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Thinking about getting a Vita - what games should I get?
(16 posts, 3774 views) Posted: 1176d 12h, 29m ago by nesfe in Games
Ok, there are 2 vita versions, the original OLED one and the new slim LCD one. Personally I prefer the old one because OLED just makes the colors pop out beautifully, but the new slim has better battery life, less weight and better select/start buttons. It's jus ...
2013 Summer Anime Season
(24 posts, 2912 views) Posted: 1600d 17h, 46m ago by nesfe in Chatter Box
I'm mostly interested in the movies : New Ghibli Movie(Kaze Tachinu) , Ano hi Mita Hana Movie, Kara no Kyoukai , Ghost in the Shell.

Anime series: Gin no Saji, Inu to Hasami and danganronpa.
Doesn't look that there are many interesting anime series s ...
What manga is this??????
(2 posts, 651 views) Posted: 1600d 19h, 30m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
i believe it's from Shinigamihime no Saikon ...
romance but not high-school...
(19 posts, 7255 views) Posted: 1618d 10h, 45m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Otoyomegatari tribal setting definitely recommended.
REC living togethor.
any manga with only hiragana?
(4 posts, 4326 views) Posted: 1621d 13h, 33m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Most shonnen/Shoujo manga have furigana(small hirgana characters) above the Kanji. Like this

Example : all shonnen jump manga like Bleach, One piece , Naruto can be read with only hirgana knowledge. ...
forced to live together- dont get along at first, but end up infalling in love
(7 posts, 2470 views) Posted: 1681d 23h, 38m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Little House with an Orange Roof, B. Shock! and Parallel ...
What type of cellphone do you have?
(282 posts, 23658 views) Posted: 1691d 23h, 56m ago by nesfe in Chatter Box
Samsung Galaxy SII and IPhone 4s. I mostly use my SII though. ...
almost out of anime movies. need recommendations.
(18 posts, 2089 views) Posted: 1693d 22h, 27m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. The DVD just came out on Feb 20,'s by the people who made summer wars and the The girl who kept through time.

Here is a trailer : ...
What Stories Do You Often See Referenced or Adapted Into A Manga
(7 posts, 616 views) Posted: 1714d 9h, 10m ago by nesfe in Manga General
Romance of the three kingdoms have been referenced in almost all genres of manga(echi, harem, Shoujo, senein, sci-fi etc...). ...
I'm looking for Detective & Romance manga
(7 posts, 6476 views) Posted: 1714d 9h, 20m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Shoujo side :
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo would be the best fit, it has a supernatural element though.
Honey Bitter

Seinen Side:

Ouroboros and Psychometrer Eiji are seinen and a little more serous, both are nice.

There is also an anime based on Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki ...
looking for a certain manga about older woman younger male
(8 posts, 965 views) Posted: 1715d 11h, 16m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Anedoki ? ...
(4 posts, 740 views) Posted: 1720d 4h, 51m ago by nesfe in One Piece
From the looks of it, I guess Law will be going with them on the same ship. I'm wondering where his comrades are. I'm secretly hoping that they are dead, and Law is after kaidou for revenge (eventually joining Luffy's gang), but I don't th ...
Manga becomming Childish?
(24 posts, 5725 views) Posted: 1732d 12h, 30m ago by nesfe in Manga General
I find it strange that you say you have been reading manga since the 90's and yet you don't know the difference between Shounen and Seinen. All of the series that you like are dark, mature seinen series (except kenshin) and you are comparing them ...
recommend me an anime please
(27 posts, 2427 views) Posted: 1733d 12h, 16m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Steins;Gate anime is really good .It has some nice twists and the epic ending that you're looking for.The manga and anime are based on the visual novel so it doesn't matter if the manga is still ongoing.

Mirai Nikki

kokoro Connect: Sci-fi phenomenon wit ...
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Manga to End in 12th Volume
(3 posts, 2639 views) Posted: 1738d 10h, 23m ago by nesfe in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
The 11th volume of Robico's Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun manga confirmed on Friday that the series will end in the next volume. The 12th volume of the shōjo romance will bundle an original anime DVD when it ships this summer.

The manga centers a ...
Your first manga/anime
(776 posts, 95626 views) Posted: 1755d 8h, 48m ago by nesfe in Manga General
The first time I was attracted to anime was when I watched Studio Ghibli's movie Spirited Away. After that, I hunted down all the anime movies I could find (Studio Ghibli and other Production companies).

Though i do remember as a child watching Captain Tsub ...
A funny romance with..
(9 posts, 1432 views) Posted: 1756d 3h, 10m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Have your tried Yamada and the 7 Witches , the new series by the same author of Megan-chan. It basically has the same themes and feel as Megane in comedy and romance only with a supernatural twist. ...
WSJ Romance
(4 posts, 942 views) Posted: 1756d 3h, 17m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
So you only want romance manga from Weekly shonnen jump ? These 3 series are romance manga from the magazine.
Nisekoi still ongoing.
Hatsukoi Gentei
Koisome Momiji

In case you want Shonnen romance from other magazines.

Suzuka (complete 18 volume ...
Like Capeta (anime or manga)
(4 posts, 1295 views) Posted: 1756d 3h, 27m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
I've searched for similar anime before, so hopefully you'll like what I found smile .

Try the anime Over Drive , main character becomes obsessed with bikes and he has a quaky personality. The anime of initial D (5th season airing now), and Second Major, w ...
(13 posts, 1753 views) Posted: 1758d 14h, 36m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Definitely, Mido Ban from Get Backers ...
Full Metal
(12 posts, 1199 views) Posted: 1764d 13h, 54m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
You should try the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and its sequel (or the movies). it deals greatly with cyborgs robots and human identity, though they do have faces.

Here is the setting taken from wiki :

The series takes place in the near future, where ...
133 <--worth the wait
(7 posts, 1488 views) Posted: 1776d 9h, 4m ago by nesfe in Claymore
Isn't the girl the daughter of Riful and Dauf. I mean she has both the powers(riful's hair, Dauf's body and nails) and it looked like she was newly born.

Can Yoma/Awakened beings have children ? Has it Been discussed before by the author? ...
(7 posts, 2027 views) Posted: 1783d 15h, 28m ago by nesfe in One Piece
When I read that the marines are preparing something, I remembered Bonney's capture.

Dunno if this has been discussed before, but I think The marines are planning to use Bonney's power to make the elder Marines young again (for some reason, it ...
Rich Girl/ Poor Guy ?
(16 posts, 12702 views) Posted: 1809d 8h, 43m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
Billionaire Girl seems nice. Unfortunately, it looks like its on Hiatus sad
I'll check out Girls Of the Wild's.

More recommendations are welcomed. ...
Rich Girl/ Poor Guy ?
(16 posts, 12702 views) Posted: 1809d 9h, 57m ago by nesfe in I'm Looking For...
A lot of shoujo manga have male leads as the rich Heir with a troubled past, or abandoned/ illegitimate child of a powerful rich family etc...

I'm looking for a shoujo/Josei where the main male is actually dirt poor, maybe have part time jobs to help support him ...

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