts, 667 views) Posted: 720d 13h, 57m ago by calstine in Kaiji
You should watch the anime of part 1 first, I think. It must be more-or-less identical to the manga, hence why this part of the series hasn't been scanlated. ...
New Poll - Platonic vs. Romantic
(17 posts, 4297 views) Posted: 733d 14h, 15m ago by calstine in News
I don't think the poll is so much narrow-minded as it is unnecessary. The conclusion is foregone: romantic wins. I voted for platonic, but, eh...I know a losing battle when I see one. It's becoming more difficult by the day to find anything, in any medium, that ...
New Poll - Bad Spelling/Grammar
(81 posts, 8841 views) Posted: 741d 0h, 33m ago by calstine in News
As a proofreader, I often take notice of SPAG errors, and I'm always annoyed by them. Especially flawed grammar, which sometimes makes it nigh impossible to grasp the correct meaning behind the dialogue.

I actually don't mind it when the scan qu ...
New Poll - Handling Criticism
(17 posts, 1923 views) Posted: 754d 23h, 51m ago by calstine in News
I generally don't care about popular opinion (most likely because it so often differs from my own that I've become accustomed to it over the years), but if I really loved the story in question, I might get somewhat annoyed -- especially if the criticism is ba ...
Reason for "Tragedy" tag
(2 posts, 644 views) Posted: 806d 5h, 20m ago by calstine in No. 6 (Novel)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Yes, an important character does die.

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