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World mysteries

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Post #614902
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9:20 pm, Sep 17 2013
Posts: 494

I'm looking for a manga about world mysteries. Either an existing world mystery or a fantasy/supernatural/sci fi mystery that has the same feeling as world mysteries. For instance in Bouken erekitetou the main character tirelessly searches for a mysterious floating island.

The mysteries could be anything that would appear in a paranormal/world mystery book, Ie. the bermuda triangle, strange disappearances, strange creatures like mothra, yeti, nessie or bigfoot, ufo's, ufo crashes, strange lights in the sky, unusual powers, strange locations, weird coincidences, atlantis, lost civilizations, etc.

I just want to find another manga with that feeling of searching for something that may or may not be there or encountering things that shouldn't exist.

Some examples I can think of are:
Mitsume ga Tooru-lost civillizations/ancient technology/mysterious places
Omoide emanon-memory passed on from parent to child
Children of the sea-children raised by animals/mutations/.unique mysteries surrounding the sea/strange phosphorescence
Who fighter with heart of darkness-Ufo/aliens/cover ups/animal mutilations/strange lights/mothra/men in black
Bouken erekitetou-mysterious island
Tanabata no kuni-aliens/super powers/transformations/esp
Nanase-super powers/clairvoyance/mind reading/hunted by government

Ones that fit pretty well, but aren't entirely what I'm looking for:
Gantz-whilst it has aliens, strange technology, supernatural creatures and folklore, its more of a war of the worlds/horror theme rather than world mystery. Its on the right track though.
Slop mansion ni okaeri-fairies/time slip/dissapearance
Ajin-immortality/government experiments/cover ups/hunted by government
Alive - the final evolution-mysterious world wide event/ strange suicides/ super powers
ES-clones/ genetic manipulation

Any genre is fine, I read anything.

Post #614927
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I have a big

10:47 pm, Sep 17 2013
Posts: 869

You could try..

IO mysterious lost civilization
World Embryo aliens/infectious diseases/strange rituals?
Sora no Otoshimono mysterious atlantis-style floating island, but more comedy throughout
Let's Lagoon stranded on a mysterious island
Shingeki no Kyojin come on, you don't need me to describe this one.

Post #614947

3:09 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 57

How about Hoshi o Tsugu Mono. About a deep-space exploration for understanding human origins. You may also want to check several other works from the author of this manga that kinda had smiliar plots. biggrin

ILIAD is about a search for atlantis and pretty much fits with your description, but sadly I can't find the scanlated version. In my country (Indonesia) currently there are 14 volume released. cry

Last edited by kamfreto at 3:23 am, Sep 18

Post #614948

3:24 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 151

Nice! I didn't know most of the series in your list, and I just read Bouken erekitetou and Omoide emanon and really enjoyed them.

As for recs, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä might fit, the conclusion certainly does.

Do you read online English comics too? Two that I like are:
Gunnerkrigg Court - mysterious school setting, with fantasy and sci-fi elements and a complex history that is gradually revealed later on. There's even a character who might remind you a bit of Omoide emanon.
Hero: a story - a gorgeous atmosphere, and a succession of strange cities so to say

Post #614949

3:47 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 61


20th Century Boys - Back in 1969 a group of friends fantasized about being heroes and saving the world from a scenario involving disasters and terrorist plots. In 1997, a mysterious cult rises, and these disasters/plots start happening. Which among them is trying to bring about the end of the world.

Post #614950
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4:03 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 270

I might or might not be stretching with some of these...

Baroque - Ketsuraku no Paradigm
Bokurano (sort of)
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (though right now I would recommend watching the anime)
Pluto (sort of)
Tower of God

Post #614960
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6:05 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 186

It's a rare sight for you to ask for suggestion. You did help me a few times in the past, so I would like to help you this time biggrin

The Mysterious Jugoro by Eiji Kawakubo: unfortunately no one do the scanlation job, I just so happen bought many shounen sunday in the past and read this one. It's about a genius kid who also a principal of elite school which produce many famous people throughout the world. He solve mystery that no one can solve. Like spontaneous human combustion, Nazca, Bermuda Triangle, and such.

Terra Formars by Sagusa Yu: exploration and investigation in Mars about unidentified virus and roach's rapid evolution. And there are PYRAMID in Mars! Haha, ridiculous. I think this type of mystery is close to Cage of Eden. Unfortunately you already read it.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (Novel) : I have a feeling this is not what you are looking for, but it has alien, time traveler, and esper.

Last edited by psycho-shocker at 6:17 am, Sep 18

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Post #614961
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6:38 am, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 311

YES! I'm glad no one suggested it!

I feel this fits PERFECTLY.

Are You Alice?

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Post #614995
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3:35 pm, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 2021

I think the best example of what you're asking for is definitely Billy Bat. The description of the series is really misleading, so just start it, you won't be disappointed.

What I like in Trivial Pursuit style. Pick your category:User Posted Image
Post #615007
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7:43 pm, Sep 18 2013
Posts: 1363

Shuna no Tabi
Kiss wood
La mosca
Eden no ori

User Posted Image
Post #615471
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2:45 am, Sep 23 2013
Posts: 494

Sorry for the late reply, was ill. These look great! Thanks guys~ now the tricky part- which to start first XD

@sunder: I've got world embryo, IO and lets lagoon on my wishlist, I wouldn't have thought they fit from the descriptions, I'll definitely start them. Haven't heard of sora no otoshimono, floating style atlantis sounds like a fun read. I'm reading shingeki no kyojin already, one of those ones I missed off the list.

@Kamfreto: They both look great. It a shame Iliad isn't scanslated but I'm patient XD. Hoshi o tsugu mono looks fun I'll definitely check it out. I have quite a few of his other works on my wishlist, just waiting patiently for them to become available XD I want to read professor munakata especially, *sigh*.

@Mizura: Ah glad the list helped XD I've watched nausicaa but not read it before, so I'll give that a go. I occasionally like online comics but not often, I only really like one (Land of lions) but I'll give them a go. Though after reading a few pages I don't think I'll be able to deal with the hovering words on hero. I kept forgetting panels and having to go back lol

@Roguenuck: Thats been on my wishlist for ages but never got round to it, soo yep I'll finally read it XD. I was thinking it might fit into this category but wasn't sure, thanks.

@Suxinn: I tried reading tower of god in the past but couldn't get into it. Baroque is on my wishlist so I'll drag it off. Bokurano is another one I've heard of but was put off by the mecha, but I'll give it a go. Kubera is a webcomic and I rarely like webcomics, but I'll try it, might turn out like kisswood and end up liking it XD. I've heard of Pluto but haven't read it before, so I'll give that a go. Kami-sama seems interesting haven't come across it before. Thanks for the suggestions~

@Psycho-shocker: yeah its usually cos I have too many mangas on my wishlist (there''s over 1000 on there lol) so whenever I get the inkling to read something I usually just force myself to read one from there. Just this time its hard to tell based on description alone. I'm already reading Terra formars.. I totally forgot about the pyramid, it fits well. Though you have reminded me I'm not up to date with it, gonna read that now. Mysterious Juguro looks good, have to see if its around anywhere. I started watching the anime of haruhi suzumiya ageeees ago but never got into it much, I might give the manga a go sometime though. Thanks for the help~

@DragonAndLance: Hmm Are you alice, never would have thought it fit from first impressions, intriguing I'll check it out, thanks~

@reid 1: For some reason I was always put off billy bat cos it reminded me of batfink XD. Probably just the name mainly, but at the time the picture on the description looked like it too so I always steered clear. Anyways, I just google imaged it and it looks interesting, I'll give it a go, thanks.

@Avian3: Read shuna no tabi, kisswood and eden no ori, for some reason my brain never connected the dots to think they fitted sorry. Have yet to read La mosca so I'll give it a go thanks ^^

Also I forgot Kaguya hime and Drifters, kaguya hime for general sci fi mystery weirdness and drifters for the disappearances part of it.

Post #615873
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10:33 pm, Sep 26 2013
Posts: 311

Tell me what you think of it biggrin

User Posted Image
Post #615936
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2:09 pm, Sep 27 2013
Posts: 77

If you are still looking for some, I really reccomend Elixir. As the title implies, it's about the search for the elixir, which can grant immortality and other such things.

On that same note, you could give Lega no 13 a shot. It is about the search for the philospher's stone (which is sometimes called the elixir). I found this one to be rather silly, but it's not bad.

Post #616120
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2:49 am, Sep 29 2013
Posts: 8

Pandora Hearts - I suppose.

Post #616125
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4:59 am, Sep 29 2013
Posts: 73

Hmm, maybe Zetsuen no Tempest?
And Hagane no Renkinjutsushi?

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