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Analyzing Takumi
(29 posts, 19490 views) Posted: over 14 years ago by arethusa in Nana
I won't bother answering the three questions since I won't be putting a fresh point out. It will be enough to know I'm a Takumi x Hachi shipper.

Of all the things I've watched/read, Takumi was the only character that sparked fiery anger within me that lasted for weeks. He ...
Koruzuka Anime.... 11.10.2008
(16 posts, 6450 views) Posted: over 15 years ago by arethusa in Kurozuka
What can you expect from the director of Death Note? wink

IMO, the anime is heaps better than the manga in terms of story-telling and character design. Even their romance is infinitely more believable there. It didn't need to go to the sex, sex, sex to get that in our heads (n...
Nana Chp 78 (spoilers)
(31 posts, 9655 views) Posted: over 15 years ago by arethusa in Nana
Quote from eynit
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Just to clear a misunderstanding, we never got to see Ren in the future chapters. Yes, they talked about a Ren, but the Ren they were talking about was Satsuki's brother, Takumi and Hachi's other child. He was named after Ren. I ...
Who's ur fav. Naruto pairing??
(93 posts, 13812 views) Posted: over 16 years ago by arethusa in Naruto
Lol. It just had to turn into a yaoi discussion.
Shoujo that a guy would enjoy?
(83 posts, 19476 views) Posted: over 16 years ago by arethusa in I'm Looking For...
Here are some that my boy friends enjoyed:
Aishiteru ze Baby (personally, I'm neutral with this manga, but most of my male manga-reading friends have read this)
NANA (read previous comments on this one)
Superior (the scanlated are only up to volume one, though, but I'd recom...

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