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Magazine Big 3
(3 posts, 529 views) Posted: 21d 6h, 0m ago by Baniita in Shounen/Seinen
Just AKB49 for me, really... Koe no Katachi should've just stayed a one-shot. It got boring. Nanatsu no Taizai has gotten really downhill; the plot's a mess and the writing is no good. UQ Holder seemed good from the first few chapters and then it got rea ...
7th Garden looks amazing...
(4 posts, 250 views) Posted: 22d 1h, 7m ago by Baniita in 7th Garden
I wanna read that... = w= ...
7th Garden looks amazing...
(4 posts, 250 views) Posted: 22d 7h, 27m ago by Baniita in 7th Garden
I was in a convenience store yesterday and SQ had the first chapter (I think?) of 7th Garden. The art was gorgeous. O _O Is any group picking it up?

I can't read much Japanese yet (still studying). If anyone else read it, was it good? What was it about? ...
Black Butler end of the first season
(5 posts, 188 views) Posted: 23d 3h, 3m ago by Baniita in Kuroshitsuji
They do explain it in the second season. Just watch.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Just as Sebas was about to consume Ciel's soul, Claude took it. I forget the details. It didn't start over.

Book of Circus was the one to rewind back to right after the cooking ...
Does a site like this exist yet?
(1 posts, 238 views) Posted: 23d 3h, 11m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Unless there's a site like this already, but I'm wondering why this doesn't exist (to my knowledge):

A manga release aggregation site like Manga Updates, but since this place isn't allowed to host scanlation group site links anymore (to my ...
Mangatraders now 100% down, any new info?
(34 posts, 30140 views) Posted: 23d 4h, 30m ago by Baniita in Chatter Box
My sentiments exactly. u _u Everything you just said.
I wonder if the you-know-what LJ community will start back up a little...

<snesker> and there's the 6000 mt-exclusive fujoshit titles

Wow, DIE. = _=

Ugh. Who the hell is that guy? He's rude, too ...
New Poll - Background Art
(13 posts, 246 views) Posted: 41d 7h, 55m ago by Baniita in News
As long as they're not like the backgrounds in Bleach.

By backgrounds in Bleach, I mean white space.

...same with the attacks, really. ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 3377 views) Posted: 132d 0h, 48m ago by Baniita in News
The problem is the lack of good authors for GL. Girl Friends remains really the only GL I actually really like. Morinaga Milk is a goddess (god? idk). Though I have been noticing more GL with actual subtance though; yay! Collectors and Octave!
And girl-girl relationshi ...
New Poll - Most Read Demographic
(93 posts, 3377 views) Posted: 132d 0h, 51m ago by Baniita in News
I wanted to vote "BL", but it wasn't an option. :T (And no, yaoi and BL are NOT synonymous. So I went with shounen-ai, even though that term is incorrect and outdated.
Hahaha wow--the numbers for yaoi are impressive, though.

I read every demog ...
Beelzebub is ending? Or is it getting axed?
(6 posts, 3449 views) Posted: 208d 11h, 12m ago by Baniita in Beelzebub
I love Beelzebub, but it's been terrible as of the later arcs. :< ...
How to find more manga (guide)
(43 posts, 18379 views) Posted: 318d 10h, 27m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Ehe, I guess this is something you can only do if you're in Japan or have access to a Japanese bookstore overseas, but I like to take a pencil and paper to Book-Off, K-Books, or manga cafes. I write down the titles that catch my interest, and look it up to read ...
How much work do redrawers/cleaners do?
(13 posts, 2098 views) Posted: 318d 10h, 44m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Aaah, I see. So this "Topaz" plug-ins explains a lot. I'll have to look into it.

The kanzenban sound like they'd take even longer to release than the tankoubon, and those are only for the very popular series, anyway, right? The SJ in N. America ...
Post a genre that you hate, and let others try to change your mind
(193 posts, 17629 views) Posted: 320d 10h, 38m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Sports manga (for guys), pointless and shallow ecchi manga (I read het hentai just fine though, for some reason--maybe because I know it's supposed to be shallow?), and retro manga.

Seriously, Slam Dunk was cheesy as hell. I never actually picked up GTO ...
Top 5 Mangaka
(166 posts, 27036 views) Posted: 320d 11h, 7m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Hoshino Katsura, who goes on hiatus every three months, releases a short chapter, repeat process a few times, and then takes a year hiatus, repeat. Goes off to design for Valvrave (possibly one of the most retarded anime I've forced myself to watch), h ...
NYCC 2013 Manga License Round-Up
(4 posts, 382 views) Posted: 320d 11h, 16m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Wow, UQ Holder is only in single-digit chapters, isn't it? Already.

Well, Negima was really good... UQ Holder's protagonist is totally lame, though. :T

Yaaay! Nanatsu got serialized! Of course it did. That shit is great.

Ah, I really like the mangaka of Kuro Bar ...
Manga Reborn: The future of manga scanlation?
(10 posts, 1106 views) Posted: 320d 11h, 24m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Ooh, sounds like a great concept. But just that, and doesn't sound feasible. The good stuff are all owned by grubby, stingy companies. Sharing culture in Japan is different.

Also, I'm not interested in retro manga at all. :C I tried Jojo several times, and I ju ...
How much work do redrawers/cleaners do?
(13 posts, 2098 views) Posted: 320d 11h, 47m ago by Baniita in Manga General
So I live in Japan now, and I went into a convenience store to take a look at last week's Jump, and the printing quality is absolutely horrible--no wonder it's only 250 yen. The blacks are grey, and aren't solids at all, the printing paper are hideous sh ...
good untranslated manga
(12 posts, 895 views) Posted: 333d 16h, 22m ago by Baniita in I'm Looking For...
Ah, I second Bambino Secondo.

Kami no Shizuku is very good (it's an A+ seinen sommelier manga), but Vertical dropped it after the 5th bundle volume. The art is fantastic, it's informational, and interesting.

Life was licensed by Tokyopop, but since they c ...
Best Anime and Manga Quotes
(59 posts, 6543 views) Posted: 389d 16h, 37m ago by Baniita in Manga General
If we have the time to be putting our dreams into words, we would rather be training!
--Urayama Minoru (AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei) ...
Site Manga Poll Suggestions
(1948 posts, 435232 views) Posted: 411d 13h, 22m ago by Baniita in Manga General
Quote from cl123
I am really curious about the relationship between gender and "shipping"/rooting for your characters to be together. From my understanding, the stereotype is that females predominantly do so, so I am interested to see if that's ...
On hiatus again?
(5 posts, 6989 views) Posted: 508d 16h, 39m ago by Baniita in D-Grayman
You do know that Hoshino has wrist problems, right? > _>
Her doctor advised her to take it easy, basically. More recently, she designed characters for Valvrave the Liberator.
I really hope she's making enough money to survive on. OTL

And there ne ...
New Poll - Manga Subscription
(65 posts, 4598 views) Posted: 535d 2h, 34m ago by Baniita in News
Depends on the publisher and the range of manga.

For me to subscribe, they must:
- Not tamper with the original SFX's--dealing with them like Del Rey does would be perfect.
- Keep honorifics.
- NOT TAMPER WITH THE ART like Viz does to censor their serie ...
Quality vs. Speed (mangapirate case)
(301 posts, 35943 views) Posted: 541d 7h, 40m ago by Baniita in Manga General
It's all a war for web traffic and ad revenue or something. = A= Which is reasonable, since, well, server costs.

I don't think mangastream should be lumped in with the speedscans you're referring to, though. The groups now doing the Big Three ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 13113 views) Posted: 542d 15h, 2m ago by Baniita in News
Yeah, except guys who like lesbians and get turned on think about getting involved and turn it into a threesome. e _e)"

I know it turns some girls on, but I still don't get it, though. I'd like to think it's just because they imagine themselves getting ...
New Poll - Demographic Hate
(156 posts, 13113 views) Posted: 542d 15h, 8m ago by Baniita in News
Ugh. Been there, done that. Those are heaps of yaoi to avoid.

I also read lots of shoujo (copious amounts of manga, really), mostly for the art or when I'm bored. I rarely ever end up supporting the couple, but the stories are sometimes interesting. Sometimes ...

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