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Manga that Best Represents Genre
(13 posts, 1076 views) Posted: 50d 5h, 50m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
You are all awesome! Thanks so much!

I like to get suggestions so I'm not just basing it on my own tastes. Some of these reminded me of things I'd forgotten, others confirmed my choices, and some were really good fits for categories I hadn' ...
Manga that Best Represents Genre
(13 posts, 1076 views) Posted: 53d 7h, 42m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
OK my friends, I'm doing another panel and would like your help. This is mostly just for fun, and will make up a minute or two of my crash course in manga and anime for first-time convention-goers.

Please if so inclined, list the one title that you think best exem ...
The best userscripts to use on MangaUpdates
(5 posts, 634 views) Posted: 53d 8h, 20m ago by scarletrhodelia in Manga General
sithkazar, Thank you!

I love the cover preview. So often, I click on a title because I don't remember it, only to see that it is one that I know. The cover preview will save me a lot of time and back-and-forth clicking.

I think that the advanced search will also be us ...
New Poll - Best Mood
(13 posts, 488 views) Posted: 60d 12h, 49m ago by scarletrhodelia in News
I prefer a mix of moods, from light-hearted to deadly serious. For example some of my favorites have that range: Fruits Basket, Kimi wa Pet, Sakamichi no Apollon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter.

I chose 'Tension / drama ' because conflict driv ...
Bara or gei-comi, not yaoi. sex scene is fine
(3 posts, 230 views) Posted: 62d 0h, 51m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
The problem with the 'bara' tag is that it's also used for bara-like BL (written by and for women). We need a 'gei-comi' tag. A genre tag would be better, but we're not going to get that. ...
Bara or gei-comi, not yaoi. sex scene is fine
(3 posts, 230 views) Posted: 62d 14h, 35m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
I made a list of these once, because something I was working on. These are all men who (presumably) write for other men. You could also follow their works back to the magazines they write for, and find more that way.
Beast seme
(4 posts, 421 views) Posted: 87d 13h, 30m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Junketsu Ningyo - collection of animal transformation stories. It's been a while since I read this, so I can't remember if it's the seme who is the 'beast', or if he stays in that form while 'doing it'. But it's an unusua ...
serious yaoi
(2 posts, 223 views) Posted: 87d 13h, 50m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Since that's not the point of yaoi, titles that do this aren't common. There are some suggestions in these threads.

LGBT manga that take the topic in series manor
Coming out/homosexuality stories
Realistic depiction of male homosexuality ...
Why is yaoi so popular!?!
(6 posts, 455 views) Posted: 89d 11h, 24m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
It's popular because people like it?

I might as well ask why horror is so popular. I don't enjoy it, I don't like it, and I avoid it. Or Harry Potter or Twilight or Frozen. Why do people like those? There's no one reason, the appeal is different for ...
Yaoi mangas - uke masturbates
(3 posts, 491 views) Posted: 105d 7h, 55m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Finder, v01 c03

This is all I can think of, but it stands out for me. ...
Judging a book by its cover
(10 posts, 693 views) Posted: 105d 8h, 0m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
This happens to me all the time. Usually I expect the best art to be on the cover, so I can never understand why so often the cover is not representative of the art inside.

Hot Gimmick - the vol. 1 cover is hideous, but I love the manga. Though there are many who will ...
Romance - guy holds back/restrains himself..
(8 posts, 806 views) Posted: 109d 5h, 53m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
I think these all fit to some extent.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise
The One ...
Uke tries to move on from seme, and seme realizes just how deep his love is for the uke.
(7 posts, 823 views) Posted: 112d 14h, 0m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
I really can't think of many where the uke moves on - usually after a break-up he just cries in a corner until the seme comes to get him. laugh
Totally Captivated maybe:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Ewon Yun breaks up with Mookyul and tries it with a friend, which ...
looking for a good romance manga
(6 posts, 674 views) Posted: 115d 11h, 3m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
grovylegirl, I don't know why you say it feels like you've read everything. Unless you're not adding everything to your lists, it seems to me that you're just getting started!

You say that you don't want any ecchi or fanservice, which ...
Looking for a yaoi
(3 posts, 337 views) Posted: 117d 4h, 8m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
It's hard to know which direction to go for a request so broad. Just some I like with masculine men, maybe a little more plot.
Try some of these, let us know what works for you, what you'd like more of.

My Life with You - action
Tengoku e Ikebaii - SF fan ...
Kid crush on adult, then time skip - BL
(14 posts, 2209 views) Posted: 122d 1h, 52m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Abiru Junjou, age gap, can't remember if there is a time skip
Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru - there's an age gap and a time skip as I recall, but I thought this story was really creepy and the art is ugly.
Akuma wa Hohoemu - not exactly, and you probably k ...
New Poll - Living a Genre
(35 posts, 1542 views) Posted: 123d 13h, 8m ago by scarletrhodelia in News
This is an interesting question. I took it to mean what you would want to live in rather than what your life is now - otherwise, not much point in listing historical, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, supernatural... But it could be read either way, so it's also revealing how people ...
Uke likes seme, but seme isn't sure or don't know about his feelings yet.
(6 posts, 448 views) Posted: 128d 6h, 39m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
It seems like it's usually the uke who is unsure. I kept thinking of titles, then realized I had them backwards!

Akanai Tobira
Arashi no Ato - seme doesn't want a relationship with a straight man
Empty Heart
Naisho de Alleluya
Okujou Fuukei
Uso to Kiss, sor ...
Yaoi Suggestions?
(6 posts, 354 views) Posted: 128d 10h, 55m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
'New' as in new to you, or as in hot off the press? I don't like to start a yaoi title until it's finished, because I forget what happened by the time it's complete!

One that I couldn't resist was 10 Dance. I love INOUE Satou's ...
I'm looking for a good completed manga
(7 posts, 807 views) Posted: 128d 14h, 41m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
It's hard to know what to suggest for such an open-ended request. I second almost all of annabel's suggestions, and I only say 'almost' because there are a few I haven't read. When a Man Loves a Man is one of my favorite BL, a ...
language barrier
(8 posts, 428 views) Posted: 130d 5h, 42m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
Home - Portugese and Japanese
Eikaiwa School Wars ...
yaoi and yuri
(4 posts, 231 views) Posted: 130d 8h, 59m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Earthian and Loveless, both by Kouga Yun, have canon yuri (or shoujo-ai), although the BL is more shounen-ai than yaoi.

50 x 50 - the boys get a shock

Revolutionary Girl Utena, but I think that's only in the anime ...
Yaoi Recommends
(3 posts, 336 views) Posted: 131d 4h, 50m ago by scarletrhodelia in Yaoi/Yuri
Unrequited Love Becomes Requited
Yorokobi wa Ude no Naka - This is my favorite story of unrequited love that at last becomes fulfilled. It is a follow-up to Yorokobi wa Hiza no Ue, but you don't have to read that one first unless you want the background.
Da ...
Does this exist?
(4 posts, 769 views) Posted: 131d 15h, 16m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
Possibly Adarushan no Hanayome, though I don't remember if the details fit. ...
Underrated or Unheard of
(24 posts, 3275 views) Posted: 134d 9h, 40m ago by scarletrhodelia in I'm Looking For...
I'm with silencecomes on this. If you were looking for more examples of the same kind, bumping an existing thread is OK and in fact is what you should do. The problem is, this is the "I'm Looking For..." forum. When I read a topic here, I as ...

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