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Elf reverse isekai'd herself into Japan because she's horny. Tsundere goddess comes along to fix things, but a popular chuunibyou youtuber, a succubus, a psychic and a dragon also get added to the mix. How w...
Houjou Yuuji, 30 years old, jobless, hikkomori for 10 years. Using his parents’ death as the impetus, he decides to rid himself of his hikkomori life and leaves the house. What awaited him, however, was a ...
2015 - 6.66 / 10.0
Just graduated college student Jian Nanshan and his uncle Wang Heming are accidentally involved in a mysterious case of a living corpse, involving a family mystery a hundred years ago. All clues point to a m...
2021 - 6.51 / 10.0
A story of a croc who will die in 100 days. Spoiler (mouse over to view)Based on a friend of the author who died in a traffic accident.
2019 - 7.06 / 10.0
Fuka Nanase, a 14-year-old in the 8th grade, falls in love for the first time. But when her heart beats, she becomes a witch!? Source: Jmanga
2009 - 6.48 / 10.0
Upon meeting The Quintuplets of Witches in an unexpected turn of events, Uesugi Raiha, who lives with her father and her black cat Fuutarou, became Magical Girl Raiha - the protector of peace in her city?!
2019 - 6.71 / 10.0
Suou Shuuichi is your typical otaku neet. But what happens when his latest figurine order turns out to be something completely out of this world.
2018 - 6.44 / 10.0
The strongest material is processed by [Analysis], [Disassembly], and [Synthesis]. Luke, a third-class adventurer was abandoned by a brave man in the deepest part of a difficult dungeon. In desperation, he e...
2019 - 6.59 / 10.0
IN FULL COLOR! Here's a short little story about a naughty heron-harpy and its encounter with a fisherman.
2020 - 6.50 / 10.0
A short little comic about a well-meaning, very tired office worker, and a tiny snowman who, among other things, finds itself a knife.
2018 - 6.70 / 10.0
This is a fun little short about a couple of fishermen meeting a mermaid.
2020 - 6.70 / 10.0
By the year 3029 CE, Earth's technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation. At that time, a huge sword flew from ...
Aldred, the leader of a kingdom’s A-ranked party,『Black Silver』, has accomplished the task of slaying a dragon. However, he who has pursued strength his whole life has lost sight of his goal from takin...
2019 - 6.23 / 10.0
Alone in his dorm on a Saturday night, Nekomi Tech's Keiichi Morisato dials a wrong number that will change his life forever: reaching the Goddess Technical Help Line. Granted one wish by the charming young ...
1988 - 8.12 / 10.0
Keiichi Morisato was a typical college student, a failure with women, struggling to get through his classes, and in general living a pretty nondescript life. That is, until he dialed the wrong number and acc...
2006 - 6.88 / 10.0
In the story, Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy lived in happiness, but due to the recession, the motorcycle shop Keiichi works at faces financial difficulties. Belldandy starts to search for a job because of t...
2019 - 6.43 / 10.0
Sasshi's world is in disarray. His best gal pal, Arumi, is about to move away, and his Osaka neighborhood is being demolished in the name of urban renewal. However, this little neighborhood has some surpris...
2002 - 6.43 / 10.0
For many centuries, merfolk have lived in the depths of the ocean—4,000 meters below the surface—where humanity cannot find them. However, one mermaid's life is turned upside-down when her best friend fa...
2020 - 6.95 / 10.0
Tiny Urd is useful, like other small things! Like rats! Uh... Yon-koma take-off on Aa Megami-sama by the same mangaka.
1996 - 6.12 / 10.0
His meridians were destroyed. He was abandoned by his clan, mocked by the world as useless trash, and was murdered on the night of his wedding... but thanks to the Mirror of Samsara, his destiny was reversed...
2019 - 6.05 / 10.0