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Sick of harems, neverending fights and big-eyed girls

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From User Message Body
Post #128440
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Lurker Queen.

9:50 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 779

Sorry for sounding like a pretentious little brat ^_^''

Absolute no-no's:
Eyes-as-big-as-boobs girls in mangas
Pantyshots galleries
Ecchi, Lolicon, Shotacon, Yuri, Shoujo Ai, Yaoi but Shounen-ai doesn't bother me at all
Miaka (Fushigi-Yuugi) act-alikes and damsel in distress heroines. Think any cliche that makes you tear your hair out. Or plots that spin around completely around romance. Or around rescuing the idiot heroine that thought following the mysterious dark guy was a good idea.
Mecha (I never grew to like it...)
If it's not fantasy, action or has some sort of supernatural in it chances are I won't like it.

So something that has none of the above, has some sort of fantasy/supernatural/action/adventure...(and yes, I haunted the genre search for a looong time) would be great. And the PACING. That's by far the most important among all. I hate it when I have to sit through a 5-volume fight and then a 6-volume flashback.

Stuff that would fit in that category:
Angel Sanctuary (and everything by Kaori Yuki)
Anatolia Story
Fairy Tail
Violinist of Hameln
Mirai Nikki
Shaman King probably too but it had some seriously dragging fights...

And I already have plans to read Berserk.

Thanks for taking the time to read smile...(i need to learn to make shorter posts <_<)

Post #128449

10:03 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 30

more female orientated:

Blue Ramun (though may be considered a masochistic damsel in distress >.>)
Divine Melody

more male orientated:

Übel Blatt
Shin Angyo Onshi

not really fantasy but may fit your bill Historie.
and not really action but you may like Ookami to Koushinryou.

Most of those are fairly violent, however if you have plans to read berserk then no real problems there.

Well anyway those are some of the ones I enjoyed.

Last edited by partially at 10:17 pm, Feb 23

Post #128455
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10:13 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 752

I can recommend everything from CLAMP specially X and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Marchen Awakens Romance
666 satan
King of hell Personal favorite from this list.
Second Übel Blatt
Banya This one is also really good
HunterXHunter The story is awesome. Probably best shounen ever.
Second Id Lots of fantasy
Onikiri Jyuzo This one is bloody, don't know if you like that.
Second Shin Angyo Onshi if you like drama
Trinity Blood

I would give you a quick description, but it is easier if you just read it in the database. bigrazz

Edit: BTW, I'm a guy, only X and Trinity blood are shoujo.....sorry...

Last edited by MajorMarmot at 10:56 pm, Feb 23

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Post #128470
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Local Prig

10:54 pm, Feb 23 2008
Posts: 1899

Most of what I would suggest has already been mentioned. I recommend Black God in addition to the others, although it is borderline harem.

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NightSwan also said that she wanted to peg me, once, but I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or a threat...
Post #128496
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12:41 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 62

We have very similar taste! These are the best of what I've read:

Mekakushi no Kuni
Immortal Rain
Koori no Mamono no Monogatari (shounen ai)
Arcana Soul (highly recommended)
Demon Diary
Eternal Sabbath
Off Your Hand!
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
White Dragon
A Thousand Years of Snow

Diamond Head (not fantasy/adventure but wonderfully non-stereotypical)

Can you turn into a leopard?
Post #128509
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1:03 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 205


Post #128512
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1:06 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 539

From Eroica with Love
Petshop of Horrors

Last edited by oriana3k at 1:27 am, Feb 24

Post #128523
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1:20 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 833

fairy tail doesnt fit under dat category. big eyes big ahems and plenty of fan service.

what i recommend is GTO

"Hip-hop was set out in the dark. They used to do it out in the park"
Post #128606
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A Person

2:36 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 2105

BioMeat: Nectar
Deadman Wonderland
Letter Bee
Vinland Saga
Second Claymore
Jisatsu Circle
Death Note

Heres my list. I guarantee every single one does not center around romance, is violent(excluding Letter Bee), and is pretty nice. Most of them have at least a little bit of fantasy element, but some of them don't have any magical powers involed.

Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?
Post #128614
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Steven Stone<3

2:44 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 1063

Death Note for sure

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Post #128627
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3:03 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 468

No cliches is tough... Hmm hmm hmm...

There are a lot of good ones that are in translation but very irregular.. and some that are simply still being written...

I would recommend Threads of Time though...

And then... Beck. And while Beck is focused on the life of a band, and not really supernatural.. Well, I felt it too unique to not post if you're trying to avoid cliches.

If you like Fairy Tail, you'd probably like Mx0 if no one has posted that.

I'll also throw in Ares... And if I think of any more that are rather original I'll add those.

Though Mx0 might have big eyed girls... I'm not sure what that is in reference to.. Example please?

[edit] And after looking at Dragonfiremule's post, i second 80% of those. Specifically Parasyte and Ares since i've read them all the way through. I like how Deadman Wonderland is unveiling but its only two volumes through. I do think Parasyte falls under what you're looking for though. Andd the others on that list i've read only partly through.[/edit]

Post #128694
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5:03 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 833

at the very least Mx0 the ecchi-ness isnt as open as fairy tail.

"Hip-hop was set out in the dark. They used to do it out in the park"
Post #128695 - Reply to (#128627) by Spawnblade
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Local Prig

5:09 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 1899

Quote from Spawnblade
Though Mx0 might have big eyed girls... I'm not sure what that is in reference to.. Example please?

This is probably, other than the "anime girls have big eyes" stereotype, referring to moe-style works like Kanon (Key), which are notorious for the eyes. Mx0 is pretty standard when it comes to eye-size, and with the given examples, I don't think it's a problem.

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Reviews of my Work:
You are kind of boring - Blackorion
Congratulations! Ur an asshole! - tokyo_homi
Your awesome!!! - Cherelle_Ashley
NightSwan also said that she wanted to peg me, once, but I'm not sure whether to take that as a compliment or a threat...
Post #128759
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Lurker Queen.

9:36 am, Feb 24 2008
Posts: 779

Wow thanks everyone for the posts!

Not too sure about Blue Ramun (but it has decent artwork ^_^) but Ubel Blatt and Shin Angyo Onshi really caught my eye.ID is already on my wishlist biggrin

I read Tsubasa awhile ago and I might me the only person on the Earth to find it boring *runs from Tsubasa fans*

I read Claymore, but there was something about it that I didn't like. But everything else is perfect! Thaks a lotbiggrin
And I find gore far more withstandable than whiny teenage drama. And no problem if it's shoujo or not. Most of my faves don't have a very clear delimitation smile

Black God sounds interesting, and a lame game programmer as a main character? sounds like me =))

Yep we really do bigrazz I read Silver Diamond and Koori is next on my list, started Mekakushi awhile ago and...simply forgot about it ^_^...immortal rain is next too, Arcana Soul sounds good, and...DEMON DIARY! GOD!...I had no idea exactly what was missing from my manga folder...dammit. And i'll keep an eye on the rest smile

I'll try giving CLAMP another go.

I was wondering why From Eroica with love was looking so weird smile)...1976? Wow. It really sounds good

About the ecchiness of Fairy tail...that manga is so freakin` amazing that even the fanservice is bearable (although for me
works the makes-me-crack-up way. Everything is oversized. Everything.
And it's the perfect example of a GOOD cliche manga (oxymoron yes but w/e), that twists it and swirls it and turns it around so much the oversized boobs just add up to the walking ball of madness that is FT

Not sure about GTO but heck I'll give it a try.


Read and loved Jisatsu Circle and somehow dropped Death Note (don't ask). I always somehow forget to put my hands on Deadman wonderland and everything else sounds good smile

Read Death Note, thanks anyway biggrin

I had my doubts about Threads of Time but I'll pick it up. Beck is just not my cup of tea but only now I read the synopsis. The main character really caught my eye biggrin

Eyes-bigger-than-boobs examples would be Tanemura Arina's works, that I wouldn't recommend to anyone but girls below the age of 13 (and for them it really works. it worked for me.)
Another one would be...just about every other shoujo.
Or Shakugan no Shana or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Fate/stay night where the eyes weren't that big but I guess it was exactly what was irking me (I'm speaking about the animes, I doubt they have mangas).
Or Love Hina. Or Air and stuff like that. MOE. Exactly. Thanks Crenshibon smile
I'd probably say the slightly CG-ed style with fine lineart that seems like Photoshop abuse. Yep eyes

...another long post no

Post #129016
user avatar

12:22 am, Feb 25 2008
Posts: 833

GTO changed my life...sorta.

"Hip-hop was set out in the dark. They used to do it out in the park"
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