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New Poll - In a Fantasy World
(31 posts, 562 views) Posted: 8d 20h, 17m ago by calstine in News
I'm going to be short-sighted and illogical and vote for "Learn magic." I mean, the 1st, 2nd and last options are obviously the more sensible ones, but it's not everyday you end up in a world with magic, so...

Quote from residentgrigo
Sci-Fi > ...
Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?
(734 posts, 93227 views) Posted: 8d 21h, 29m ago by calstine in Chatter Box
Quote from RattixEmpire
Grave of the Fireflies.
That anime movie left me depressed for days.

Hear, hear!

Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies) -- Was sobbing from the middle to the end.
Also, that episode in Ayatsuri Sakon featuring the mother who was k ...
Gender Bender in Literature
(10 posts, 432 views) Posted: 8d 23h, 28m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
@Hanae: The OP is a guy, you know. It's best not to recommend guys M/M unless they specifically ask for it, imo. (Hell, I'd say the same is true for girls) Waste of his time and yours. ...
self sacrifcing for many people/animals/plants
(5 posts, 338 views) Posted: 8d 23h, 46m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
This is basically the character profile for Vash, the protagonist of Trigun Maximum.

I think Ginji (one of the two protagonists) from Get Backers is like this a lot of the time, too. Not to the extent that he doesn't care about his own health, because he definitely do ...
unrequited love in yuri manga
(5 posts, 223 views) Posted: 8d 23h, 51m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Shouldn't this be in the Yaoi/Yuri forum? You'll probably get better results there.

My recommendations are not for you if what you're really looking for is "fake" unrequited love. The lack of feeling on the part of one of the girls in the ...
Shounen-ai Recommendations!
(3 posts, 179 views) Posted: 9d 16h, 5m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Once again, I only checked your complete list. Also, I can't really attest to the quality of some of these manga or say I recommend them. Most are pretty good, imo, but there are some here I haven't read yet, myself. I'm simply rec'cing y ...
Shounen-ai Recommendations!
(3 posts, 179 views) Posted: 10d 15h, 47m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Not in any particular order, and some of them are softcore yaoi. I never read smut, though, so none of that.

Golden Days
Yami no Kodou
Anything by Ishihara Satoru
Koori no Mamono no Monogatari
Acid Town
Makeinu no Nandemoya
To ...
forgot the name
(2 posts, 89 views) Posted: 10d 16h, 20m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
I don't remember the plot very well, so I might be wrong, but could it be Kimi ni Ageru? ...
Can this be read without the prequel?
(3 posts, 108 views) Posted: 12d 16h, 22m ago by calstine in Discommunication: Seireihen
Exactly as Topomouse said. The original story was pretty episodic anyway, so there was no overarching plot and it actually got pretty repetitive halfway through. Discommunication Seireihen is a concise version of the prequel, and therefore more interesting and t ...
can u bear to read long shonen with no girls?
(147 posts, 16235 views) Posted: 12d 16h, 22m ago by calstine in Shounen/Seinen
Absolutely. All guys, all girls, equal ratio... As long as it's not harem or reverse harem, I don't care about the gender composition of the cast. And if the plot is nonsense, it doesn't matter if the manga has the hottest characters on the planet, I stil ...
Upcoming Policy Changes (Doujinshi and Novels)
(245 posts, 6344 views) Posted: 20d 17h, 12m ago by calstine in News
If you start to consider yourself a gatekeeper of taste, you should also block 93% of all manga out there...

Please don't suggest that. It will just lead to tears

I can suggest whatever I want, and so can you. That's the purpose of this topic in the first ...
Upcoming Policy Changes (Doujinshi and Novels)
(245 posts, 6344 views) Posted: 20d 17h, 39m ago by calstine in News
I don't really care about doujinshi, since that can be filtered out of both searches and releases, but I'd really approve of your doing something about the recent influx of badly-written web novels by god-only-knows-who authors that are cluttering up eve ...
China Bans Attack On Titan, Death Note And Dozens Of Other Manga And Anime
(9 posts, 703 views) Posted: 21d 18h, 17m ago by calstine in Manga General
Quote from AquarianDemocrat
I'd guess its because of the worsening diplomatic relationship between China and Japan, not because they contain "violence and terror." biggrin

That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the OP, too! laugh ...
Manga with fujoshi bullied by other girls?
(1 posts, 238 views) Posted: 22d 20h, 19m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Was this manga shoujo/josei or yaoi/shounen-ai? If the latter, you might have more luck in the Yaoi/Yuri forum. And if nothing comes from it, you might want to add a few appropriate genre filters to the "fujoshi" category and see what turns up. ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate 2
(54 posts, 1775 views) Posted: 22d 21h, 3m ago by calstine in News
One of the female-oriented demographics is going to lose this one, I'm pretty sure. Probably shoujo, because the most active members on this forum seem to be guys (and there'll be quite a few girls who'll vote for shoujo, too). But then again, j ...
Your thoughts on LGBT after reading BL/GL
(13 posts, 719 views) Posted: 23d 12h, 26m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
I'm pretty sure my story, such as it is, is going to be completely different from anyone else's; but then again, this is the only comment you're going to get from a Sri Lankan Buddhist (If you don't know where that country is, no worries, I' ...
Butler-type or Closer than Bros
(5 posts, 443 views) Posted: 33d 16h, 27m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
I think you should check out this thread, since there are suggestions made there that'll fit your request very well. Maybe also the Pure subtext thread.

Get Backers is the epitome of this. They just don't make manga like this one anymore.
Adeka ...
identify request for a manga where a girl lived with 3 guys
(1 posts, 209 views) Posted: 33d 17h, 19m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Kin no Angel? Doesn't fit exactly, but maybe...

Bara no Tame ni, Crossroad and Bloody Kiss also sort of fit. ...
Female MC, no romance
(68 posts, 6324 views) Posted: 46d 0h, 24m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Thanks for the rec. But the comments are overall pretty unfavourable, so I'm not too sure. Not that I usually set much stock by comments, but when several people say the plot is dumb, I do tend to take notice... ...
Female MC, no romance
(68 posts, 6324 views) Posted: 46d 16h, 21m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Thanks for all the recommendations! And OMG, that person in the black t-shirt in Hyakumanjou Labyrinth is a woman!? I didn't even realise that until you told me. But now that I look closer at the chest... Yeah O_o

I kind of liked Yamikagishi, but the ending was p ...
Forgot name of manga. MC in first chapter - professional killer loli.
(1 posts, 290 views) Posted: 48d 21h, 40m ago by calstine in I'm Looking For...
Cynthia the Mission? ...
Your favourite BL and why :D
(5 posts, 442 views) Posted: 51d 20h, 25m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Most of Ishihara Satoru's stories. The uke is 100% a man, nothing feminine at all about him when it comes to looks, personality, like and dislikes, etc., and there's enough symbolic language and double meanings behind the conversations that you have to ...
Realistic Progression
(5 posts, 456 views) Posted: 51d 22h, 57m ago by calstine in Yaoi/Yuri
Nemureru Mori no Binan is as realistic as it can get. I didn't enjoy it at all because the characters are practically impossible to like, but...

Most of Ono Natsume's BL works and some of Yamashita Tomoko's titles, especially Illumination and Kuimo ...
(2 posts, 702 views) Posted: 53d 23h, 7m ago by calstine in D-Grayman
That's what it says in the "series status" field, but is it true? Was there an official announcement? If so, could someone please link me to it?

And I apologise if I'm over-reacting to old news or something. I've been out-of-touch with the ...
New chapter 2015!
(2 posts, 301 views) Posted: 91d 1h, 45m ago by calstine in Wild Adapter
Wow, that's good to hear. I hope there'll be more in future issues; with any luck it'll get a proper serialisation again now.

Thanks for the info! ...

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