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(26 posts, 7503 views) Posted: 1753d 23h, 33m ago by Saracin in XO Sisters
First remember that everything is edited by people who can make mistakes when they don't have all the info. But then again there's always the chance there were a few chapters left to make the last volume and then that's it. We'll just h ...
Magico Ending around chapter 67
(9 posts, 3430 views) Posted: 1938d 0h, 37m ago by Saracin in Magico (IWAMOTO Naoki)
Yeah, the moment that I saw an all out fight with a powerful enemy I knew it was told that it was ending after the last serialization meeting.

I think this series biggest issue is because the main hero is just too strong. While I'm glad the fights don't last long, ...
355 ( the end)
(45 posts, 15190 views) Posted: 2046d 4h, 7m ago by Saracin in Mahou Sensei Negima!
Hmm, no idea what happened to Fate either. Maybe BL fans got their wish and thats who Negi ended up with...But seriously if he didn't end up with one of his students than that must mean it was Anya that he was in love with.

Personally would have rather enjoye ...
MangaStream Drops VIZ Media Licensed Series
(170 posts, 25818 views) Posted: 2073d 3h, 42m ago by Saracin in News
Ah, but if we America can find an excuse to take down MegaUpload, then we'll find a way to take down Mangafox. If we think they are taking money from us, then we'll spend shitloads more to shut them down. I'm sure there's some logic ...
MangaStream Drops VIZ Media Licensed Series
(170 posts, 25818 views) Posted: 2074d 14h, 37m ago by Saracin in News
This really doesn't change anything. Some other group will start doing it, or people will just post their work on IRC. If they really wanted to hurt someone they should go after the manga reader sites and see what happens instead of the real fans who just wan ...
Who are they?
(3 posts, 548 views) Posted: 2289d 19h, 19m ago by Saracin in I'm Looking For...
Actually this is easier than you think. Since it's a groups ad, you can use their page here to see their projects and get an idea.

Spiky hair is from Angelique and the juice box guy looks like the one from the pi ...
Why do people hate Sasuke?
(477 posts, 79773 views) Posted: 2345d 22h, 14m ago by Saracin in Naruto
Quote from aseelh.94
Quote from Arela
I don't know where to begin, there are so many bad things about Sasuke...
I hate him mainly because he wants to take revenge (over something his brother wanted to protect! Its just illogical) and for that he is willing to ...
Latest Arc [Spoilers]
(18 posts, 4443 views) Posted: 2373d 12h, 5m ago by Saracin in Kekkaishi
Yeah, this was a really good ending. Still kinda wish there was a chapter telling us how Yoshimori's parents met and fell in love. Considering how different they are, it would have been nice. ...
one last chapter.... i think
(9 posts, 2837 views) Posted: 2373d 13h, 51m ago by Saracin in Kekkaishi
Yeah, feel like the last chapter should have been longer, but it was a sweet and amusing ending. I'll have to keep an eye out for her next work as well. ...
Remembering Franky House
(44 posts, 5732 views) Posted: 2374d 8h, 41m ago by Saracin in News
I didn't get into reading scanlated manga until 2009, so by the time I started reading stuff FH was already looking shaky. But I will never ever complain about a group that did work on series that I liked and no one else worked on like Asu No Yoichi and Rosario ...
The end of Bleach
(65 posts, 15180 views) Posted: 2375d 11h, 53m ago by Saracin in Bleach
Quote from Emeline
Bleach should have really ended after the dead of Aizen. I mean what is there they can do now, it's just a useless/brainless story without a plot going nowhere. confused . . . unless they somehow revive Aizen, make him the god and END

I so did ...
one last chapter.... i think
(9 posts, 2837 views) Posted: 2396d 18h, 33m ago by Saracin in Kekkaishi
Its hard to say. While I do find it hard to continue, I think it might be ending soon. But I wouldn't bet on the next chapter being the last. Still a few loose ends to tie up that might take 2 or 3 chapters to finish. ...
Tsundere x Tsundere<3(;
(28 posts, 3973 views) Posted: 2407d 2h, 11m ago by Saracin in I'm Looking For...
Thought I'd try suggesting Dengeki Daisy, although if you have already read some shojo I'm sure you've already come across it. Its hard to find many tsundere males in lead roles. wish I could be more help. ...
did the anime really end? :(
(10 posts, 1299 views) Posted: 2408d 4h, 34m ago by Saracin in Bleach
Quote from palerogue
bleach, both the manga and the anime, has kind of run its course, seems to me that the series needs to end and make room for other newer and fresher shounen series

Considering how quickly some of Weekly Jump's newer manga ...
did the anime really end? :(
(10 posts, 1299 views) Posted: 2408d 4h, 43m ago by Saracin in Bleach
There will be more episodes. I figure they will probably do another filler arc or something while the manga progresses. But the ending is like that because Kubo made Ichigo too strong meanwhile everyone else seems really weak in comparison. So Ichigo goes ba ...
is there more to Bleach than aizen
(36 posts, 6020 views) Posted: 2409d 22h, 21m ago by Saracin in Bleach
Basically the problem was Ichigo was TOO powerful. So now we have a setting where he's gaining back his powers plus when characters are reintroduced they can be more powerful with new abilities. Plus i get the feeling we're leading up to finding ...
Last manga you dropped
(384 posts, 48808 views) Posted: 2570d 7h, 33m ago by Saracin in Manga General
vampire knight because it seemed like every other shoujo manga, except instead of sex it was drinking blood. also felt like they rushed early on and suddenly the character i liked was too serious. and i do like some shoujo manga. maybe i'll give it another c ...
Is negima ending soon?
(28 posts, 6328 views) Posted: 2595d 20h, 26m ago by Saracin in Mahou Sensei Negima!
Or perhaps they throw us a curveball and after the battle against Fate, he kisses him and suddenly it has a Yaoi ending with them as a couple.

And in regards to Ghost Sweeper Mikami, I'm not a big fan of endings that are merely a chance for the creator to ...
Is negima ending soon?
(28 posts, 6328 views) Posted: 2595d 23h, 43m ago by Saracin in Mahou Sensei Negima!
Well I think this arc still has a lot of chapters left. I think the final battle will start in the Magic realm and continue at the academy and along the way a few more pactios will be made. Personally I think its hard to decide who he should end up with. Everyone has grown a ...
The End of Ouran
(19 posts, 1397 views) Posted: 2606d 17h, 51m ago by Saracin in News
Yeah, I don't read many Shoujo manga's since they all seem to be so similiar and didn't think I'd like this series, but I ended up loving it. Don't remember Hattori mentioning that, but I get the feeling regardless it will be a happy, tearful ...
Shoujo/Josei Heroine Who Is NOT Love-Obsessed
(20 posts, 6050 views) Posted: 2758d 17h, 32m ago by Saracin in I'm Looking For...
I'm a big fan of Maid-sama because of the fact that the heroine isn't looking for love, is actually strong willed, and the guy isn't some womanizing jerk. I might take note of a few of these since outside of Maid-sama, Kimi No Todoke, and Ouran H ...

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