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Looking For Creepy Movie Suggestions
(19 posts, 1121 views) Posted: 204d 10h, 34m ago by Haibara in I'm Looking For...
Insidious 2 (2013) - yes its still showing in cinemas
Silent Hill (1 an 2)
The Awakening
The Eye

The first four words you see
(86 posts, 2718 views) Posted: 204d 10h, 44m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box

smile wink grin ...
Does reading manga help you improve your language?
(51 posts, 3683 views) Posted: 204d 10h, 48m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Yes it does, in some Manga that is.. Since there were some that are translated in simpler terms. Besides English there are also language could be learn which are from other countries, which in its original word is used (or not translated but having a note in the side ...
dangerous stuff you did as a kid
(198 posts, 10969 views) Posted: 204d 11h, 2m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Was chased by ducks and geese (you could say peck-attacked laugh ) *runs so fast*
idk why they started to chase me ... out of know where they appeared right in my back
good thing it didn't became a trauma laugh ...
Today, for the first time in my life, I...
(1644 posts, 172789 views) Posted: 204d 11h, 16m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
"Today, for the first time in my life, I..."
Read about 20 mangas and completed it! weee~ laugh ...
Personality Disorder Test
(361 posts, 23203 views) Posted: 204d 11h, 27m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Just out of curiosity bigrazz (seems interesting and fun)
Unexpected Results coming up! laugh

Paranoid: High
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Low
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: Very High
Dependent: High ...
"itadakimasu" in your language
(179 posts, 14918 views) Posted: 204d 12h, 10m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Though not so many people do it these days laugh
The only ones I always does this were the Japanese and Koreans (based on observation roll eyes )
Anyways, below is the only language I recall of saying "itadakimasu"

In Chinese:
食福 (chia̍ ...
New Poll - Pokemon
(47 posts, 2534 views) Posted: 204d 12h, 49m ago by Haibara in News
Didn't expect there would be a poll about Pokemon Movies laugh (childhood indeed)
I'm having a hard time picking on which should be the most favorite among them all, since there are maybe about five of them I liked most, even though so far I have watc ...
The rating of "1" and "10"
(54 posts, 5061 views) Posted: 204d 13h, 16m ago by Haibara in Manga General
IMO, The Rating of "1", It could be the worst thing I ever read. In which it would a have very bad quality in comes to art (sorry, I'm picky in comes to this. I understand that its not easy to draw those so "beautiful to the eyes" characters ...
(27 posts, 1594 views) Posted: 452d 16h, 50m ago by Haibara in Music
Have you heard the song sung by Mayu? They are Vdex awesome to hear x) laugh ...
I Need a Character Name
(9 posts, 597 views) Posted: 474d 18h, 22m ago by Haibara in Games
First! ...
Manga that Scarred you for Life
(400 posts, 67180 views) Posted: 514d 21h, 39m ago by Haibara in Manga General
I think what scared me was the manga Ibitsu I can't still forget about it (its been like 3yrs now since i read it) xDD give off the chills! maybe there are other manga that i had read but this one will i never forget lol ...
MangaUpdates is 6!
(74 posts, 2336 views) Posted: 514d 21h, 52m ago by Haibara in News
Congrats and happy birthday biggrin

EDIT: sorry I didn't know ... (・□・;)but thanks ...
What irritates you in general?
(1482 posts, 156651 views) Posted: 516d 14h, 8m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
1. Loading will never ends, already been hours and lags is the same thing. because it wasted your time
dead dead
2. Noisy neighborhood especially early in the morning or night that you can't have your sleep. Noise could be dog barking,screeching cars or lo ...
horror elements that scare you
(49 posts, 2934 views) Posted: 516d 14h, 23m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
voted sane men/women going insane , those psychos and having some killing weapons they could use. I think zombie can be part of being insane since they are not in the right mind xD stalkers are also one of them. one good element of a horror is night (dark). xD ...
(56 posts, 2772 views) Posted: 516d 14h, 36m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Quote from Dr. Love
Wheee, food thread~~~

I think I eat pizza once a week. o.o Always. But not of
those greasy variety kind. <__> Yummy olives and tuna. +.+

Aldi pizzas!

So, how about you? Do you love/hate them? D;

Totally agree with you, greasy or oily is eq ...
Why your username?
(928 posts, 120948 views) Posted: 516d 14h, 43m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
since she is one of the character that i like in the manga i like to read as well and that she's my ditto laugh bigrazz ...
Have you ever cried at an anime/manga..?
(717 posts, 77284 views) Posted: 516d 15h, 1m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
yes I do in some anime/manga, depends on the scene (especially in animes) like they are about to die or some touching scene. (;へ:)i can share some; one of them as i recall were:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Angel B ...
Do you own a pet / pets?
(574 posts, 40440 views) Posted: 516d 15h, 12m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Since I was a kid I already started having pets (but of course they already died of old age or sort of sickness). Pets that i used to have were: Rabbits,Chicks,Fishes,Birds,Turtles,Frogs,Dogs,white mice and hamster

We've recently have 2 adopted dogs biggrin , They ...
Looking For Creepy Movie Suggestions
(19 posts, 1121 views) Posted: 516d 15h, 26m ago by Haibara in I'm Looking For...
I don't know if it's creepy for you but still its a good movie to watch smile (Horror/Thriller)
Insidious (2010)
The Crazies (2010)
Rosewood Lane (2011)
Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4

There are more but then i forgot the titles xD
hope you like them...
What do you want to eat right NOW?
(1222 posts, 59638 views) Posted: 516d 15h, 43m ago by Haibara in Chatter Box
Right now? pizza and whatever dinner xDD ...
Detective Conan: What's your favorite case?
(4 posts, 437 views) Posted: 516d 16h, 21m ago by Haibara in Detective Conan
This Topic might be able to help those who is just started reading/watching or those who want to continue or not. (shown is a general questions people ask) cool Hope it will be helpful to the readers.

So what I'm asking is your opinion. smile

confused What do you think of Cas ...
The Best Girl Character is/are..?
(12 posts, 1077 views) Posted: 516d 16h, 51m ago by Haibara in Detective Conan
I wonder about your opinions.. Remember to respect ones opinion and faves biggrin

I will start of....

Ai/Shiho/Sherry - she´s cool, awesome, mysterious and she can screw so wonderfuly with Conan´s/Shinichi´s head you just have to love her. XD ...
opinions on ran..
(5 posts, 756 views) Posted: 516d 17h, 10m ago by Haibara in Detective Conan
Ran I like her , she is a strong person in heart, mind and body. biggrin
I kind of understand the annoying part of her but i find it funny as the story goes, like for example the suspicion part, jealousy moments and when ran gets mad at something, conan freak-out face xD
she ...
Is there any progress at all?
(6 posts, 1479 views) Posted: 516d 17h, 20m ago by Haibara in Detective Conan
Quote from Blique
I'd say it's 60% episodic, 30% character development, and 10% plot. The plot usually has hints here and there (like a suspicious recurring character is involved in a case), but the best thing is when the big plot arcs start. These arcs oc ...

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