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New Poll - Age
(30 posts, 806 views) Posted: 18d 16h, 19m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in News
My poll, yay. I've been curious about this for ages.

Personally I'm 25, but I started reading manga when I was 13. I never considered that all of us from the Pokemon (DBZ and Sailor Moon as well for those of you across the pond, though they weren' ...
How often do you take breaks from manga?
(15 posts, 378 views) Posted: 39d 14h, 59m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Manga General
I don't really take breaks from manga, as I'm a compulsive bookworm and must be reading something. I usually read manga and a novel, alternating between them. Some weeks I read more manga and others I read less, it all depends on what else I h ...
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
(33 posts, 1403 views) Posted: 40d 16h, 24m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
I share the bed with my cat, I sleep where ever she chooses not to. Luckily I have a semi-single, which gives me just enough space. My cat is small at just 3.5kg, but she somehow manages to take up the whole bed. ...
(31 posts, 1067 views) Posted: 41d 16h, 47m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
In high school I had a huge crush on a close friend or years, so one day I just told him that I liked him. He didn't like me back sadly, and for a while it was awkward, but eventually (faster than I could have imagined) we got over it. The relief of having told him an ...
New Poll - World Transfer
(64 posts, 1519 views) Posted: 62d 13h, 24m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in News
No, I could never give up my life and dreams here. I could never say goodbye to my friends and family. I could never leave my pets. I love manga, but I love my real life too much to ever leave it behind. I'm going to creat a new vaccine and open an animal she ...
Bus Stop
(40 posts, 2048 views) Posted: 68d 14h, 35m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
Quote from CuthienSilmeriel
I would get the number of the love of my life, call an ambulance for the dying man and give none of them a ride since I don't allow strangers into my car and if they're at a bus stop I'd assume a bus would be along so ...
Total Bromance
(7 posts, 417 views) Posted: 73d 12h, 9m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
Banana Fish
Let Dai
Shounen Mahoushi
07 Ghost ry=Bromance ...
New Poll - Time Travel
(26 posts, 891 views) Posted: 83d 13h, 11m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in News
I dated my childhood friend, our dad's are best friends and he's only 6 months older so we just kinda ended up being each other's first boyfriend/girlfriend when we were younger (like 13). They we grew up and I matured, he didn't. Not to ...
Same Birthday
(29 posts, 1030 views) Posted: 85d 15h, 44m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
I met a girl who not only shared my birthday, but we were born around the same time, we shared a name and were the same age as well. We were doing the same job, in the same prefecture (we met in Japan). It was weird, though since she was born in the USA a ...
(10 posts, 330 views) Posted: 86d 13h, 21m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
I can definitely see why it can be a curse sometimes, watching loved ones die for eternity and lingering on alone, unable to really put down roots to hide your immortality, is a lonely existence. On the other hand, the accomplishments you could achieve if you didn' ...
Running away from organization
(6 posts, 331 views) Posted: 88d 18h, 20m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
07 Ghost
Distinguishing Twins
(7 posts, 373 views) Posted: 95d 16h, 1m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
I've only ever met 1 pair of identical twins, 2 girls in my year at high school. They weren't in my class and I barely ever spoke to them, so I could never tell them apart. All the other twins I've met have been non-identical, (I've met 2 boy/gir ...
What to Eat When You Have No Money
(153 posts, 10394 views) Posted: 96d 14h, 30m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
Beans on toast. Classic impoverished student staple.

A loaf of bread = £1
Tin of beans = 45p

A meal for £1.45!

Also, you can just cut down on meals. Instead of 3 meals a day, have 2 large meals, a brunch at around 11am and an evening meal at arou ...
Ever Attended Military Training/Exercise??
(18 posts, 866 views) Posted: 106d 13h, 29m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
There's no compulsory military training in the UK, but I was in the army cadets as a young teen. It's kind of like a pre-army club for 12-16 year olds where we learn some basic military skills (lots oif marching!!!) and go on basic training camps. Nothing to ...
Manga that keeps improving with each chapters
(17 posts, 1455 views) Posted: 112d 15h, 4m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
Lots of good ones already said so I'll add

Completely scanned.
Banana Fish - This is the best manga I have ever read, and I've read a lot of manga over the last 12 years. Don't let the art put you off, I did and I regretted doing so once I finally read ...
SPOILER, The finale of Code Geass R2
(6 posts, 403 views) Posted: 112d 23h, 44m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
The creators said he died about a year after the ending, just to end all the speculation and demands for another sequel. It is sad, but him dying really was the best way to end it. Anything else would have cheapened the entire series. ...
What's Your Native Language?
(141 posts, 6149 views) Posted: 115d 17h, 15m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
English for me as well.

I failed both French and Spanish in school, but can speak enough Japanese to get by. I'm not good enough to translate though, manga is HARD!!!! ...
Realistic J Dramas
(15 posts, 913 views) Posted: 176d 16h, 16m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
I highly recommend the J-drama version of Hana Yori Dango (not the Korean version, which I found far too over dramatic). The Japanese version does a great job of depicting the manga. Kimi wa petto is also good, but the manga is better to be honest. ...
Long and addicting manga
(9 posts, 675 views) Posted: 191d 10h, 24m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
Try Banana Fish (don't let the art put you off, this manga is amazing)
A cruel god reigns

No romance, except in the last one which is a yaoi I guess but isn't at all explicit, but they have great plots, likeable characters and fantastic development ...
New Poll - Continent
(36 posts, 2248 views) Posted: 269d 20h, 40m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in News
I live in Asia (Japan) but am from Europe (the UK).

I was taught Europe, Asia, America (North and South), Africa, Australasia, and Antarctica were the continents in school. Though usually North and South America are separated in the news and other things. Conv ...
Poll for class project
(15 posts, 756 views) Posted: 274d 14h, 39m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Manga General
I moved to Japan. I am not sure how much of my decision was based on manga and anime alone, and my initial interest in Japan was sparked by Godzilla, and later pokemon, but manga especially made it seem more like a real country I could go to rather that the m ...
saw a white hair kid manga but dunno what it is ...
(7 posts, 955 views) Posted: 280d 17h, 48m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
Do you have a picture? Age? Or at least could you suggest a genre, like was he dressed fantasy-esque, or modern, or gothic, or steampunk?

For your second request
Banana Fish - features a good looking male (the art gets better after a couple of volumes) who ...
(165 posts, 8246 views) Posted: 283d 15h, 4m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in Chatter Box
So far (at age 24) I have been to only 7 countries besides my own for at least 1 week. (Well technically I have visited 9 if you count Wales and Scotland as separate to England). I went to France and Spain a lot as a child, I've toured Italy, went to Belgium as a s ...
emotionally rigid person life
(4 posts, 345 views) Posted: 285d 13h, 50m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Vampire juujikai Maybe, but I would say the protagonist is stoic or calm more than emotionless.

Emotionless protagonist tag s+Protagonist ...
A sad manga
(14 posts, 936 views) Posted: 287d 14h, 3m ago by CuthienSilmeriel in I'm Looking For...
I second Banana Fish. It is the best manga I've ever read, and I've read a lot in the last 10 years. It is long, but doesn't drag at all and if it doesn't have you in tears by the end, I question if you have working tear ducts because it is heartbrea ...

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